Vivutravel in 2021 FAQS

04, March, 2021

Vivutravel in 2021 FAQS

A terrible 2020 passed, but another Covid year (2021) is still happening, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnels as vaccines are being used?

Many tourists have sent us questions and Vivutravel would like to answer as below;

1. When can we travel to Vietnam?
Vietnam is in 'wait and see mode". Vivutravel does not know when, but if vaccines works well, Vietnam may allow "Vaccine passport" in the next few months. Let's hope! We keep you updated.

2. Can we get our deposit back?
Many tourists changed the date to keep the booking. We fully understand that this is a difficult time for all. So, if you want to change the date again, Vivutravel is happy to do it. In case, you are unsure of your holiday. Vivutravel will send refund of your deposit as soon as requested. 

3. Is Vivutravel still running?
Like other travel companies, Vivutravel is facing difficult time for not having international tourists. However, we change to orgranise tours for Vietnamese. Vivutravel is not having finacial problem. We are still alive and ready to welcome tourists back to Vietnam at any time.

4. Should we plan a tour in 2021?
It is quite optimistic to plan your Vietnam holiday from October 2021. But, our advice is to wait and see. In this situation, Vivutravel can arrange your Vietnam holiday at last minutes to avoid problems. 

5. Has Vietnam started vaccine?
Yes, Vietnam started vaccine to the people from 08 March, 2021. Vietnam is also studying on 'opening to international visitors with vaccination certificates' in 2021.