Top destinations to travel in Vietnam in 2022

11, November, 2021

Top destinations to travel in Vietnam in 2022

Tourism trends have been changing due to Covid-19, and people are looking for the safer, greener and less-crowded places for their holiday. Vivutravel is a local Vietnam travel company so we understand the our customers' needs and would like to suggest top destinations to travel in Vietnam in 2022 when the country fully reopens its door to international tourists.

1. Ha Giang

300km from Hanoi, not only famous for its majestic mountain scenery, breathtaking terraced fields, Ha Giang also hides the attractiveness of its unique climate and culture.

Referring to Ha Giang is referring to a land famous for its majestic mountain scenery, terraced fields as far as the eye can see, fields of purple buckwheat flowers from the valley to the village, blending with colorful highland ethnic culture.

Located in the high mountainous area in the North of Vietnam, Ha Giang has a majestic mountain complex with an average altitude of 800 m to 1,200 m, especially many mountain ranges with altitudes above 2,000 m above the level sea. That is the reason why the mountainous region of Ha Giang is always cool.

Many people come to Ha Giang not only to explore the majestic natural mountains and forests, to immerse themselves in the highland ethnic cultural identity but also to escape the hustle and bustle of the cities.

Places to visit in Ha Giang

- Picturesque Quan Ba heaven gate and twin mountain
- Bac Sum slope, great view!
- Tham Ma slope, just stunning!
- Lung Cu national flag tower
- The Vuong Palace - Palace of the Vuong family - which is known as the villa of King Meo, was built nearly 100 years ago. To build a unique palace like this, the owner of the mansion had to spend up to 150,000 silver coins. Up to now, the palace of the Vuong family still retains its inherent mystery, hidden in the middle of a fascinating valley, well worth a visit.
- Sung La valley, like a painting
- Ma Pi Leng pass, one of the highest passes in Vietnam, offering amazing view and the road is poetic road with many curves that challenge drivers.
- Nho Que river, the most beautiful river in Ha Giang and Vietnam that enters poetry and becomes the symbol of Ha Giang.
- Many ethnic villages where you can spend memorable night at homestay.

ha giang tour 2022

2. Sapa

This lovely town has long been famous on the map of Vietnam tourism. A destination for both Vietnamese and international tourists. Vivutravel does not suggest you to visit Sapa and stay in town, but to choose private bungalow or homestay in valleys where you can avoid crowds and still enjoy the best of Sapa. Since the outbreak of Covid, Sapa has always been a safe destination.

What to see in Sapa
- Amazing terraced fields along Muong Hoa valley. The best time to visit Sapa is from June to October.
- Fansipan peak, the highest peak in Vietnam (3143m above the sea level), Carble car can take you there in 30 minutes, but this is not an option at weekends when a lot of Vietnamese tourists book the tickets. If you love adventure, a climbing tour can be arranged at Vivutravel.
- Waterfalls, there are some nice waterfalls in Sapa like Silver waterfall, Cat Cat waterfall, Giang Ta Chai waterfall.
- Ethnic villages, there are 5 different ethnic minorities living in Sapa district which are the Black H'mong, Red Dao, Tay, Day and Xa Pho. Each of them keeps their own culture and remain the same for some hundred years. So, it will be a great opportunity to stay at their village, trek through rice terraced fields.

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3. Cao Bang

280km from Hanoi, Cao Bang recorded the first Covid case on 3rd November 2021 (after almost 2 years when the first Covid case found in Vietnam) which means Cao Bang is a province that has been controlling and preventing Covid-19 very well and can be called a "green" destination. Forget about this terrible virus, the mountainous region of Cao Bang is home to many ethnic minorities, a place of revolutionary origin, and possesses beautiful landscape, famous historical and cultural values.

Places to visit in Cao Bang
- Ban Gioc waterfall, one of the most beautiful waterfalls on earth which is also the border line with China. If you have seen this waterfall in Vietnam, no need to see others.
- Nguom Ngao cave, discovered in 1921 but opened for tourism in 1996. This cave is close to Ban Gioc and praised as the nicest one in the northeast of Vietnam.
- Phong Nam and Ngoc Con landscapes, these are names of two picturesque villages where the poetic Quay Son river meandering among rice fields and limestone mountains.
- Pac Bo cave, a historical place where president Ho Chi Minh stayed during the first days of Vietnamese revolution.

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4. Mu Cang Chai

A district of Yen Bai province is definitely the most beautiful destination to visit from June-October. This is a terraced field paradise, a must-visit destination once in a lifetime, but little-visited. A tour to Mu Cang Chai can be combined with Sapa that make your Vietnam vacation a memorable experience.

Places to see amazing rice terraces
- Rice terraced fields of La Pan Tan
- Rice terraced fields of Mam Xoi
- Rice terraced fields of Sang Nhu
- Rice terraced fields of Lao Chai village

mu cang chai tour 2022

5. Halong Bay

Halong Bay is not a surprise when ranking on the list of the top destinations to travel in Vietnam in 2022. Halong Bay belongs to Quang Ninh - the province has been working so well in the flight against Covid-19. Vivutravel believes that tourists to Ha Long bay will be safer and enjoy 1 or 2 nights on boat to relax and explore Halong - the world heritage site.

We suggest that tourists choose smaller Halong overnight cruise to avoid meeting many tourists.

halong bay tour 2022

Things to do when booking overnight cruise in Halong bay
- Visit Sung Sot Cave
- Discover Halong Bay with Kayak
- Go fishing at night
- Enjoy special time on cruise ship and relax
- Take great photos
- Swim at a nice beach

6. Ninh Binh

This is a green destination and tourists have choices to stay in small hotels, private bungalow, homestay and you do not have to visit the same thing at the same time. During your stay here, you can troll around, hire a bike to ride to rice fields, take boat trip to Tam Coc or Trang An when you want.

ninh binh tour 2022

Places to visit in Ninh Binh
- Tam Coc and take a boat trip
- Trang An and take a boat Trip
- Van Long natural reserve and take a boat trip
- Cuc Phuong national park
- Bai Dinh Pagoda
- Hoa Lu ancient citadel
- Phat Diem Stone Church
- Mua Cave, climb to the submit for fantastic view
- Thung Nham bird park

7. Hanoi

The capital city of Vietnam, Hanoi ranked on the list of the best tourist cities to fight Covid-19 in the world by Deep Knowledge Analytics (based in London). However, staying and visiting in Halong should be considered well. You will need a local Vietnam travel agency like Vivutravel to advise an itinerary as well as place to stay.

hanoi tour 2022 

Things to do in Hanoi
- Try strong black coffee
- Eat the best Pho (Rice Noodle Soup)
- Eat Banh My (Vietnamese sandwishes)
- Visit the train tracks
- Drink "Beer Hoi" at Hanoi old quarter
- Take a walk around Hoan Kiem Lake in the early morning and join Hanoians doing morning excercies.
- Book a tour to visit the cultural and historical sites of Hanoi

8. Hoi An

Hoi An is always the best destination to visit in Vietnam and receives travel award every year. In 2021, Hoi An honored among the top 15 best cities in Asia to travel. However, the reason why Vivutravel chooses Hoi An on the list of the top destinations to travel in Vietnam in 2022 is that people in Hoi An are professional in tourism and they know how to keep themselves and tourists safe.

There are so many things to see in Hoi An as well as the places to stay. If the town is crowded, Vivutravel suggests that you spend few nights at a private bungalow at Cua Dai or An Bang beach. The resorts have private beaches for tourists. 

hoi an tour 2022

Things to do in Hoi An
- Take a walk to explore the ancient town, visit historical and cultural sites
- Take a boat trip in the evevning on Hoai river
- Visit lantern market
- Take great photos
- Go shopping
- Cycle to visit "Tra Que vegetable village"
- Try "bastket boat"
- Drink local beer at Cua Dai beach

9. Con Dao Island

There are many nices beaches along the coast of Vietnam. However, Con Dao island is very peaceful and its beautiful beaches are great idea for your stay before taking the flight home.

Staying in Con Dao is not boring, there are places to visit such as Con Dao prisons, local market or ride a bike to explore Con Dao by yourself. If the water is calm and the season is right, do not forget to see "Sea Turtles in Vietnamese Red Book" and give a hand to preserve them. Fresh sea food with local beer is another way to relax.

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10. Phu Quoc Island

The prestigious Time magazine named Phu Quoc Island for the first time in the list of the top 100 most wonderful destinations in 2021. The attraction of Pearl Island comes from its unspoiled natural beauty, high-class resorts, quick response and recovery amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vietnamese government just agreed to welcome international tourist to Phu Quoc on November 2021. Therefore, Phu Quoc Island will be a perfect destination to end your Vietnam holiday.