Reasons and tips to travel Vietnam in 2021

18, July, 2020

Reasons and tips to travel Vietnam in 2021

Why Vietnam should be one of your travel destinations for 2021
Over the last few months the entire world has been hit hard and shaken by the COVID19 pandemic; and we cannot wait to open our doors and borders again to tourists in 2021.

Reassuring our customers will one of the biggest tasks we have as tour operators, so we want to remind you and share with you why Vietnam should be on your destination list for next year; after all we have plenty of time to plan.

Our country should ignite your imagination and bring to mind images of rice fields, lush green mountains, volcanic landscapes, glorious beaches with white sand and crystal blue waters, let’s not forget the fresh exotic food.

Vietnam travel has been high on the list of western tourists and travellers for the last few years, with an average of 6 million international visitors a year visiting the country.

Over the last three years visitor numbers to Vietnam have grown, with Vietnam holidays now high on the annual holiday plans of the British traveller. We have welcomed and toured with many clients; whom have all been blown away by the diversity of our country.

If you are looking for an enhanced cultural experience in a country where history and diversity is in abundance; then please come to Vietnam and see what our country can offer you in 2021.

When visiting, there are many considerations you need to think of before embarking on your Vietnam travel adventure.

COVID19 will still be very present in peoples minds and we want to assure you our country is ready and prepared. There are no COVID-19 restrictions in Vietnam at present after our successful suppression of COVID-19. There is enhanced public awareness on hygiene to combat the threat of the virus returning.

The wearing of masks is no longer compulsory in all public settings. You should be alert to local variations around public hygiene measures, take a precautionary approach and be ready to comply with local authorities.

Planning and research will ensure your trip is memorable and makes the most of what you want to explore in the time you have and within your budget.

With you and your requirements in mind, we have put together some useful information on Vietnam holidays and travel options; read through, get excited and get ready to embrace your adventure of a lifetime.

Vietnam Accommodation
There are no COVID-19 restrictions in Vietnam at present after our successful suppression of COVID-19. You can stay in small B&B’s, 5 star beachside resorts, inner city hotels and even on a boat. The options are endless, depending on your budget and where you would like to visit.

We can assist you with the best location at the best value and even book your accommodation to ensure everything is ready for you on your arrival.

Public spaces
We are pleased to say there are no COVID-19 restrictions in Vietnam at present after our successful suppression of COVID-19. There is enhanced public awareness on hygiene to combat the threat of the virus returning.

We have some of the most beautiful open spaces; including parks, lakes and gorgeous inner city temples. Many of them are free to enter and you can spend as much time as you need taking in the scenery.

Do you need a visa?
Yes, you will need to apply for a tourist visa prior to entering the country. Tourist Visas are usually standard issued for 1 – 2 months. You will need to apply for your VISA online and pay a small fee, the VISA will be requested at the airport upon your arrival along with two passport photographs.

You will also pay another small fee for your VISA in cash at the immigration desk. The fee varies depending how long you stay and can be paid in US dollars.

At present tourists visas are not available and any nationals arriving into Vietnam are quarantined for 14 days. We have ensured our country has been well protected.

We will confirm when your visa can be applied for and even help with the application process.

Enjoying the local cuisine.
Vietnamese food is fantastic; from fresh fish, exotic fruits to a range of fragrant street vendors, you will have many opportunities to indulge in the local cuisine.

Fish, vegetables, rice, as well as a vast array of spices and herbs; traditional cuisines in Vietnam rely little on dairy or oils. The food is often cooked fresh and is deemed one of the healthiest diets in the world.

There are plenty of places to enjoy your food outside and due to the control measures we have in place for COVID19 restaurants are following strict guidelines and rules over hygiene.

Which area should you visit?
Vietnam is a country of diverse travel options. You can visit beautiful caves, breathtaking forests, gloriously undiscovered beaches, extremely colourful and bustling cities or the magical vastness of the Mekong River.

As there is so much to see around the country, the best way to experience a Vietnam holiday is to spend time in many different locations. Vietnam tour and travel packages offer tourists a wide range of options and cater for unique and individual itineraries.

For example you could experience the diversity of the North and South of the country, a great way to absorb the different cultures and scenery that each destination offer. Holidays should be relaxing and travelling to a new country can be stressful.

We can advice you the best place to visit and even ensure all the bookings are taken care of and ensure you visit when the areas are quiet.

What time of year should you visit?"
Vietnam is a country with 2000 miles of coastline and three different weather systems!

It can be difficult to pick a good time of year to visit as the climate varies greatly from North to South. If you choose to take your holidays in Christmas and New Year it could be wet and cold in the North yet balmy and hot in the South.

North Vietnam has a distinct winter and summer and the temperatures reflect this. November to April will be cool and dry, with January to March being the colder months. May to October will be hot and humid and be prepared for increased rainfall too.

Central Vietnam has extremes of heat and rain. January to August will be very hot, with the highest rainfall throughout September – November.

South Vietnam has a less obvious temperature change. November to April will generally be hotter and dry with May & October seeing humid and wet weather.

Be prepared for all extremes of weather and just be aware of the changes depending on what part of the country are are in.

How do you choose a Vietnam tour package?
A well known and highly accredited tour operator such as Vivutravel offer itineraries to a wide range of locations throughout Vietnam.

We are here to guide you, assist with your bookings and ensure you have the best time possible within our beautiful country. We are proud to show off our country to tourists and cannot wait to welcome people back.

How do you book your Vietnam tour package?
We are a professional and friendly tour operator.

All you need to do is go to our website and complete the initial enquiry form and one of our expert travel consultants will be in touch to discuss your Vietnam adventure. What are you waiting for?

The future of Vietnam travel.
Tourism really is important for Vietnam, it’s a country with the ability to offer an experience for tourists looking for their own unique Vietnamese holiday; from backpackers, nature lovers, beach addicts to people seeking relaxation. Vietnam really offers a diverse holiday opportunity.

Choose Vietnam for your holiday adventure; a country full of beautiful culture, beautiful people, exotic cuisine and scenery beyond your imagination.