How to make traditional Vietnamese food on your vacation

08, August, 2018

How to make traditional Vietnamese food on your vacation

Cookery classes and local ingredients await you.

Did you know the Vietnamese diet is one of the healthiest in the world. A country known for is vast rice paddies, amazing exotic fruits and with processed food virtually non-existent it is easy to see why people are happy and healthy. You will not find ‘added sugar’ or unhealthy fats added to any of their dishes.

Food is a universal language, we do not need to understand each other to share the happiness food can bring. Sit around any table and pass a plate of food and you will find there are no spoken words needed.

Vietnamese cookery tours are a fantastic way of learning how to make some of the most amazing dishes in Vietnam. We will open up your tastebuds to a world of exceptional food and give you life long cookery skills you can take home with you.

Most of the cookery classes start the day with a visit to a local market. The markets are bright, loud, vibrant and so delightful! You will select your ingredients for the cooking classand learn about spices and new and exotic vegetables.

Vietnamese cuisine is fresh, healthy, versatile and fantastically varied and a Vietnamese food tour offers you the chance to cook traditional Vietnamese cuisine.

Due to it's many outside influences, you can enjoy a range of different types of food; from french inspired dishes to traditional dishes produced using local and seasonal ingredients.

With the appetising, exoticing redients, drinks, and cooking etiquettes, Vietnam attracts foodies from across the world. Vietnamese food offers fresh ingredients, well-balanced spicing, and skilful cookery skills.

You will have numerous chances to taste the local street food, restaurant delicacies, and homemade meals. Tailor-made itineraries ensure you know how to cook a range of Vietnamese dishes and take the recipes and skills home. Cooking tours throughout Vietnam promises to delight your palate with your eyes and stomachs.

From the food tastes to picturesque destinations, chummy people, inspiring cooking sessions and lively markets. A Vietnam Cooking Tour will turn to be the most delightful food travel experience.

Hanoi - Cook to perfection!
Visiting Hanoi as part of your foodie vacation will offer the fantastic opportunity to experience a hands on and perfectly magical cookery class at the Hanoi cooking centre. Classes are small, interactive, hands on and can be tailor made to suit you and your tastes.

With six unique and traditional cookery classes to indulge in, you will be spoilt for culinary cooking choices.

For example you can learn how to make delectable style street food. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to cook foods such as beef noodles, Vietnamese BBQ pork or vibrant green papaya salad. Each dish will give you insight into how cook simple and delicious Vietnamese cuisine.

Or why not choose a coastal cookery class and tuck into food sourced and cooked along the many coastal towns and villages. With over 2000 miles of beautiful coastline you could be cooking caramel fish, squid and pomelo salad and steamed sweet dumplings.

Every dish will give you new skills and a chance to indulge in fresh food with fabulous flavour.

Hoi An - Coastal cooking
The city of Hoi An is another foodie destination which should be high on the list on your Vietnamese food vacation.

A coastal city offering a colourful food culture. Seafood is fished from the local river, herbs and spices are cultivated in the lush countryside and rice is farmed from the vast and impressive rice paddies. Fresh is the word which best describes food in Hoi An.

Indulge in crab cakes, savoury crepes or the local dish known as Banh Canh Trung; a delicious mix of turmeric flour pancakes with egg typically served with pork sausage, vegetables and topped with fish sauce.

Red Bridge cookery school in Hoi An gives a professional and friendly chance to take part in cooking amazing and traditional dishes.

Three superb cookery class options will all give you the chance to start the day to take an enriching boat trip where you will shop for ingredients followed by an intricate and hands on class. Dishes include grilled fish in banana leaves, clay pot fish and plenty of traditional rice dishes.

Leave the cookery class feeling inspired to take all of your new cooking knowledge back home. Friends and family will not fail to be impressed with your new recipe repertoire.

Saigon - French Cuisine at the heart
You will have the opportunity to go back in history and spend time in one of the lovely and vast colonial buildings still standing in downtown Saigon. One one day you could be cooking Green papaya salad with prawns, learning the unique skill of cooking Vietnamese Spring rolls followed by indulging in tasty grilled banana with coconut milk.

You will see the lively activities of the traditional Ben Thanh Market market in Vietnam and you will also learn how to recognise the numerous herbs and the different Vietnamese fruits and vegetables . The chefs are typically dressed in in white uniforms and professional interpretersare there to assist if needed.

Helpful hints to take Home

Cooking Vietnamese food is fun and you will be able to take all of your skills home with you. Family and friends will be amazed at your new skills and will totally love to spend time at your table sharing in your memories and your cookery skills.

Treat your taste buds to a true taste of Vietnam.

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