Family Trips to Vietnam 2022, how to plan a perfect vacation

17, November, 2021

Family Trips to Vietnam 2022, how to plan a perfect vacation

Planning a family trip is stressful? But traveling as a family not only strengthens family bonds but also creates memorable memories. The whole family gathers, hangs out, eats and have great time together. Besides, what's more exciting when you discover and experience new things at new destinations with your family. Let's immagine your family holding hands to climb the mountains or play in the sea that will leave a mark on everyone's heart.

After almost 2 years of being locked down, many families wish to take their children out for a holiday which is like a "vaccine" for a new normality and if you want to spend your family Trip to Vietnam in 2022, Vivutravel would like to give some essential tips as below;

1. Health and Safety

This is top priority for all when Covid-19 is far from over. If your children have not been vaccinated yet. You should consider and seek advises from your doctor. Another thing is to buy "insurrance" for the trip.

2 - Need a local Vietnam Travel Advisor

Planning a trip to Vietnam used to be very easy with few clicks to search on Google, but since the outbreaks of Civif-19, things have changed with a lot of travel rules and regulations given by Vietnamese government. To be provided with exact and updated information, Vivutravel advises you to contact a Vietnam travel agency. Never mind asking questions to get some ideas and to make everything clear before going to the next steps.

3 - Family talk

It is important for your family members to discuss and agree on the plan, and then come back to . Below are few things to consider.

- Destinations: You should choose destinations that are suitable for the health and age of family members, but Vivutravel advises you to avoid crowded places. Green, less-visited, off the beaten track destination are highly recommended.

- Time of travel: Vietnam is the country that you can visit all year round, but there are two seasons: Low season of Vietnamese tourism is from May to September and high season is from October to April.

- Length of Travel: One week in Vietnam is too short. 2 weeks are much better as you will have time to visit the main attractions and 3 weeks are enough for your family to travel and to relax during the trip.

- Activities: Traveling from north to south of Vietnam, your family can trek through amazing rice terraces in Sapa, enjoy kayaking in Ha Long Bay, Cycle around Trang An scenic complex in Ninh Binh, take a walk to discover Hoi An ancient town, or simply relax on one of a nice beaches. What does your family want to do?

- Budget: Traveling with a family is like building a new house, there is always additional cost. However, a wise idea is to have a budget plan and have your Vietnam travel agency customise it.

4 - Detailed Itinerary

A detailed tour itinerary is advised as it will avoid misunderstanding during your travel, especially some unforseen problems that can badly affect to your mood of familly members during the trip.

Some tips:

- Accommodation: Check carefully if the hotel is the right one for your famly and the description must be clearly mentioned the type of room such as twin share, double share, interconnecting room...

- Activities: Things are included and excluded

- Tips: What are included or excluded

5 - Excursions

When you have few days at one place, just keep 1-2 days free to relax, but ask for optional tours/excursions which can be booked on spot. This is way to reduce the tour cost as well as to keep your family trip relaxing.

6 - Flexibility

Itinerary: Stick to the essentials but flexible to change if the changes make your family trip more comfortable.

Cancellation: Must be flexible in case you have to cancel the trip or cut it short for some reasons.

7 - Book early

This is one of the ways to save money. Lots of discounts for family to be offered as soon as Vietnam fully resumes tourism.

8 - Private tour

Make sure your Vietnam family tour is private tour. There is no other tourists joining the trip and you will have a private car, driver and tour guide escorted and assisted.

9 - Keep in touch with your Travel advisor

On your Vietnam family trip, things will be easily solved if you keep in touch with your travel advisor by phone or email. There are always somethign to double check such as flight schedules, hotel resetvations... By the way, it is necessary to buy a Vietnamese sim card to install Covid apps of Vietnam that help you travel safely.