When will Vietnam allow "Vaccine Visa"?

16, March, 2021

When will Vietnam allow

Vietnam should pilot the application of vaccine Covid-19 passport with some groups of immigrants before applying it widely, according to Associate Professor Nguyen Viet Nhung.

Prior to the information that relevant ministries are making initial preparations related to "visa vaccine", Associate Professor Nguyen Viet Nhung, Director of the Central Lung Institute, said that at this time Vietnam could begin to build a mechanism to apply "vaccine passports".

"Immediately apply to countries or regions that have already had a high vaccination rate and a vaccine passport policy," said Associate Professor Nhung. He analyzed, some recent studies show that if a person gets two doses of the vaccine, there is "very little risk of becoming a source of disease transmission to others". So from a scientific perspective, people who have had the full dose of the vaccine can be considered "safe".

However, initial studies show " there is still a small probability that there is a risk".

When will Vietnam allow "Vaccine Visa"?
The Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Information and Communications are working to complete the system of technical solutions related to "visa vaccine" in the shortest time. We hope to annouce in early April 2021. So, we will have the answer soon and Vivutravel keep you updated.

What is vaccine passport?
The vaccine passport is a digital document proving an individual has been vaccinated against the virus. This document is stored on your phone or digital wallet, the data displayed in the form of a QR code.

Several countries have issued Covid-19 vaccine passports, such as China. Thailand has also announced plans to issue vaccine passports and reduce the quarantine period for vaccinated people. However, the World Health Organization calls for caution with medical passports, requiring travel authorities and operators not to consider proof of vaccination as a condition of international travel.