Travelling to Vietnam with your Family Post Covid 19 - Tips and advice

30, October, 2021

Travelling to Vietnam with your Family Post Covid 19 - Tips and advice

Travelling is still ricky when the epedemic is not over, but travel is an important part of life for families and travel, like other activities that come into contact with other people. So, if your family really needs to travel, here are some of Vivutravel's tips and advice before Travelling to Vietnam with your Family.

1. 4 conditions for international visitors to come to Vietnam

First, visitors must have a certificate of full dose of Covid-19 vaccine, recognized by the competent authority in Vietnam (not applicable to children under 12 years old). In which, the time for injection 2 has passed 14 days and not more than 12 months by the time of departure. Travelers recovering from Covid-19 need a confirmation, with a hospital discharge time of no more than 6 months by the time of departure.

Secondly, visitors must have a negative nCoV test result by RTPCR/RT-LAMP method within 72 hours before departure. The certificate is certified by the competent authority in the country where the test is performed.

Third, visitors need to have health insurance, including coverage for Covid-19 treatment with a minimum of 50,000 USD.

Finally, participants must follow the travel agency's package tour program.

2. Contact a local Vietnam travel agency

A local Vietnam travel agency or Vietnam tour operator will let you know real information such as; when to travel, best places to visit, where to stay, how to organise a perfect tour itinerary for your family and 24 hour support in case you need help and take care of your Vietnam family vacation from start to finish. A recent report showed that a travel advisor or travel consultant is important for the family trip during and after Covid-19.

family trip to vietnam 2022 with vivutravel

3. Private tour

Whet it comes to health and safety consideration, a private Vietnam tour is highly recommended because your family will have a private car, and escorted by private tour guide in each destination that help you avoid from crowds and minimize risk of catching Covid-19 during your family trip in Vietnam. Viuvtravel's tour guides and driver are fully vaccinated with 2 doses of vaccines and always follow 5k. (Facemask, disinfection, distance, no gathering, health declaration).

4. Be flexible

Before booking a family trip to Vietnam, Vivutravel advises families to pay more attention to the flexibility of the tour itinerary, especially the flexible payment methods such as deposit and cancellation policies because things can be changed unpredictably.

5. New and family friendly Destinations

After such a long time being locked down, families realizes how important to spend time together as a family. A new and family friendly destination are choice for the whole family to comfortably explore. A Vietnam family tour planned by Vivutravel, will include eveything that a family expects.

6. Plan your Vietnam family tour ahead

Nowadays, people can work online and your children can study online, too. Vivutravel advises you to plan your family trip to Vietnam as early as you can, so you have time to prepare. Moreover, when Vietnam fully resumes tourism, you are the first to travel to our country. You can both enjoy promotional prices offered by your Vietnam tour operator and minimize the risk for your family when Vietnam has not been crowded by tourists.

7. How should we prepare?

It is advised to carefully check all travel requirements of Vietnam and places of visit. You can check websites of Ministries of Health, Ministries of Foreign Affairs and local health authorities as well as your Vietnam travel agency. Be aware that policies may change, so remember to be updated before the trip.

If you or your family are infected or contacted to a person who is infected with COVID-19 during your trip, you may be quarantined, or isolated and your return may be delayed. So, make sure you have a plan for it.

Make sure your family prepare medications and bring enough to last for the entire trip.

family trip to vietnam in 2022

8. During the trip

- MASK: Wear cloth masks regularly in public places, places where people gather; Wear medical masks at medical facilities and isolation areas.

- Disinfection: Wash your hands often with soap or hand sanitizer. Sanitize frequently touched surfaces/items (doorknobs, phones, tablets, tables, chairs...)

- DISTANCE: Keep your distance when in contact with others.

- DO NOT CONTACT: do not gather in crowded places.

- HEALTH DECLARATION: Make Medical declaration on PC covid App (; Install the Bluezone application at to be warned about the risk of COVID-19 infection. When there are signs of fever, cough, difficulty breathing, please call the hotline of the Ministry of Health 19009095, or the hotline of the local health center for advice, support, and instructions for safe medical examination.

- Inform your tour guide and Vivutravel to support at any time.