August Remains a Major Month for Annual Holidays

16, January, 2018

August Remains a Major Month for Annual Holidays

The temperatures in August start to fall slightly from the summer peak but if you are beginning a Vietnam holiday in Hanoi, you are still likely to find temperatures around 30C. There will be rainfall as well in the North but that does not mean that you will not enjoy the delights of the northern part of Vietnam.

August is still very much a holiday month in many countries with the summer break meaning that families are likely to take their main annual holiday at this time of the year. Those who decide to take a Vietnam family vacation in August can expect a great experience.

To the North of Hanoi, the Sapa Terraces, planted with rice many weeks before, will be well on the way to harvest time.. The rice cropsare thick and green making them a great photo for your album to show friends. The Northern Highlands in general will be slightly cooler than Hanoi and at night-time you will need some warm clothing.

Further south, temperatures are somewhat lower and the rains more infrequent. The central part of Vietnam has much to recommend it, and will likely form an interesting part of a good Vietnam tour package. There is the Imperial Capital of Hue and the ancient trading port of Hoi An which played such an important role in the Champa Kingdom. In the west, there are the Central Highlands, centred around Da Lat. This part of Vietnam was very popular with the French because it was always a little cooler than the lowland regions. Today it has become known as a popular place for a Vietnam honeymoon vacation.

There may well be thunderstorms in Ho Chi Minh City though it is unlikely that that there will be prolonged periods of rain. August is still a month when local families take their annual holidays so while the cities may be slightly quieter, the beaches on the coast may be more crowded than usual and the main attractions may also be attracting more people. It does mean that there is increased demand for transport and accommodation. That will not be a problem for tourists who book a Vietnam travel package through a local travel agent because everything will be booked in advance.

West of Ho Chi Minh City is the Mekong Delta which everyone visiting Vietnam must include in their travel itinerary.

Revolution Day is on 19th August. It is not a public holidaybut it remembers the time in 1945 when the Ho Chi Minh called on the Viet Minh to push for independence as the Japanese were retreating. Although the Allies had instructed otherwise, the Japanese handed power to locals as they went and 19th August marked the day when they took control of Hanoi. Within a week, other towns and cities were under Viet Minh control though the struggle for independence from the French was to last another nine years.

Whatever your main interests, Vietnam has much to offer throughout the year, and August is no exception even if there may be a little rain.