New Travel Trends for 2021

03, December, 2020

New Travel Trends for 2021

According to Rough Guides, 2020 is a catastrophic year for the tourism industry due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Rough Guides has researched and launched new travel trends for 2021, to contribute to the recovery of global tourism.

1. Sustainable tourism
Although the term sustainable tourism is not new, the trend of choosing eco-friendly products is increasing from tourists. Tourists are more and more interested in "green" trips, bringing about both environmental and life sustainability at the destination. When deciding to travel, tourists will consider choosing airlines that have carbon emission reduction measures, have direct flights, energy-saving aircraft, use electric cars, public transportation. plus, shared or shared services ... Visitors spend more time in a destination to generate more income for local communities, preferring eco-friendly services, accommodation facilities Take measures to save energy, take measures to recycle waste.

2. Rise in female tourists and female - owned businesses
By 2021, Rough Guides predicts an increase in the number of female tourists traveling alone as well as an increase in the number of travel businesses owned by women. That means the number of tours and destinations marketed to this audience will increase. With that, many tourists have become more aware of the impact of their travel and wish to bring something to their destination, community and local economy.

3. Domestic tourism to be increased
Due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, the demand for domestic tourism will be higher in 2021. More tourists will decide to spend weekend in the country instead of going abroad. Rough Guides has released guides for British travelers looking for trips to UK destinations. Rough Guides will continue to publish guidebooks and articles introducing tourism services in the UK to accommodate this domestic tourism trend.

4. Tourists spend more time on pre-trip research
With the unpredictable development of the epidemic, tourists are investing more time in finding out information before deciding to book a vacation. They collect more information about the destination, the services, the safety measures ... to make the choice decision. This trend also means that service providers will have to advertise more to attract the attention of tourists.

5. Increased flexibility
In the context of travel restrictions as well as border closures that can occur at any time due to an epidemic, tourists will give preference to service providers that have more flexible options and Reasonable policy for last minute changes of dates, delays or cancellations. At present, the fact that businesses have diversified options and flexible policies will receive a lot of attention from tourists. These policies will play an important role in the booking decision to limit travel risks in 2021. 6. Increase free trips Travelers are gradually shifting their choice of scheduled journeys to freestyle and more personal experiences. Current tourists do not want to go to crowded places, they want to search for destinations with few people, that satisfy individual preferences.

7. Slow travel
Young travelers, retirees with plenty of time… are the target groups looking for slower, longer trips. Slow travel will create a trend that creates a change in service demand: staying at motels instead of hotels, longer stay times, sightseeing schedules beyond normal tourist routes ... Slow-traveling tourists also conduct more thorough pre-trip research, tending to give priority to destinations that protect the environment ...

8. Big family tours
With the division of Covid-19 in 2020, families of different generations will travel together next year. Different generations traveling together may have different needs. So, prepare the most suitable services for all types of guests, from children, middle-aged to elderly.

9. Improved Health care and insurance service and  information
Covid-19 is not expected to end any time soon. This means that tourists need to know details about the destination's health care system and travel insurance packages in addition to information about destinations, services ... Such information will help. travelers ease anxiety and have peace of mind to make the journeys by 2021.

Vietnam tourism -The positive signals
According to the General Department of Tourism (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism), Vietnam currently has many advantages as a country that successfully controlled the earliest Covid-19 epidemic, which is highly appreciated by countries around the world. high. This is an advantage that needs to take advantage of the media effects to enhance the image of Vietnam tourism in a safe and attractive way.

In fact, Vietnamese tourism businesses have also quickly introduced attractive products with prices considered "unprecedented low", committed to quality assurance to attract domestic tourists. Not only airlines, travel agencies, but also the participation of the hotel and destination restaurant system, so this stimulus program has deeper discounts, more attractive points.