Guide to travelling to Vietnam in 2022

12, May, 2022

Guide to travelling to Vietnam in 2022

Vietnam has returned to normal as it was before covid-19 happened. If you intend to travel to Vietnam in the near future, please read some updated information below. Hope you will find it useful.

Update on covid situation in Vietnam
Currently, covid-19 in Vietnam has been controlled very well. All activities of the people have returned to normal. First of all, Vietnam has given the 3rd dose of covid-19 vaccine to people aged 12 and over and is implementing vaccinations for children aged 5-11. The vaccination rate is about 96%. New cases decreased, the death rate was very low. Currently, students from kindergarten, elementary school, high school and university have returned to school. Public amusement spots are open, festivals, outdoor events are held normally, restaurants, hotels, cafes... are no longer limited in service. Masks are no longer necessary, but wearing masks has become a habit of many people. These days, Vietnam is hosting Seagames (Southeast Asian Games), including Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, The Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Timor-Leste. Thousands of athletes were present and competed in sports in Vietnam. At the stadium, there were tens of thousands of fans cheering. Thus, Vietnam is now a friendly and safe destination for tourists to visit.

Vietnam travel requirements
Currently, Vietnam has dropped the medical declaration because it is no longer appropriate. Masks are recommended but not required. A few days ago, there was a request to the government to remove the regulation on covid-19 insurance and negative test for covid-19 before traveling to Vietnam. Vivutravel will update and inform as soon as possible.

Updated: Covid -19 test before coming to Vietnam was removed from 15 May, 2022.

Tourists have started to return to Vietnam
Immediately after Vietnam applied the visa-free policy for countries like before covid -19, and announced the opening of comprehensive tourism on March 15, 2022. Many tourists immediately returned to Vietnam, However, due to limited information and countries such as Australia and the United States, they have recently issued a travel warning to Vietnam, so many tourists are still hesitant or unfamiliar with the procedures and requirements. Another problem is that international airfares have increased, flight routes connecting countries and regions have not been convenient, and airlines have not fully recovered. Again about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine that makes the world situation more unstable. Tourism in general takes time to adapt and Vietnam needs more time to prove itself as a truly safe destination.

Plan your Vietnam holiday ahead and travel with confidence
Vivutravel advises tourists not to wait any longer, but to travel to Vietnam as soon as possible when the attractions are still few tourists, travel companies in Vietnam are ready to offer the best tour prices. Currently, it does not take much time to book a tour service, but if you have time, you should plan early and confidently travel in Vietnam because people are no longer afraid of covid-19 when interacting with strangers. Travel destinations in Vietnam after more than 2 years affected by the pandemic like resting and now waiting for tourists to return.

Book a tour with a reputable Vietnam travel company
There have been a lot of travel companies in Vietnam dissolved after more than two years of covid, but there are also many new travel companies established by a number of tour guides, travel consultants. The problem here is that the new companies do not have enough operating licenses and tour experience, so the issue here is the professionalism or responsibility for tourists when problems arise is still a question mark. Companies that exist after 2 years of covid also have many problems, can they recall old employees, guide or drive? This is very important for a company to return to good performance. Either way, it takes time.

Vivutravel is very fortunate to have survived the covid-19 pandemic by switching to organizing tours for Vietnamese tourists traveling domestically and constantly updating and connecting with familiar customers abroad. We still keep a good system, loyal, dedicated staff, passionate about work from tour operator, sales, to guidé and drivers because Vivutravel built and developed with the heart. Vivutravel is like home, a family, a reliable address for both our employees and tourists.

Choose destinations
After covid, new travel trends have appeared. People want to come back close to nature, immerse themselves in nature, find the true value of life, which are meaningful and practical experiences. Destinations in northern Vietnam such as Sapa, Mu Cang Chai, Ha Giang, Cao Bang are great suggestions. A tour to discover the natural beauty, learn about the culture and life of the ethnic minorities before having a relaxing day at one of the top beaches and resorts in Hoi An, Nha Trang, Mui Ne, Con Dao or Phu Quoc island will be the perfect end of your vacation in Vietnam. If when you are planning a trip and don't know where to start, remember that Vivutravel is a reliable address, we will design a customized tour and always suggest good Vietnam tours that suit your interests and duration as well as budget.

Choose a Private Tour
To avoid all risks when Covid-19 is not really over. Vivutravel recommends choosing a private tour with family and close friends to avoid all risks and also help each other during the whole tour. Many people still think that a Vietnam private tour will be more expensive, but a private tour package will not have additional costs. You will not be tempted to spend money on things that are not really worth it. With a private tour, you will have your own guide, private car, dining placed in the best restaurants, no waiting in line to buy tickets at attractions...