Vietnam, a Top 2019 Destination

01, October, 2018

Vietnam, a Top 2019 Destination

Vietnam has been growing as a popular holiday destination, and that really should be no surprise to anyone. An increasing number of holidaymakers are happy to take long haul flights to enjoy countries that are rich in attractions. Vietnam certainly scores on that point. Vietnam a Top 2019 Destination? Most certainly!

Tourists want different things from a Vietnam holiday. Standard Vietnam travel packages tend to cover the whole of the Country because the transport infrastructure is so good. That means enjoying the Capital, the Northern city of Hanoi and perhaps the highland region up towards the Chinese border? The UNESCO World Heritage site due east of Hanoi is a delight which everyone enjoying Vietnam travel will enjoy. You can kayak in the Bay and explore the many islands and caves. What an adventure!  Heading to Central Vietnam, the cities of Hue and Hoi An both having rich histories for those interested in Vietnam in bygone days. Down in the south Ho Cho Minh City (formerly Saigon) and the Mekong Delta add to the delights of a Vietnam holiday. Vietnam a Top 2019 Destination?Most certainly!

Vietnam is still largely rural despite the move of some locals from the countryside to the large cities. Those in search of adventure can go to either the Northern Highlands centred around SaPa and hike in a pristine natural environment. The ethnic hill tribes in the North live much the same as their ancestors did generations ago. The French actually developed a hill station in the Central Highlands in the west of Vietnam. Da Lat was much cooler than the lowland regions and today’s tourists can still enjoy it, and the natural environment surrounding it. The lowland regions are filled with small villages, surrounded by their fields where they grow rice and other crops. You can rent a bike and explore the countryside, seeing the locals working in their fields. Depending on the time of year when you go to Vietnam, you may see them planting crops or harvesting.

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When you talk to an experienced Vietnam travel agent, you can get an itinerary designed specifically for you and your particular interests. That may be a cruise on the Mekong at the end of your holiday or time on the beach, for example on Phu Quoc, an island offshore from Cambodia in the South China Sea. Several coastal resorts have developed on Vietnam’s extensive coastline. The sandy beaches and offshore islands are stunning with diving and snorkelling a delight. Vietnam a Top 2019 Destination, most certainly!

Vietnam cuisine did not spread abroad as early as Chinese, Thai and Indian but there is no question that its popularity is growing. Many locals actually have breakfast on the way to work from street vendors. Lest you think that may not be for you, busy stalls turn over their food very quickly so it is definitely fresh and made from ingredients the vendor will just have bought. Dishes are often noodle and soup based with plenty of fresh vegetables. If you are on the coast, you should certainly look at the seafood on offer because it will have been caught that day. There is none of this microwave processed food in the Vietnam diet and it isn’t full of sugar and salt as preservatives. Eat in the street or go to restaurants which will essentially serve similar dishes, except in smarter surroundings. Either way, you will love Vietnamese cuisine. Vietnam a Top 2019 Destination, most certainly!

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When it comes to the costs involved during time in the Country, they compare very favourably with many other top tourist destinations.The typical cost of a beer in Vietnam in a like for like bar or restaurant can be as much as a fifth of the price you would pay in Japan, and a similar thing would apply throughout Europe. That is not a bad start and indicative of prices in restaurants as well. That is a very important factor in choosing where to go in 2019.Vietnam a Top 2019 Destination?Most certainly!

Thinking of your holiday destination for 2019? Well, Vietnam is receiving more and more tourists each year, and there is no reason why that should not continue. Holiday planning sometimes needs to be done well in advance, especially if you work in a company where the staff compete for the popular holiday weeks of summer. Naturally, companies have to be certain that they do not lose to many staff in any one week. Where Vietnam scores over many other places is that you can avoid the peak summer weeks of a Northern Hemisphere summer to enjoy Vietnam at its best. You won’t be competing with your work colleague by deciding on a Vietnam tour package.Vietnam a Top 2019 Destination? It most certainly is!