Vietnam: Small group travel post Covid

28, October, 2021

Vietnam: Small group travel post Covid

Small group travel - a new tourism trend after Covid

Small group travel in Vietnam will be the dominant form of tourism in the post-COVID-19 future. This model helps visitors to ensure their health, and at the same time to build a private space to play and explore.

Small group travel will spur travel enthusiasts to be more creative in designing their travel itineraries. This is also a way for visitors to ensure their health and safety during the epidemic season. This trend is expected to become a prominent trend as soon as Vietnam tourist attractions open to welcome visitors.

The trend of small group travel  comes to the throne

In the face of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, in the future, new forms of tourism such as solo travel, on-site travel, tourism in the direction of social distancing and especially small group travel will come to the throne. The advantage of this new trend is to limit the risks related to the disease; towards safe, responsible and sustainable experiences; give priority to the form of ecotourism close to nature, avoiding crowded places.

Previously, the form of group tourism usually had a size of 20 - 30 people, but after the pandemic, safety and responsibility issues are first priorities, so the group size will be smaller, usually less than 10 people. These trips prioritize travel close to home or to isolated places, or can also go on tours such as bicycle tours, mountain climbing to ensure the ability to keep distance and less contact with others.

Traveling in small groups can both meet the needs of travel, relax and can ensure safety and initiative in each trip. This form of post-COVID-19 tourism is suitable for many groups of customers such as students, families, working people or people with limited income due to the impact of the epidemic.

Currently, some localities in the country have plans to open tourism such as Phu Quoc, following are Ha Long, Hoi An, Da Nang, Nha Trang...

Small group travel needs to pay attention to what?

1 - Make sure the whole group has a “vaccine passport”

It is very important when traveling after COVID-19 to make sure everyone has a full “vaccine passport”. Currently, domestic destinations all require visitors to receive 2 doses of the vaccine. In which, the second dose must be given at least 14 days and not more than 12 months.

2 - Choose safe, licensed travel destinations

To ensure safety, when traveling in small groups, you need to choose destinations that have been licensed by the state and hotels with advanced epidemic prevention measures. Avoid going to crowded places and, if possible, prepare separate food and drinks for the trip.

3 - Travel by private vehicle

During the time when the epidemic is still complicated, you should use book a private tour, including private car/bus. Motorbycling can also a good option.

4 - Do online procedures, limit cash payments

Hotel accommodation services should prioritize online booking through the website to limit contact with staff. "Touchless travel" is advised.

5 - Choose safe and quality travel services

During your Vietnam travel, remember to always ensure the safety of yourself, your group and comply with local epidemic prevention measures.

6 - Ensure safety during the trip and after returning home

+ Frequently wash hands and disinfect.
+ Always wear a mask when going to public places and do not stop in crowded places.
+ Please follow the recommendations of the Ministry of Health. Monitor the health status of yourself and those traveling in the group and contact medical facilities if necessary.

Traveling in small groups to ensure safety is a top priority for any traveler during the epidemic season. Destinations that are empty of people and have beautiful ecological landscapes will help them comply with social distancing rules while discovering and connecting with nature, which has been difficult to enjoy during the past two years.

At the time of writing, more than 90% Vietnamese travel companies have suspended their business and do not update any information. However, Vivutravel is still here to support our customers and ready to plan your Vietnam holiday as soon as Vietnam resumes international flights for tourists to travel Vietnam.