Vietnam Tour Operator for 2021 Holiday

03, December, 2020

Vietnam Tour Operator for 2021 Holiday

Tourism is one of the industries most severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is not the time to "Wait and See", it is now the matter of "Life and Death". Vietnam is one of the most successful countries that has been controlling the pandemic very well, but the country has not re-opened for tourists yet. As a results, Vietnam tourism is facing the most difficult time. Many tour operators suspended operations, hotels closed, airlines asked for government's rescue packages...

Vivutravel is one of the leading Vietnam travel company, founded since 2006, specializing in organising private Vietnam tour packages for international tourists, the number of tourists travelled with Vivutravel is around 3000 Pax a year. However, the last tour finished on 17 Mar, 2020. We has no income and not possible to support all staff. Few left the companies to find a new job and Vivutravel closed for 2 months from April to June, 2020.

But, Vivutravel comes bank!
Our founder of Vivutravel - Mr, Nguyen Minh Tuan is a responsible, quick-minded and active person. Thanks to Tuan, we come back to office. "It is time to change our mind, not changing to survive, but to develop" said Tuan.

From July, 2020, Vivutravel has found our opportunities in domestic tourism (domestic tourists), and has been very successful in this "Start up" thanks to our hard work and "reliable brand of Vivutravel".

Vaccines are on the ways!
At the time of writing, more than 69.1 million people infected with nCoV in the world, of which more than 1.5 million people died, WHO expressed concern when the cases increased sharply in countries such as the US and Brazil. The great news is Vacccines are on the way and Vietnam also expect to have our own vacccines in 5-6 months.

The funture of Vietnam tourism
Vietnam is still one of the hottest destination to visit when Covid is over. Vietnam is simply the safest and most beautiful countries. Howver, things have changed and Vietnam tourism needs renewing by updating the world travel trends, more interesting and suitable products to meet customers' needs.

What will Vivutravel do?
1 -
Vivutravel is expert in personalized or tailor-made holidays in Vietnam. We will of course continue our super support to plan a great Vietnam holiday that suits our customers' personal interests, concerns and budget.

2 - Select "beautiful, green and least - visited destinations" to include in our Vietnam tour packages. Keep our customers safe, away from the crowds. Same idea with choosing hotels.

3 - Tour itinerary must be arranges as flexible as possible so that our customers can make changes and adjust it to enjoy specious time after Covid.

4 - Flexibility in Booking Policies, Last minutes booking, Cancellation and Refund: Vivutravel will accept smaller amount of deposit and fully refund if Vivutravel is not charged by the third parties such as hotels, airlines, etc.. Last minutes booking is warmly welcomed.

5 - Tour prices will be very affordable because Vivutravel is offered best prices of hotels, cruises, domestic air tickets. We also offer discounts on tour packages such as big group tour, family trips.

6 - Keep up with our excellent services, train our staff to a new level to better serve our customers. 

We are still here, not killed by Covid and always available at your requests.