Benefits of Traveling to Vietnam in Peak Season

25, April, 2022

Benefits of Traveling to Vietnam in Peak Season

If you intend to Vietnam in the near future, surely the question in your mind is always "best time to visit Vietnam". However, Vietnam is a country with 4 beautiful seasons, there are always interesting things as well as diverse beauty of each region that will not disappoint you. The most important thing is that you have to choose a reputable and experienced tour design company to design a tour in Vietnam that suits your interests and desires.

Based on tourism trends of Vietnamese people as well as international visitors. So far, Vietnam Tourism is divided into 2 seasons as follows:

1. Low season is calculated from May to September every year. During this time, the number of visitors to Vietnam is less, possibly due to the wrong time of winter break in European countries, Christmas or New Year holidays. Another reason is that in Vietnam, the weather at this time is often hot and humid, with a lot of rain, sometimes storms, so it slightly affects the trip of tourists. However, traveling to Vietnam during this time is very beautiful, visitors can see the world's most beautiful rice terraces in Sapa, Mu Cang Chai, Hoang Su Phi or relax on sunny sandy beaches in Central Vietnam. , South Vietnam. For customers looking for an economical trip to Vietnam, the low season is when travel companies in Vietnam, hotels, and even airlines always have discounts on services.

2. Peak season starts from October to April every year. This is the time when many tourists visit Vietnam because the climate is cooler and the end of the year can fall on vacations, so it is often easier for tourists to arrange a time for a longer trip. Note that visitors should buy tickets early, book a hotel room as well as have a specific Vietnam tour program to avoid high prices. It is for this reason that many travel agencies advise tourists to visit Vietnam whenever possible.

Benefits of traveling to Vietnam in peak season

Most attractions are open

Traveling in high season means you don't need to worry about attractions being closed. They will open because this is the easiest time to make money due to the large number of customers. Besides, the time to visit these places will usually be longer. For example, during low season, opening times are only a few hours during the day, but festival season can open early, and close later.

There are more festivals

If you are an active person or want to learn about Vetnam culture. There will be more festivals and outdoor events for you to participate in, besides the usual attractions, such as concerts, art exhibitions, street festivals..

Chances to meet more people

Hotel rooms, restaurants and entertainment venues will always be filled with people. That's what you have to face. But in return, this buzz provides a truly festive atmosphere that you want to enjoy. In addition, you will meet more people from all over the world.

More tips for tourists coming to Vietnam in high or peak season

- If you travel to Vietnam in the high season, choose a time to visit early or late to avoid crowds because it will take a lot of time to queue or be bothered by other tourists.

- You should follow the advice of local Vietnam tour operator, visit places that are less touristy such as the Northern Mountains of Vietnam, tropical islands like Con Dao, Whale island or isolated resorts to relax.