Vietnam vacation 2022, reasons to book with Vivutravel

15, November, 2021

Vietnam vacation 2022, reasons to book with Vivutravel

The Covid-19 epidemic has had a strong impact on the Vietnamese economy, in which the Vietnam tourism industry has been severely affected. The travel restrictions, flight bans, lockdowns and the fear of tourists due to fear of the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic have caused many Vietnam tour operators, hotels, restaurants... to become empty of customers and revenue. Vietnam tourism industry declined sharply.

Set up since 2006, Vivutravel has underwent many ups and downs to grow and become one of the leading Vietnam tour operators. In fact, no Vietnam travel agency prepared for something like this when Covid-19 caused unforeseeable difficultties. A report showed that more than 90% Vietnam travel companies suspended their business in the last 2 years.

Vivutravel met several problems at first. It was when all bookings were cancelled, money was returned to customers. Vivutravel's employees had nothing to do and started to find a new job. But, Covid-19 epidemic has forced us to make appropriate changes to adapt to the situation. Instead of being knocked out, Vivutravel is still alive and ready to take our chance when Vietnam fully re-open the borders to welcome international tourists.

Below are some reasons to book your Vietnam vacation in 2022 with us.

1. Vivutravel - A trustworthy Vietnam Travel Company

15 years of business is a long journey and Vivutravel will not leave the track. In the last two years, Vivutravel had no booking from international tourists, but got many bookings from Vietnamese tourists to explore the hidden parts of Vietnam in Sapa, Y Ty, Mu Cang Chai, Ha Giang, Ban Gioc waterfall, Ba Be Lake, etc. The revenue is not big, but enough for us to live on and continue our passion for tourism. Our dream is to bring more and more tourists to Vietnam to show them our beautiful country.

So, if you are looking for a Vietnam tour in 2022, Vivutravel is your reliable address for the below reasons.

- We are fully licensed International tour operator.
- We refunded full money to whom cancelled their trips due to Covid-19 (2020)
- We are alive after 2 years of Covid-19.
- We supported 24/7 during Covid-19 outbreaks.
- We are still here planning your Vietnam tour in 2022.

2. Our Team

Most of experienced employees wokring in Vietnam tourism industy have changed their job which is such a pity? Because when tourism comes back to normal, there are not many professtional employees left.

Luckily, Vivutravel still keeps our great team. This is so important? Vivutravel's travel consultants, tour operators, tour guides, drivers are all eager to get back to work like before (the day before Covid).

Vivutravel is not us a woking place, but our second home!

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3. Local Vietnam tour operator

- No one knows better than a local about their land. Vivutravel is based in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam so we keep ourself updated with al travel information, travel rules and regulations in the new normality. Any change to your travel plan will be timely advised and solved.

- Vivutravel knows the best places to take you to on your Vietnam vacation in 2022 which is based on your personal interests and travel styles.

- When necessary, Vivutravel is always here to support. Your Vietnam vacation will be well taken care by Vivutravel's conscientious team.

- Travel with Vivutravel in 2022, you will get local price and enjoy great comfort.

4. Travel with great flexibility

Flexibility is the top priority when traveling to Vietnam in 2022. Vivutravel will create flexible tour schedule, booking process with flexible payment and cancellation policies.

- Deposit 30% of the tour cost, and fully refunded if nothing is charged by the third parties such as airlines, cruise, hotel in case you cancel the tour for any reason.

- If the third parties charge us, we will only charge you what we are charged, then refund you the rest.

- The balance(70%) will be paid on your arrival in cash or by credit cards.

- If you have to cut short of your Vietnam vaction while traveling in Vietnam for any reason, Vivutravel will calculate and refund you the unused services.

- When traveling in Vietnam with Vivutravel, we can make any change to make your vacation more flexible and comfortable.

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5. Travel with confidence

Vivutravel only organises private tour which means you are not having to join any other tourists on the tour. You will have private Vivutravel's consultant to take care, private tour guide and driver in each destination.

Vivutravel pays more attention to your safety by planning your Vietnam vacation in 2022 to "green destinations" which are beautiful, less-crowded or isolated places to keep you safe and avoid the risk of catching Covid-19.

Vivutravel trains our team with safety travel measures and provide best facilities for your Vietnam vacation post Covid-19.