It is time to book your Vietnam tour 2021

13, May, 2020

It is time to book your Vietnam tour 2021

Covid 2019 Updates in Vietnam
13 May 2020, It has been 27 successive days without any new Covid-19's infected case in Public reported in Vietnam. Total cases confirmed 288 (148 of 288 cases were people who came back from overseas), recovered 252 and only 36 cases are under treatment in hospital, No death.

The sucess of Vietnam in the battle against Covid-19 has been praised by many nations and international organisations, news agencies and media which is early prepration, quick measures, large quarantine, free food and accommodation for quarantine, free test and treatment,  great social distancing, strong leadership of Vietnamese government, people's awareness, etc.

It is safe to travel in Vietnam?
At the time of writing, the world is experiencing the most difficult time as the numbers of new infected cases as well as death rates are high. The risk is still, but It is safe for kids in Vietnam to go to school, Vietnamese are travelling around Vietnam to enjoy great time after social distancing. All actitivities get back to normal. Vietnam Tourism Association is also calling for "Vietnam tourism rescure" that will be supported by airlines, hotels, local authorities to offer travelers big discounts and a lot of benefits.

Is it time to book your Vietnam tour 2021?
Many countries are now lossing its national social distancing as the outbreak of Covid-19 is controlled better and Vietnam is considering partial resumption of International flights, but firstly for foreign experts, investers. We hope that Vietnam can welcome tourists back by the end of 2020 or beginning of 2021. So, it is now time to plan your trip to Vietnam in 2021.

Early Birds
It is waste of time reading the numbers of cases and death rates. Social distancing or "Stay safe at home" gives you a lot of time to look at Vietnam travel information and to plan your HOLIDAY TO VIETNAM in 2021 early. The first step is to contact Vivutravel to build a perfect itinerary and it is possible to book if the date is far ahead, July 2021 for instance. Early birds (big Discounts, Promotions and a lot more Benefits) will be applied.

Who should go first to book a Vietnam tour?
Many people lost their jobs and it takes time to get back to normal and stable before travelling. However, Vivutravel suggests that retired people should plan their trip to Vietnam as they are not facing financial problem so much.

Do i have to send deposit?
Yes, Vivutravel applies deposit of 30% of the tour cost. But you do not have to send your deposit at once. We fully understand the situation so you can just plan your trip with us first and pay the deposit when everything is ok.

Vivutravel applies "Free Cancellation". We will charge "nothing" if you cancel your Vietnam tour because of Covid-19. (Full refund) and also support you to rebook the trip when requested.