10 Tips for female lone travelers in Vietnam

24, January, 2019

10 Tips for female lone travelers in Vietnam

Even though group tours afford you the impressive offer of meeting different folks from different regions, backgrounds and locations, we can't rid off the luxury buried and carved in the solo trip.

Traveling solo to Vietnam lets you have a less distracted trip, more concentrated and extremely fancy experience.

But, here is a question: is there something you should be concerned about, more importantly, that you are a woman?

Safety and loneliness are primary concerns, and more especially for females. As a result of that, what are the useful tips to master as lone female travelers? We are getting you ten impressive one here.

However, note that we would use strong languages here, to ensure that your safety is guaranteed.

1. Travelings Should be Made During Daytime. As a rule, it's vital that if you are visiting a new country, you shouldn't travel at night inside buses, taxis, trains, and other forms of transportation.

At night you will be more susceptible to theft, and your personal belongings are at risk. When you travel around during the day, you would be more conscious when moving around, and in case of an emergency, you will have people to help you out.  

2. Show Dignity to Local Culture. As a lady, it will be more reasonable to show respect to the culture of Vietnam. So, what could be done, and how can you as a lady get that done?
Read beforehand the taboos, such as those regarding the temples and the pagoda. It is also lovely that before your visit, you should check the etiquette and appropriate dressing.

For ladies mostly, visitation to the temples requires wearing well-covered clothes, and not loose clothes, so finally, you have to go through the rules and laws women have to abide in their culture.

3. Be Aware of The Cost. Cost is also a significant consideration for ladies when visiting Vietnam. You have to consider the prices of transportations before hopping into one.
This requires that you know the distances well, if you have no idea, you can do further research or adopt Google map to help you well.

Also, it's vital you know the prices of the goods you want to buy beforehand. You can even check the cost of transportation on this webpage. As a lady, it wouldn't be ethic to start seeking funds from strangers to return home or your lodge right there in Vietnam.

4. Be Friendly With Hotel Staffs. Being friendly saves in Vietnam. Not just that you'd be a friend, you will be helped at the right time. They are ever ready, excited and anxious to help with just anything you want. You can inquire from them about best cuisine, the Vietnamese street meal, the most excellent market to go and how to get things free around.
But remember, when taking your leave, it's nice to tip them, they are a hardworking fellow.

5. Be Open-Minded And Yet be Careful. While it's good to make new friends, so you can kill boredom, you still have to be careful in your dealings with people.
Don't make the mistake of thrusting your money or your valuables with them. That's not a wise move. It's no news that little, minute and petty thieves and scams are capable of ridding you off your hard earned money. Thus be very careful in dealing with people.

6. Be Smart And Speak Politely.  Chances are you will be meeting so many new faces that you will have one or two things in common. Thus you will have to discuss it. But don't act like a slowpoke, be smart, speak clearly, walk smartly, act like you've been to Vietnam (even if you've not), so you don't have to give everyone a clue to your status.
7. Dress Moderately. We know how expensive women are always willing to be. But can you sacrifice that for your trip now, at least now that you are traveling solo? We aren't saying that you should take off your adornment, all we are  saying is that you apply moderation.

This is just because if you fail to, you will be drawing undue attention to yourself, you might call to yourself problem which would cost your belongings and if you have to face the trauma.

8. Have a Copy of Your Credentials. Definitely, for security and emergency reasons, it's good you have the copy of your passport and other important credentials on your smartphones or preferably, your emails.

So that when there is a need for that you can quickly and swiftly bring it out for use. Most folks who have adopted this stuff has found it so helpful.

Take for example, in case of a fire outbreak or an accident which eats up or burns up your credentials, how would you get a new one without going through another stress of getting them again, all you have to do is to download and reprint.

9. Trust Your Conscience, Research Further. Most times, our conscience speaks the best truth. If it tells you that a particular place isn't safe, trust it by making an inquiry to validate the claim.

And when you make your findings, hold on to the result. Thus you can be sure of regulated output. But it wouldn't be nice to discharge your conscience or trust it straightaway without fully confirming if it worths the fear or not.

10. Keep Friends Updated. Since, its a solo or lone travel, all your trips should be updated and send straight to your friends, and family.
For example, if you are visiting an itinerary, ensure that they are informed. That isn't all. Keep your lines open for calls and text messages or emails open for sending and receiving signals.   

The reasons should be well understood by you. In case you don't, the actual goal is to ensure that in case of an emergency you can be traced down to your last destination.

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