Reasons to visit Vietnam in 2019

24, October, 2018

Reasons to visit Vietnam in 2019

Leaving the ravaging independent war memories behind, Vietnam has quickly evolved as one of the most sought after tourist destination in South East Asia. Vietnam has been a part of the history from the longest time now with its self-governance, civilization, and culture that transformed so beautifully over the years. Vietnam tour offers a wide array of ancient buildings, beer traditions, quality food choices and any other things, which are worth to explore. The natural view and inhibited beauty of flora and fauna are a must watch. Every season will show you a new side of Vietnam, which will be an enthralling experience. Let us quickly look at some of the interesting facts that can make your Vietnam family tour in 2019 a wonderful experience.

Vietnam War History
Vietnamese have always seen history as an evolving process of decolonization. The country has preserved the war affected places to keep the history alive for future generations and for the visitors to have an honest understanding on Vietnam history.The war sites like Saigon have now been turned into a memorial or a museum to depict the nation’s struggle for independence. The notorious French prison, Hoa Lo Prison located in the middle of the town has also now converted into a museum to honor the struggle and sacrifices of the Vietnamese against colonialism.

The prison ‘Hoa Lo Prison’ aka ‘Hanoi Hilton’ is a silent structure, unfolds the horrible life of theVietnamese prisoners in the hands of French colonial rulers and later used by the North Vietnam government against the US POWs.The prison had its name sarcastically as Hanoi Hilton after the American POWs dumbed here. Tourists can visit these areas and learn the history from the guides as well as the locals. Vietnameseproudly explain the heart-wrenching history and the struggle they had during those tough days. This structure will lighten up the experience of your Vietnam travel.

vietnam war history

The Romantic Scenery
The serene natural beauty of the land is just the perfect treat for your Vietnam Honeymoon Tour. Places like Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi, mountains of Sapa, Ha Long Bay and many more will stun you with its beautiful landscape and fantastic lake edges. You can find many cozy locationsfor romantic outings and Vietnam promises a positive atmosphere for lovers. Couples fancies these areas claiming to be the ideal location for their wedding and post wedding pictures.

beautiful scenery of vietnam

The Vietnam Culture
With the history and background of the ruling atmosphere, the culture of Vietnam has evolved into a vibrant practice. From architecture, places, events, gigs, nightlife, Vietnam has it all covered. Vietnam celebrates every New Year in a grand gala style with various functions, giving opportunities for visitors to involve and mingle with the locals. Amazing canvas, great shows, puppet acts and much more are frequent in Vietnam. The local Vietnamese are welcoming and warm to every visitor, and they will always be helpful. It will be a surprise watching Vietnamese celebrates every moment of their life, liberated from the shackles of colonial past, transformed into a lively community in the world.  

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The Vietnamese Food
Vietnamese believe in ‘food till death does us apart’ quite literally. Being foodie to the point of conflict, Vietnam offers many ranges in dishes and types of food. Of course, it will be hard to understand what is it that makes their food so delicious and well known to all; however, it is the blend and influence of both France and China that makes their delicacy cover all the food buds. You don’t have to be a resident to enjoy their delicacies; every individual will equally savor the Vietnam food. Another delicacy of this place is the homemade beer served in every outlet on your way. Every city in Vietnam develops a unique type of beer, so each time you travel, you'll taste a new version of beer from the previous place.

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Adventurous Vietnam
Besides beauty and delicious meal to savor, Vietnam also offers excellent choices on activities to keep you busy and entertained at the same time. Activities like Kayaking, using a Russian made motorcycle, climbing the natural walls around the area are pretty popular in Vietnam.

You can find plenty of ways to plan a Vietnam tour, once you know how many days you wish to extend the vacation.Vietnam tour operators will assist you in preparing your travel programs, and they even chart out tailor-made programs, meeting your personal interests, accommodation, transit, airport pickups, and drops. Travel agents also offer bilingual guide service and visa services.   With the option for online booking, you will find traveling to Vietnam is one of the easiest things, you can plan while thinking about a holiday trip.  

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How to plan the journey?
Planning your travel to Vietnam is a relaxed affair. Comparatively hassle-free visa on arrival program makes things easy for you. You can apply for the visa online from your country of stay, and it will be processed in 2 working days, and with the landing permission, you can collect your visa at any international airports in Vietnam.

If you have a budget for the journey and wish to finish the trip in a certain number of days, then online planning will be the best option as there are multiple best Vietnam travel agents available online. On these sites, you’ll be able to decide the number of days that you wish to spend on a particular place and combine your travel so that you can see the most of Vietnam even in a small budget and few days of accommodation.

Vietnam is well known for the cheap market. Their currencies are rational and save you a dime while spending on any activity, food or even a small shopping spree. Such options make Vietnam a must visit for all the traveler lovers

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What exciting does Vietnam has to offer in 2019?
2019 will mark a new celebration in Vietnam with new activities and the cultural fusion that will bring the Vietnamese together. The ‘TET' or The Vietnamese New year is the occasion to look out for as it is the most important and unique festival for the locals and at the same time, they splendidly celebrate the day. Food practices stick to the banhchung and banhday (staple of Vietnamese) along with bamboo soup, gio, and sticky rice.

The celebration of Lunar New Yearusually beings at the end of January and beginning of February will be the most prominent and longest festival in Vietnam. Vietnamese follow numerous traditions including extended family visiting by welcoming every family member to begin the New Year together, giving cash or a special treat to the youngsters and the elder members of the family. Some people also find this occasion as the most auspicious time to begin a new business.

Another big holiday event is the Hai Ba Trung Day, which is a special day for Women in Vietnam.  The celebration is a commemoration of women led rebellion against the Chinese in AD 41. The entire nation will be in a festive mood, and there will be parades and colorful displays, especially women will be on their best beautiful outfits.

Yet another celebration is the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is known as Trung Thu-the children festival. Millions of illuminated lanterns will adore the entire nation, weeks in advance with lots of celebrations making it one of the best time to visit Vietnam. During the final day of festival night, children and ladies will parade on the thoroughfare in colorful outfits and lit lanterns.

If you’re planning a Vietnam vacation, then this will be a great time to chart outa visit as the city will be more lit up than usual, and you'll be able to get a closer look at the celebration and the culture of Vietnamese, leaving you with everlasting fond memories.