Vietnam Fun Facts for Kids

10, June, 2019

Vietnam Fun Facts for Kids

Do you have kids that seek fun for their next holiday trip? For older ones, enjoying their trip to Vietnam always promise to be entertaining. There are several sights to behold in this great country. Trust me; time won’t permit them to explore all the beauty of the land.

For Kids though, the story might be different. Satisfying kids can be a little bit tough. But in Vietnam, there are always things to keep your kids entertained. Hence, in this article, we will be talking about the fun facts for kids. This will help you see clearly what your kids stand to gain when they visit Vietnam.

Let’s start with some interesting fun facts about Vietnam before proceeding to the amazing beauties to behold in the country.

Fun fact for kids about Vietnam
Below are some interesting facts about Vietnam that’s will thrill kids to know before or when in Vietnam. This informationare perfectly researched by kids for kids:

•    Population: Vietnam as a country has a population of more than 90 million people as of 2019. Vietnam is recently the 15th most populated country in the world and the 9th most populated in Asia.

•    Vietnam capital: The Vietnam capital city is Hanoi. More than 7 million individuals occupy the city.

•    The official name of Vietnam: The official name of Vietnam is the Socialist Republic of Vietnam or Viet Nam.

•    Government system: Communist system is the system operated in Vietnam.

•    Vietnam National Holiday: The Vietnam Independence Day falls on 2 September.

•    Vietnam language: Languages spoken in Vietnam include Vietnamese, English, and French (Second most common language)

•    Literary level: in Vietnam, 95% of the adult population can read and write well. On the other hand, more than 97% of the children in Vietnam attend schools to learn reading and writing.

•    Vietnam currency: the official and only currency in Vietnam is The Dong.

•    The religion: Vietnam inhabitants are highly not religious with more than 75% engaging in folks religion or totally not religious. More than 10% involved inBuddhism, while only 7% practice Christianity. There are other minor religions practiced in Vietnam which amount for the remaining 8%.

•    Currency strength: 1 Vietnamese Dong corresponds to 100 Xu.Recently, many shops stop accepting coins as a medium of payment. They accept banknotes of 1000 dongs and higher. A 1000 Vietnamese Dong correspond to 40 US cents or 30 British Pence. That is 1 US dollars correspond to 23,400 VND.

•    Popular rivers in Vietnam: the Me Kong River in the south Vietnam and the Red River in the north Vietnam are the most popular rivers. They both reach the sea and spread over a very huge swampy delta plain. The lands around this region are fertile, making it perfect for growing rice and other crops.

•    Surrounding country: Vietnam is considered as the gateway to southeast Asia. Vietnam as a country is bordered by China to the north, Laos, and Cambodia to the west.

•    Biggest city: The biggest city in Vietnam is Ho Chi Minh city with an estimated population of more than 8.6 million. This is closely followed by Hanoi with more than 7.78 million inhabitants.

•    Independence: in 1884, France gained control of Vietnam, shortly after during world war II, Japan came briefly into power. Ho Chi Minh, the leader of the Vietnamese in 1945, declared Vietnam as an independent country. Another fight occurred in 1954 between the French and communist Vietnam. This led to the separation of the communist North and the non-communist South.

•    War history: from 1957 to 1975, there was a war between the North and South Vietnam. Top countries like the United States, Russia, and China were all involved in this war. The reunification of this country came under the communist regime. And from the early 1990s, there has been significant progress in economics as a free market system, and trade with the west begin again.

•    Traditional heritage: Vietnam traditional culture focuses on humanity (nhang nghia) and harmony (hoa). This is in relation to the family and the entire community and highly valued by all residents.

•    Significant symbols: there are several significant symbols worshiped by the Vietnamese. They include the Vietnamese dragon (the mythical holy dragon), Lac (the mythical holy bed), the turtle, and the horse. These are some of the significant symbols in Vietnam.

•    National Symbol: the national symbol for Vietnam include a five-pointed star on a red field. The national flower is a lotus blossom. The official national color for Vietnam is red and yellow.

•    Agriculture and importation: Vietnam as a country, stands as the largest exporters of cashew nuts and black pepper in the world. They post 0ne-third of the global production of these crops. Rice farming is another popular trade in Vietnam, and presently, they are only behind Thailand (Thailand first, Vietnam second) in the export of rice.

•    Vietnam Cuisine: the Vietnam cuisine traditionally combines 5 complete and amazing fundamental taste elements. The fundamental elements include Spicy (Metal), Sour (Wood), Bitter (Fire), Salty (Water), and Sweet (Earth).

•    Sporting activities: Vietnam sporting activities vary from region to region. The most popular sport in Vietnam is football, otherwise referred to as soccer. Vietnamese also engage in sporting activities badminton, tennis, volleyball, table tennis, and, martial arts.

•    Vietnam biodiversity: Vietnam as a country has a very high level of biodiversity. Presently, it houses more than 16% of the world’s species.

•    Vietnam food: the food in Vietnam combines both the Chinese and the Thai blend. Their cuisines are considered as one of the healthiest in the world as it combines fresh ingredients which often include fresh herbs, fruits, seafood, and vegetables, it also contains sauce like fish sauce, shrimp paste, soy sauce, and rice.

Vietnam attractions for Kids
There are several attractions for kids in Vietnam. They will be discussed based on their locations, they include;

1.    Hanoi: the capital city of Vietnam, Hanoi is situated in the country’s north. During your Vietnam tour, your kids will be thrilled to visit the streets that are busy and filled with inhabitants carrying out their daily activities. They will be happy to tour around the city and see several beautiful sights. The old quarter is filled with several streets that will keep your children entertained.

2.    Da Nang: this is one of the big cities in Vietnam. It has several sandy beaches that are sure to keep your kids entertained when you visit Vietnam. The international airport there is another place to visit during your Vietnam family tour. Da Nang for long has been a popular holiday destination since you can easily explore this location and visit nearby villages like Hue and Hoi An. Your kids will also be interested in visiting the marble mountain where they can also take some time to enjoy.

3.    Mekong Delta: this location was voted as the best attraction to visit in 2019 by several top magazines. Your kids will have nothing but a fun filled time in this location. The waterways located in the southwestern part of the country is up for your tour by boat. Your kids will also be interested in visiting the traditional market during your Vietnam tour. You can also take your kids to the floating markets, the canals, and several streams that will keep them entertained.

4.    Halong Bay: if your kids love nature, then they will not want to leave this location early. During your stay, endeavor to take them around to see the magicalkarts rock formation (this will be helpful to them in school) which is one of the marvelous wonders of the world. Many tourists visit this location yearly, and it is clear why this is their option. The landscape is incomparable, and your kids will have something to talk about long after leaving this location.

5.    Phu Quoc: this is the largest island in the whole of Vietnam. If you want your kids to spend time beside the water, then you should consider visiting this location. There, you get to find stunning beaches and several clear turquoise waters. Snorkeling can be best enjoyed in this location.

6.    Ho Chi Minh: this is one of the cities that is a must visit during your Vietnam tour. This city is filled with several amazing sights that will keep your kids entertained. You can enjoy the tour more with a Vietnam travel expert. The museums to visit are many, and you can take your kids out for shopping at some of the malls. The dining locations will present your kids with the best foods and drinks. Spending a few days here during your tour will help expose your kids to the marvelous sights in Vietnam.

Kids love facts, knowing it makes wherever they are more interesting. You may end up answering dozens of questions while on tour if you kids don’t have the right information. This article is designed to ease the stress and keep your kids informed about the history and fun facts about this country. The information about the must-visit locations will help your kids enjoy their tour the more.