Vietnam visa vaccine, Vietnam tourism is ready to welcome guests

22, March, 2021

Vietnam visa vaccine, Vietnam tourism is ready to welcome guests

In addition to renewing the domestic market, Vietnam travel agencies expect to soon be allowed to welcome international visitors back with a specific itinerary.

On March 18, the Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Association held a seminar on the process of organizing safe tourism and discussing solutions to recovering the tourism industry after the pandemic.

Prepare products to welcome international visitors
Mr. Hoang Huu Loc, Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Travel Association, acknowledged that some countries have implemented the policy of opening up to welcome international visitors with vaccination certification or vaccine visa. Although this is a controversial issue, it is clearly a relatively feasible solution to attract international visitors to Vietnam, thereby helping the tourism industry to overcome current difficulties.

Current situation: Hundreds of companies bid farewell to the market
According to the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism, Over 50% of the workforce in the tourism industry has temporarily stopped working; About 150 international and domestic travel agencies have officially withdrawn for their business license.

The number of companies  in operation is only about 10% -15%, others suspended operations. Currently, Vietnam travel companies are facing a lot of difficulties.

Visitors with vaccine visa and negative certificate are the basis for Vietnam to consider for entry without having to go through 14 day-quarantine. Because if the tourists meet the above criteria and still have to apply the 14-day quarantine measure, they will definitely not come to Vietnam because the travel time is often short.

“The recognition of vaccine visas between countries is also very important because it will facilitate Vietnamese tourists to travel to countries like before. If passed, we believe this solution will facilitate tourism recovery. This solution is also compatible with world regulations when some countries currently implement the policy of visa vaccine ”- Mr. Loc said.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has just asked relevant ministries and agencies to consider. to study to step by step reopen international routes; well prepare plans to deploy the application of visa vaccine.

In that context, the association is working with travel agencies to prepare safety procedures to be ready to welcome tourists. These units also implement solutions to bring Vietnamese tourists abroad to visit relatives, friends, study, etc. Because Vietnam has an average of 9-10 million tourists to travel aboard per year.  They have an urgent need.

Specifically, travel companies are actively choosing a really safe destination to bring tourists to; Support tourists who have been certified to vaccinate COVID-19 ... In addition, it is required that tourists must strictly comply with safety assurance and the accompanying services at the destination, ready to welcome guests immediately when re-openning.

Currently, Europe and many countries are starting to deploy visa vaccines. If Vietnamese tourists want to travel, they must meet their needs. This is the global trend. Therefore, tourism companies want ministries and branches to study and have suitable and specific plans to meet the travel needs of people "- Ms. Lan earnestly suggested.

Representatives of some other travel companies suggested the opening of international tourism can first pilot people who have been vaccinated, business travelers, the market is well controlled ...

Domestic tourists
The vaccine visa issue has been assigned by the Prime Minister to the ministries and branches to coordinate research, but there is no official decision. Therefore, in the immediate future, Vietnam tourism will look at existing tourism products to renew and create new products. From there, it is possible to attract domestic tourists and prepare to attract international visitors when reopening.

Vietnam covid vaccine passport policy
Currently, Vietnam has not issued a vaccine passport, or any decision regarding Vietnam's immigration regulations applicable to holders of a vaccine passport / vaccination certificate.

Therefore, foreigners who come to Vietnam, whether they have a vaccine passport or not, will still have to be tested on entry and quarantined for 14 days with necessary tests.