Tours in Vietnam and 11 things to know for tourists

03, May, 2022

Tours in Vietnam and 11 things to know for tourists

There will be pleasant surprises and worries for a tour in Vietnam before you arrive. Knowing this, Vivutravel wants to share some experiences, hope you will find it useful in the process of preparing for your vacation in Vietnam.

1. Crossing the streets in Vietnam - land of millions of motorbikes: To overcome this difficult challenge, slowly blend into the traffic on the road, keep a steady speed, don't hesitate, don't stop, don't text on your phone or look at the map when crossing the street. The flow of traffic will automatically adjust to you.

2. Be careful with dog and cat meat: You will easily eat it if you don't pay attention. Let's learn Vietnamese first for these 2 words to be able to distinguish. Although there was a law not to consume cat meat in 1997, this dish still appears a lot. People also smuggle cats from China and Laos to Vietnam. In the menu, cat meat is called "little tiger".

3. Vietnamese Dong: The exchange rate of USD/VND is about 23,000. Foreign guests must try to pay attention to the number to tip correctly. The trick is that you should remember the color of each currency to avoid confusion. Traveling to Vietnam, the experience for foreign guests is not necessary to convert all cash to Vietnam Dong because the dollar can be spent conveniently at hotels, or some shopping centers.

4. Correct pronunciation of the word “pho”: This is a delicious dish found everywhere. You should try to learn the correct pronunciation of this word to avoid misunderstandings when ordering.

5. Prepare seasonal clothes: In the summer, the weather in Vietnam is hot and humid, so you can leave your jeans at home. In winter, North Vietnam is very cold, you should bring a thick coat. Check the weather forecast before you hit the road, and bring an umbrella in case it rains.

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6. Ask the price of a taxi, a guide in advance: If your group has 3 people, the price can be equal or cheaper than buying a tour if you rent a car and guide yourself. When organizing a private tour, you can decide for yourself when to leave the hotel, where to eat, where to go, when to return to the hotel..., but with a group tour, you cannot do this.

7. Be careful though taxi: There are many scam taxis at the airport. You should book a taxi at the hotel to avoid being overcharged. You also don't have to pay tolls, so if the driver asks you to pay, refuse. Drivers in Vietnam often do not follow traffic laws. Ask them not to talk on the phone while driving, as they may drive the wrong way and overcharge, not to mention very dangerous.

8. Passport with at least 6 months validity: You need to make sure your passport is valid for 6 months after you arrive in Vietnam. Customs officers in Vietnam are very strict about this.

9. Buy a Vietnamese phone sim when you arrive: You can buy a phone sim right at the airport. When you run out, you can buy the card at any street corner. You can also use free apps to call and text if you have Wi-Fi. However, remember to turn off the roaming service before using Wi-Fi.

10. Wifi is free in Vietnam: Free Wi-Fi everywhere you go from hotels, restaurants, cafes or attractions. You can also use free apps to call and text if you have Wi-Fi, but don't forget to turn off roaming before using Wi-Fi.

11. English is widenly used in Vietnam: Many foreign visitors to Vietnam think that it will be very difficult to communicate, exchange or simply ask for directions, which is also a big problem. In fact, a lot of Vietnamese people can speak a few common English communication sentences. The students were quite interested and wanted to start a conversation with foreign tourists to improve their language skills, not for any other reason. Especially if Western guests go through the Temple of Literature, Hoan Kiem Lake.