Unique Tours in Vietnam

25, April, 2022

Unique Tours in Vietnam

There are many tours in Vietnam that attract tourists because Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The landscape is diverse, the food is delicious, the beach is beautiful with golden sunshine and white sand, the people are friendly and likable. To have a meaningful and long-lasting trip in Vietnam. Vivutravel would like to introduce some unique tours that are only available in Vietnam, if you have the opportunity, please experience them.

1. Explore Son Doong Cave
Son Doong Cave is known as the largest natural cave in the world. With a height of more than 200m, 150m wide, at least 6.5km long and countless beautiful stalactite walls, Son Doong cave challenges adventurers to visit and conquer. To conquer Son Doong cave, you need to have good health and exercise continuously for many months. This is a Vietnam tour with high difficulty, and rather high cost (around 4000$/per person) but always in full capacity, with a long waiting list of people registering.

son doong tour

2. Tour to see rice terraces in ripening season
Every year from late August to early October, the terraced fields of ripe yellow rice on the mountain slopes are a beautiful image of the North attracting tourists everywhere.The rice terraces in Sapa, Y Tý, Hoang Su Phi, Mu Cang Chai have been praised as "national heritages" and voted as the world's most beautiful rice terraces. If you love adventure, book a Vietnam paragliding tour called "Flying in the golden season" to experience. If you are photographer, contact Vivutravel for a great photo tour.

rice terraces in vietnam

3. Traveling by seaplane to see Ha Long Bay
Enjoying the beauty of tourist destinations from above will bring you completely new feelings and experiences. Traveling on seaplanes is a new and unique type of tourism for tourists. Currently, the seaplane tour is only available for sightseeing flights in Ha Long Bay. In the near future, it will provide more scenic flight services in Nha Trang and the Mekong Delta.

seaplane halong tour

4. Farming experience tour in Hoi An
It is a great experience for tourists to enjoy hoeing, growing vegetables, riding buffaloes, carrying water…, even fertilizing will be interesting experiences in a unique agricultural tour.

To be able to have these interesting experiences, you can book a tour to Tra Que vegetable village in Hoi An. Vivutravel arrange this tour and highly recommended for family wth kids.

farming in hoi an

5. Bay Mau Coconut Forest basket boat tour

The basket boat is also known as the bottle basket in some places. Is a very special boat, and only in our country. It is a means of transportation created by the fishermen of our country, used as a means of transportation on the sea, used as a means of catching seafood.

The basket boat has been used very skillfully by the people of the sea. The basket boat is made from bamboo slats woven together and combined with other materials to create a basket shaped like round bowls. With the certainty and flexibility of the round shape, the basket boat can move more flexibly on the water, safer from the crashing waves and strong winds.

To have a uique experience with Basket boat, tourists can book a tour in Hoi An to row Basket boat at Bay Mau Coconut Forest.  Here you will see the beautiful scenery of coconut forest on a basket boat, experience other exciting activities such as swinging, and racing.

basket boat tour in hoi an

6. Street Food Tour in Hanoi/Ho Chi Minh by Motorbike

Vietnam is the country that uses the most motorbikes in the world. Tourists coming to Vietnam are always amazed and excited to try this means of transport.

In Vietnam, cuisine is always loved by tourists because of the variety of dishes, the way of processing always balances yin - yang to stay healthy. The street food is delicious and cheap. Therefore, in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam travel companies organize street food tours combined with motorbikes. The driver is also your tour guide, will take you to see the streets, stop at famous sidewalk eateries for you to try. The tour ends with a strong cup of Vietnamese coffee or a cool glass of local beer. This is a great tour in Vietnam for tourists to experience as a local. Highly recommended.

street food tour in hanoi

7. Visit national heroine Vo Thi Sau's grave in Con Dao at midnight
Con Dao island used to be the "Hell on earth" during the French and American war in Vietnam. However, Con Dao's today is a beautiful island blessed with white sandy beaches, cooling wind, considered as paradise for relaxation.

If you are planning to come to Con Dao, let's stop by Hang Duong cemetery to visit the grave of the national heroine Vo Thi Sau and more than thousands of patriotic revolutionary soldiers to learn about Vietnamese history. The cemetery is open all days including weekends. However, people often visit Ms. Sau's grave in the time frame from 21:00 to 23:55 at night because people think that this is a sacred time, if sincere, all wishes will come true.

con dao island vietnam tour