Why the Vietnamese diet is so good for you?

15, August, 2018

Why the Vietnamese diet is so good for you?

Typically when you think about going on a tour or holiday to a new country, you are prepared to eat food you would not usually eat. Will you indulge and eat too much? Will you be brave enough to eat food you have never eaten before?

These are both questions we ask ourselves. After all, food is so important for both our minds, energy and bodies.

Most people look at their vacation or tour of a new country as a time to indulge and expect to come back from their vacation a few pounds heavier.

When it comes to visiting and eating in Vietnam, you will be in a country which is recognised for its extremely healthy way of living and this is namely down to the food and the diet of Vietnamese people.

Vietnamese food is not only utterly delicious, but it is also very healthy.

The Vietnamese diet is naturally low in fat, gluten-free and jam-packed with vitamins and minerals, it is the perfect food to boost your immune system, naturally aid weight loss and give you more energy.

A tour around Vietnam will give you the chance to experience the best of what each of the new cities and destination has to offer. From delectable soups to wholesome rice dishes there will be something for everyone to tuck into.

For example ‘pho’ is a flavoured spiced broth eaten all over Vietnam. Pho is a delicious meal of cooked and boiled meat or fish with fresh herbs and spices. It is slow cooked over a long period of time and the vegetables are added at the end. It is incredibly healthy and you can be sure to find a bowl of delicious ‘Pho’ wherever your tour has taken you.

In preparation for your Vietnam tour, we have compiled our TOP 5 list of why the Vietnamese diet is so good for you and why you should be looking forward to trying new dishes on your tour around Vietnam. Read our: Vietnamese Food and Drink

pho vietnamese food

1. Age defying
Vietnamese consume a lot of salads and soups, all of which are packed full of super healthy vegetables. Often steamed and cooked for a long time which means all of the vitamins and minerals are easier to digest. Their diet is high in Vitamins A & E, both of which work towards keeping your skin looking supple and fresh. Look around you on your tour and see if you can guess how old people are - You will be surprised.

2. Fight Fatigue
Jet lag can be the curse of any long journey to a new country, you can arrive feeling tired and hungry and for some people jet lag can last for a few days. Much of Vietnamese food is cooked in a beautiful rich stock, full of Vitamin B, folate and Iron, all of which help to keep your energy levels topped up. Increased energy without the aid of caffeine or sugar. If you tuck into one of their favourite fish salads, you will be adding a punch of Vitamin C too which will help keep those aeroplane bugs at bay.

3. Stabilise Blood Sugar
With a diet naturally low in wheat and added sugars, your blood sugar will slowly start to stabilise. Vietnamese eat a lot of rice in the form of rice paper and rice flour. Many people view rice as being a bad carbohydrate or sugar, but when eaten in its most natural and unprocessed, rice is actually fantastic at regulating your need for sugar. No more reaching for that chocolate bar mid afternoon.

vietnamese dishes

4. Increases Digestion
Travel can often play havoc with your digestive system and that can make you feel slow and sluggish. The Vietnamese diet is so high in fruit and vegetables that your digestive system will have a break from trying to deal with wheat and added sugars. Most Vietnamese dishes on your tour will include delicious and fresh herbs. Coriander and mint will all aid your digestive health and leave you feeling fresh and ready for your exciting day of touring a new city or destination.

5. Sugar Free
Now is the time to take a sugar detox. The Vietnamese diet contains almost not added sugar. The rice and fruit provide you with natural sugars and your body is able to deal with them much more efficiently. You can of course still indulge in lovely sweet pastries and baked banana in coconut milk, but it will all be freshly cooked and will contain only natural and fresh ingredients.

As you can see there are many benefits to eating in Vietnam, you only need to look around you to see how fit and healthy Vietnamese people are. Fast food chains can only be found in large cities and the menus will be typically vegetarian and healthier than the western outlets.

Knowing you are visiting a country where you will be able to enjoy exquisite and delicious dishes that are not only good for you but are locally sourced and cheap will make such a difference to your tour.

If you are looking to indulge and treat yourself, you will be able to find a fried spring rolls with sweet sauces or popular dishes like sticky ribs. After all, we all want to treat ourselves every now and then.

In Vietnam they always say, everything in moderation.

Vietnam really is a country offering more than just spectacular views and amazing cities, Vietnam can offer your tastebuds a new experience. You could even attend a cookery class on your tour and learn how to make some of the exceptional food.

Your tour guide will be able to assist with finding the best places to enjoy local dishes and they will also be able to share their favourite places to grab some healthy ‘Pho’ too.

Now is the time to eat your way through the incredible Vietnam.

What are you waiting for?

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