Vietnam travel 2022, tips and advice

12, November, 2021

Vietnam travel 2022, tips and advice

Vietnam is going to fully resume international flights to welcome tourists to Vietnam next year. The plan is in June, 2022. However, it can be sooner because neiboring countries such as Thailand, Cambodia have already opened. Therefore, if you wish to travel Vietnam, you will not have to wait so long, and below are Vivutravel's tips and advice for your Vietnam travel as soon as the country really reopens.

1 - Things to know

Campaign to vaccinate against COVID-19: Vietnam is one of the 20 countries in the world with the highest number of vaccination doses. The current number of COVID-19 vaccines is enough to cover the population. The 3rd injection will be administered by the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022. You can check updates here

Covid -19 updates in Vietnam: There is daily update on this site of Ministry of Health of Viettnam ( However, there is no English version and you will need "Google Translate".

Checking vaccine campaign and covid situation in Vietnam are advised to decide if it is safe to plan your Vietnam vacation or not.

Checking if your "vaccine passport" works in Vietnam. Please note that the vaccine passport must be approved between Vietnam and your home country.

2 - Conditions to travel to Vietnam

There are 4 conditions for international tourists to travel to Vietnam. Vivutravel will keep you updated if any change.

3 - Learn about 5k in Vietnam

- Wear masks in public places.

- Wash your hands often with soap or hand sanitizer and sanitize frequently touched surfaces/items like doorknobs, phones, tablets, tables, chairs, etc.

- Keep your distance at least 2 metres between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing

- Do not gather in crowds

- Make medical declarations on Vivutravel advises you to buy a Vietnamese sim card and install apps. Vivutravel's tour guide will help.

When you have signs of fever, cough, difficulty in breathing, please inform your Vietnam tour operator for supporrt or call the hotline of the Ministry of Health 19009095 or the hotline of the local health center for advice, support, and instructions for safe medical examination.

4 - Safety first

When you decide to travel during Covid-19 pandemic, it is like taking the risk to you, to others and the risk of things changing. Our advise is to prepare for safety measures such as regular testing and carry safety essentials (masks, sanitiser, water, and your vitamins, etc) during your Vietnam travel.

In case, you contact with an infected person, or your are infected. You may be quarantined and sent to hospital for treatments. Your Vietnam vacation will be changed. So, make sure you have plan B for the situation like that.

5 - When to travel Vietnam

Take the chance as soon as Vietnam fully re-opens for international tourists. The cost of airfares, the cost of Vietnam tour packages will be good. Vietnam is a country blessed with diverse beauty and different things to see at the same time. So, don't hesitate. Just go and enjoy, but you should book a packaged Vietnam tour with a reputable Vietnam tour operator.

6 - Where to travel

When it comes to where to spend your Vietnam travel, Vivutravel suggests Top destinations to travel in Vietnam in 2022.

7 - Length of Vietnam Travel

In the past, Vivutravel suggested our customers to combine Cambodia, Laos or Thailand in one tour package. But, it doesn't sound great these days when its country has their own regulation for tourists which takes time to get through and for safety reasons, Vivutravel advises you to travel in Vietnam and spend longer time in Vietnam.

8 - Travel with a reputable travel agency

Many Vietnam travel companies have finacial problems and their staff have already left to find new jobs. So, be careful and learn How to recognize a reputable Vietnam travel agency post Covid.

Here is an example, an email that Vivutravel received from a man in the USA.

Hello from the USA

Pre covid I had a trip planned with Sens Asia. I was assured multiple times that the deposit I made in the amount of 145 Million dong would be applied to a future booking.

I have email them weekly since September and have not received a response.

I am looking for a company that can mirror the itinerary. 10-14 adults with Tentative dates arrive Hanoi on October 23, 2022 for 14 nights an depart on our about November 6 from Ho Chi Min City.  

Can you assist?  

Note: Sens Asia is another tour operaor, not Vivutravel.

9 - Book your Vietnam tour with local Vietnam travel agency in 2022

A local Vietnam travel agency is your best choice for some below reasons.

- Lower tour cost
- Nicer tour itinerary
- Flexible on tour
- Quick support when needed

However, you should check payment and cancellation policies carefully. Deposit is around 30% of the tour cost and the ountstanding balance is to be paid on arrival. This is how Vivutravel's payment and cancellation policies. Vivutravel does charge our customers in case of cancellation if we are not charged by the third parties.

10 - Travel Vietnam in a new normality

This is really not normal at all? Prominent travel trend in 2022 will be "No touch travel", there are something to learn?

- Learn how to contact with poeple during your holiday to be safe
- Learn how not to be infected with Covid-19 when traveling
- Learn new travel rules of each destination or country