6 Fun Things to Do In Hanoi

11, September, 2017

 6 Fun Things to Do In Hanoi

A visit to Vietnam's capital, Hanoi lets travellers explore a city that is absolutely buzzing with energy. There are plenty of unique attractions from the French colonial relics, communist block buildings, elegant blend of pagodas and bustling streets full of motorbikes and bicycles.

Here are just of few of the fun things to do in Hanoi:

Take a cyclo ride
For a great combination of alarming and wonderful, why not spend 30/60 minutes touring the local streets of the Old Quarter on a cyclo. This is a great way to get a feel of the local area and also lets you get your bearings when travelling here later for a more relaxed tour. The cyclo riders are very helpful and friendly, and will usually point out the interesting things to see along the ride.

Eat the national dish on tiny plastic furniture
Eat Vietnam's national dish, pho on tiny plastic furniture outside a local eatery or street stall. Pho is a delightful dish with a wonderfully tasty noodle broth with either beef or chicken, a smidgen of chilli, and fresh herbs. Also, the local food can be wash down with the local beer - Bia hoi – which is extremely cheap at less than a dollar.

hanoi street food vivutravel tour

Explore the local Hanoi architecture
There are plenty of great things to do in Hanoi. Simply walking around the city makes it possible for tourists to witness a variety of hidden gems among the noise and congestion of the scooters. Enjoy the local markets and marvel at the different items for sale and the way the food is prepared and cooked. Get lost in the narrow alleys of Hanoi Old Quarter to get a glimpse back in time or discover more about the city's culture.

Walk around Hoan Kiem Lake
Hoan Kiem Lake is located in the centre of Hanoi's built-up historical district to give a peaceful break from the surrounding streets and their frantic nature. The lake has several features including the inaccessible Turtle Tower and Jade Island, which is reached via the Huc Bridge. A great time to visit the lake is early in the day when it is most quiet. Also, at this time it is possible to witness the locals practice the martial art t'ai chi which is appreciated for its all-round health benefits.

hoan kiem lake

Follow the train tracks
Learn more about the authentic Hanoi on the Vietnam travel package by exploring the city outside the typical tourist attractions and ignore what the guidebook tells you. This gives the fun of finding new destinations and gives a proper insight into the lives of the local people in Hanoi.

See the water puppets
A night out at the Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre is an absolute must-see event while in Hanoi. This classic highlight is so popular that it benefits to book in advance with each show lasting about 45 minutes. The stories told depict Vietnamese legends and tales that are combined with live singers and folk musicians. This is a very charming and impressive show to experience on the Vietnam family tour.