The reasons why many foreigners are infatuated with Vietnam

08, April, 2021

The reasons why many foreigners are infatuated with Vietnam

Low cost of living
International Living magazine points out that Vietnam's exceptionally low cost of living is a major attraction. In the book In A Better Life for Half the Price (a better life at half the price), author Tim Leffel said, Vietnam is "one of the most valuable places in the world for tourists, especially in terms of accommodation and food ".

Hence, this is a place of great value for the people who live there. Leffel said, when referring to apartments anywhere in Vietnam, "you can find beautiful rooms with reasonable prices in the range of 300-800 USD / month".

Indeed, Neil Varden, CEO of CabinZero who moved from England to Ho Chi Minh City 3 years ago, also said that the cost of living here is very good. "Honestly, I can live like a king without spending a lot of money," says Varden.

Low prices make sightseeing, shopping, and dining in Vietnam more attractive. Immerse yourself in a crowded, affordable restaurant and pay only $ 1 for a cold beer, $ 2 for a sandwich"

Opportunities to travel
Traveling in Vietnam is also quite simple, with flights between cities like Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Hanoi, plus a system of buses, trains and even ships to the islands. favorably like Phu Quoc, Con Dao...

Traveling anywhere in Southeast Asia is easy, if you live in Vietnam. Becasue, there is a wide range low-cost airlines so you can often travel to Thailand, Cambodia, Laos or Malaysia.

Everywhere, not only Vietnamese food is extremely cheap, but also at restaurants. During your Vietnam holiday, you can enjoy all the typical dishes from bread to white rose cake, pho, spring rolls and Vietnamese pizza.

Vietnamese black coffee is also great and If you are a foodie, love to try new dishes and pay a little money, Vietnam will not disappoint you.

Vietnamese people are very friendly. In fact, wherever you go, you will meet smiling faces.

Phil Minett, an Australian, came to Vietnam for a short vacation in March 2020 with the aim of seeing if this could be a place where he could settle permanently. After that, the border was closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and a year later, Phil was still in Vietnam. While living in a very local 10-story building in Ho Chi Minh City, Phil said he saw the generosity and friendliness of the neighbors around him.

Lots of places to live
Da Nang seems to be a suitable place for many foreigners, with a series of cafes (free internet), lovely beaches, high-rise apartments and beautiful scenery.

Hanoi and  Ho Chi Minh City are attractive places if you like historic urban centers. Some smaller cities that foreigners can consider are Sapa, Halong, Hai Phong, Da Lat, Nha Trang, Vung Tau and Phu Quoc...

Weather and Climate
Vietnam's monsoon tropical weather also attracts many people, especially those who want to say goodbye to winter in North America. However, this weather is not for everyone. Temperatures in Vietnam can reach 37.7 degrees or more in some regions during the hottest months and humidity is present everywhere in the country.

The seasonal climate changes depending on whether you are inland or coastal, north or south.

History and Culture
From ancient temples and pagodas to 20th century war history, Vietnam offers plenty of fun for retirees who want to open their minds to exploring cultural and historical events. in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

There are countless opportunities to take part in few of 7.966 festivals in Vietnam in a year or learn about Vietnamese culture and history in Museums. Of course, it is possible to experience by simply walking through a neighbor, eating local food, watching families play in the park or watching a show at a local theater. Once again, Vietnam offers you many opportunities to do just that.

Development and future
Vietnam is a fast - developing country in Asia. Vietnam is also safest country in the world. Beside the mentioned reasons, Vietnam is also a golden land to invest. You will see changes, challenges and opportunies.