Places to visit in Vietnam post Covid and why?

29, October, 2021

Places to visit in Vietnam post Covid and why?

in May, 2021, Vietnam was voted by the famous American travel magazine Travel + Leisure as one of the top destinations in the world after the COVID-19 epidemic, because of the advantages of beautiful natural landscapes, reasonable prices.

According to this magazine, Vietnam is a vibrant, culturally rich country with beautiful tropical beaches and delicious street food. However, Covid is far from over, and if Vietnam decides to fully resume tourism, safety is still the most important thing to minimize the risk of catching Covid.

As a local Vietnam tour operator with highest responsibility for your health and safe holiday, Vivutravel would like to give some advice on Places to visit in Vietnam post Covid and why?

1. Remote areas

Remote areas in Vietnam are beautiful, but less known and visited. We can recommend some places in the north of Vietnam like Ha Giang, Cao Bang, Mu Cang Chai, Hoang Su Phi, Y TY, Sapa (not in town) where offer you opportunities to see spectacular landscapes of mountains, world's most beautiful rice terraces, waterfalls and meet several ethnic groups to learn about their life and culture. The tours to these remote areas should be planned by experienced Vietnam travel agency like Vivutravel so that you are best enjoyed. 

Traveling to remote and mountainous areas makes your Vietnam holiday safer and more interesting as you do not meet many other tourists on the way. You can get closer to nature, this can be called "green tourism". If you travel with family to Vietnam, this kind of tour will also be a great chance for your childen to have new experiences.

2. Isolated beaches

Aftter 1-2 weeks in the mountains, it is time to go to the beaches. However, popular beaches in Hoi An, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc will be full of tourists and locals. You do not want this? Vivutravel knows some isolated or less known beaches for you to spend a week without feeling bored. Staying at isolated beaches will keep you away from crowds.

Some recommended beaches and islands:
- Monkey island in Lan Ha bay (North Vietnam)
- Quan Lan beach and Island (North Vietnam)
- Cham Island (Close to Hoi An)
- My Khe Beach in Quang Ngai (Central Vietnam)
- Xep Beach in Quy Nhon (Central Vietnam)
- Whale island in Khanh Hoa (South Central Vietnam)

3. Places to stay

Small hotels and isolated resorts are choice. Vivutravel advises you to stay at private villa or bungalow as way to avoid contact with other tourists and hotel and resort's staff. We have selected a list of hotels and resorts that is suitable for our customers.

4. Places to eat

Street foods seem to be a great experience for many tourists, but not the choice. Your meals should be well -arranged in private room or keep distance with other tables in well-sellected restaurants.