Myanmar Family Tour

24, December, 2017

Myanmar Family Tour

Myanmar is a mysterious country in SE Asia that is perfectly suited to the family adventure tours.

A family tour can combine the best sights and all the main attractions in the country, from the natural beauty to the Buddhist temples, as well as special activities such as riding a hot air balloon over the vast plains of Bagan, visiting local families, taking a cruise on the magnificent Inle Lake, cycling through the countryside, or enjoying a family cooking lesson.

Myanmar has the ability to offer marvellous architecture, the stunning beauty of the landscape, and the richness of culture to truly amaze for a wonderful time in the country.

Myanmar tours the entire family will love
Myanmar has plenty of fun and intriguing places to visit throughout the country and possible to explore the highlights within a period of seven days, while a more relaxed tour can take place over ten to fourteen days. A well planned Myanmar family tour is all about balancing the activities and keeping the children engaged at all times. Any trip can include the fun activities and scenic diversity, including scavenger hunts, boating, walking, biking and kayaking.

Also, a family tour can include travelling with a well-experienced guide who has the ability to not only show the best sights and attractions, but also tell the fascinating stories about the local culture and history.

What to expect from a Myanmar family tour
A Myanmar family adventure tour is perfect for combining a wonderful mix of sightseeing, culture and adventure. A 7 or 14-day tour of Myanmar is a good amount of time to explore this beautiful country and makes it possible to visit the most popular destinations, such as Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Kalaw and Inle Lake.

myanmar family tour

Most of the Myanmar package tours will start in the city of Yangon which has plenty of colonial and iconic buildings, temples and pagodas, such as the National Museum, Kyaukhtatgui Pagoda and the golden Shwedangon Pagoda. While in Yangon, it is worth doing a city tour to see the locals go about their daily life while also getting to taste a few of the authentic street food dishes.

Yangon, as well as many of the places in Myanmar, has plenty of photo opportunities, so you want to make sure to travel with your camera ready to capture the next cherished memory.

There are several places to visit on a day trip from Yangon, such as Twantay, which is easily reached on a pleasant boat ride. This is a 2/3 hour journey and gives a unique opportunity to see life alongside the river. Also, once in Twantay, there is a great pottery village, Shwesandaw Zedi and local market to visit.

Shan Hills
A great place for the family adventure is in the Shan Hills area where there are plenty of mountain views, picturesque lakes, and sleepy villages. Plus, it is great fun to explore this region by bike and boat for the most authentic travel experience. A trek to an elephant sanctuary from Kalaw is certain to appeal to the adventurous family and makes it possible to see the retired working elephants in a safe natural reserve.

A further stage of the Myanmar holiday includes a visit to the ancient city of Bagan with its thousands of ancient temples and pagodas. In addition to taking a cycle tour of the pagoda speckled plain, there is also the option to cycle through the villages and see traditional craft production, such as palm sugar and plenty of other craft and food production.

For the more unique view of the Bagan temples, there is the option for the family to enjoy a hot air balloon trip over the temples, which is certain to be quite memorable, but can be a little expensive. The prices for the sunrise balloon rides can cost in the region of $300/$400 per person.

bagan temples

Mandalay is a great place to see and explore with the family with its fascinating local markets and other nearby attractions. Mandalay is a historical landmark with plenty for the family to see in relation to religious structures, such as the  Mandalay Palace, Sulamani Pagoda, Shwenandaw Monsastery (Golden Palance),  Kyauktawgyi Pagoda and Mahamuni Pagoda.

A cycle tour of the local Mandalay countryside is perfect for the families that wish to spend less time visiting the temples and pagodas, and makes it really easy to get outside the busy city and see several of the quite villages that are based around the periphery.

Mandalay is only a short distance from Bagan and easily reached with a 30 minute flight from the ancient temple city.

Inle Lake
One of the most spectacular sights to see on the Myanmar travel is Inle Lake which is best explored on a boat trip that passes many of the local villages with traditional homes built on stilts. Plus, there are the unique sights like the floating gardens and fishermen rowing with one leg. A great place for the family to stay in Inle Lake is a hotel based on the lake which looks across the tranquil waters and gives the sweeping views.

In addition to the planned tour itinerary, a family tour can also include free days to give the extra time to see and explore things that most interest. Alternatively, you can rest up for the day before the next stage of sightseeing starts.

Also, the family tours can easily be customised to include more natural, cultural or adventure activities. For instance, a longer stay in a region like Bagan makes it possible to spend more time exploring the ancient city, while getting to enjoy the memorable balloon ride over the stupas and temples. This type of family tour is certain to the very educational and exciting, although the more in-depth stays can be organised for any part of the country.