Vietnam private tour and the benefits for your travel after Covid-19

10, November, 2021

Vietnam private tour and the benefits for your travel after Covid-19

Tourism trends have changed a lot after Covid-19 took place, affecting life and economy. Tourists are more price-sensitive when searching and planning their future trips and tend to hunt for promotions, but the most important thing is to travel safely?

A Vietnam private tour is highly recommended as it will minimize the risk of catching Covid-19, relieve stress, broaden your horizons, discover yourself and many other interesting things that will surprise you.

Highlights of the private tour

- Ensure the comfort of the members when the number of people in the tour is determined by the person booking, the group of friends or family can be from 2 people or more or even 1 individual.

- We consult unique attractions to visitors, special places only locals know.

- Departure time according to customer's request.

- The tour plan is based on the requirements of the customer. Depending on budget and personal interests.

- The schedule is flexibly changed to meet the specific needs of each guest, including hotel options, meals, attractions, tour length, transportation, etc.

- Free to choose restaurants, cafes, or special places to eat in each locality.

- Free to choose hotel, service as well as the desired location.

- Private travel consultant from start to finish, and 24/7 support.

- Private tour guide, car and driver.

A Vietnam private tour is extremely suitable for customers who need the most comfort for their vacation, individuals who need special care such as: elderly people, honeymoon guests, families with children. With the above highlights, we can see the benefits of a private tour very clearly.

Discover unique places only locals know

An outstanding advantage of the private Vietnam tour is small group size, it is very flexible in moving as well as the time for each attraction. With a private tour, the guide will help the group members freely explore the unique features that only locals know about. A  traditional cafe shop hidden in a small alley of the old town or try delicious local dishes, etc. if you go on a joint-tour, you will not have a chance.

Increase joy

Travel is always the time when each member feels comfortable and comfortable without any distractions. A private tour with the feature that no one is a stranger will surely make you feel extremely comfortable with your loved ones.

Many studies have shown that traveling can help each person expand their knowledge, especially with a private tour.

Store memories

The time you travel together, the photos you take, the people you meet, the places you visit, will last forever and the beautiful memories will be motivation for your future trip.

The trend of going on a private tour is currently becoming the first choice amid and after Covid-19 because with private vacations, travellers will enjoy a lot of benefits that no other tour can offer.