Vietnam piloted a 7-day quarantine for passengers with vaccine passports from July 01,2021

01, July, 2021

Vietnam piloted a 7-day quarantine for passengers with vaccine passports from July 01,2021

Passengers upon entry into Vietnam who have had 2 doses of vaccine or recovered from Covid-19 will only have to quarantine for 7 days instead of 21 days.

On June 25, Deputy Health Minister Do Xuan Tuyen signed a decision to pilot the implementation of guidelines for medical isolation to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic for people on entry. The pilot implementation period will be from July 1 to July 30 at guest establishments concentrated in hotels, motels and resorts in Quang Ninh.

Entrants voluntarily pay all costs. Accordingly, people who have received 2 full doses of Covid-19 vaccine or have recovered from Covid-19 have negative RT-PCR test results for SARS-CoV-2 and positive antibody tests on the day of arrival. Firstly, after entering the country, they will only have to be isolated for 7 days.

The Ministry of Health clearly stipulates that the person entering the country must have a certificate of full vaccination against Covid-19 issued by the competent authority in the country where the vaccine is administered (the vaccine must be approved by the World Health Organization). US Center for Disease Control, European Medicines Agency or Vietnam licensed for use); The last dose of vaccine should be given for at least 14 days and not more than 12 months from the time of entry.

For people who have been infected with Covid-19, there must be a certificate of recovery from the disease issued by the competent authority of the treatment country no later than 12 months before the date of entry. After completing the 7-day centralized isolation, these cases continue to isolate at home for an additional 7 days. This regulation does not apply to people entering Vietnam for less than 14 days. Other cases still apply 14-day concentrated isolation at military-managed isolation facilities, a reduction of 7 days due to current regulations. Once completed, continue home isolation for another 14 days. However, the new regulations note, 6 days before the completion of concentrated isolation, you must update on the VHD application information about the location, means of transportation home, and where to stay. When returning to the locality, they must sign a commitment to perform medical isolation. For special entry cases, including foreign business delegations returning to Vietnam, diplomatic and official guests are also subject to new isolation measures. Specifically, members of foreign delegations from Deputy Ministers and equivalent or higher will have RT-PCR test 1 time before going on a business trip and 3 times after returning home (1st time on entry day, 2nd time). on Friday and the third on the 14th).

If the result is negative, no medical isolation is required, self-monitoring for 14 days from the time of entry and sending the message 5K. This regulation also applies to members of the delegation who have received 2 doses of the vaccine or recovered from Covid-19. In case members of the mission have not been vaccinated or have not had enough 2 doses of vaccine, they will be isolated for 7 days at the facilities arranged by the mission, then continue to monitor their health for another 7 days at home. Diplomatic guests on official visits to Vietnam will comply with the project of welcoming the delegation approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and competent central agencies.