The Best Time to visit the North Vietnam

17, May, 2022

The Best Time to visit the North Vietnam

A lot of travelers ask on travel groups and forums about the best time to travel to Vietnam and the answers sometimes confuse visitors.

People still think that summer in Vietnam is very hot, humid, rainy, sometimes stormy and should not travel. This seems to be true, but it is not entirely because Vietnam is a country with diverse terrain and stretches over 3000km. If you intend to travel to Vietnam in the summer from June to August, you should know that this is the most beautiful time in the northern mountains of Vietnam where the climate is cool, dry and especially the beautiful scenery.

Where to visit in the north of Vietnam?

Sapa - The city in the mist

Sapa is always a top destination and according to Vivutravel, summer is the most beautiful time when the early summer rains revive an entire mountainous area. Water began to pour into the terraced fields and people rushed into the fields to prepare a new crop. June is considered the water season in Sapa, the whole valley of Muong Hoa is beautiful, sparkling under the sun. If you visit Sapa at this time, you will encounter H'mong families working together. The father will plow the field with the buffalo, the mother will carry the child on her shoulder to plant rice. The scene was so cute and happy. If you like hiking or taking pictures, Sapa is a destination not to be missed.

If you come to Sapa in July, the rice is already green on the terraced fields all the way to the top of the mountain. The whole of Sapa has a cool green color, full of vitality and peace.

The end of August can be considered the most beautiful time when the rice has turned yellow and is about to be harvested. Come to Sapa at this time if possible to admire the masterpiece "the most beautiful terraced fields in the world" created by the hardworking people over many generations.

Again, the weather in August, early September is extremely pleasant, dry, without rain and cool.

Y Ty - The mysterious land

About 70km from Sapa is Y Ty (2nd Sapa) which is likened to a mysterious land with a cool climate all year round, beautiful terraced fields even more beautiful than Sapa, Ha Nhi ethnic villages disappearing and appearing in the early morning clouds. Y Ty is a destination not to be missed in the mountainous north of Vietnam if you are a true photographer or you want to get away from the noise and dust of the city to return to nature and yourself. The best time to visit Y Ty is of course from June - August.

Mu Cang Chai - Terraced fields paradise

300km northwest of Hanoi, Mu Cang Chai is a district of Yen Bai province. Like Sapa or Y Ty, the best season to visit Mu Cang Chai is from June to August because Mu Cang Chai is famous for its beautiful terraced fields, recognized as a special national heritage, once in the "Top 20 colorful destinations in the world", "Top 50 most beautiful destinations in the world in 2020".

Although not as high as in Sapa, the summer weather in Mu Cang Chai is very cool at night. The road to Mu Cang Chai is quite beautiful, along the way, visitors can rest at the top of Khau Pha pass, one of the four great peaks in Vietnam to see Tu Le valley, a beautiful picture of the northwest mountains. In Mu Cang Chai, there are not many hotels, but there are many clean homestays of the Thai ethnic group. If you're into photography, you could be here all week hunting for the best shots. If you simply love the scenery and people here, 3 days and 2 nights is enough. Vivutravel is the expert for Mu Cang Chai tour, if you have any plans, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hoang Su Phì - Wild Beauty

Hoang Su Phi district is located about 110km west of Ha Giang city (Ha Giang province). About 300km from Hanoi, Hoang Su Phi is a district with a relatively complex topography, divided by high and medium mountains, with many narrow valleys covered with fog all year round.

In Hoang Su Phi, farming on terraced fields is very popular along with many traditional occupations and unique festivals. In particular, the terraced fields in Hoang Su Phi have been recognized as a national relic since 2012.

This is also a great destination in the hot summer in Vietnam. The cool mountainous climate, peaceful scenery, and terraced fields in the clouds are like stairs to heaven. The best time is from June to September and if you are planning to go see the most beautiful rice terraces in the world in Northern Vietnam, you will have to consider between Sapa, Y Ty, Mu Cang Chai or Hoang Su Phi and Sapa. The best way is to ask Vivutravel for advice.

Ha Giang - Explore Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark

Ha Giang is currently the hottest destination in the North of Vietnam where there are zigzag roads running on the side of hanging rocky mountains. Many tourists come to Ha Giang to experience the motorbike tour and discover the wild and majestic beauty of the Dong Van rock plateau or learn about the life and culture of the ethnic minorities here.

Ha Giang is always beautiful, each season has its own beauty and coming to Dong Van in the summer, visitors will be ecstatic with the mountains and clouds every morning or sunset or in the afternoon. Highlight of this trip must be the boat trip on Nho Que river to see Tu San Abyss Alley, known as the deepest canyon in Southeast Asia, the most unique wonder in the Dong Van rocky plateau.

Ban Gioc Waterfall - Magnificent beauty in the land of Cao Bang

320km northeast of Hanoi, Ban Gioc Waterfall is considered a place with majestic scenery, like a fairy scene in the Que Son stream, Cao Bang. The waterfall not only brings the beauty of the majestic natural landscape.

Ban Gioc Waterfall is located in Cao Bang province, this is a place with beautiful mountains like a watercolor painting, at the foot of the rocky mountains are clear blue streams and surrounding rice fields, peaceful villages of many fields. ethnic minorities.

Ban Gioc waterfall in the season is very beautiful, the waterfall flows loudly, steam rises like fanciful mist. June to September can be considered as the most beautiful time of the year to visit Cao Bang and Ban Gioc Waterfall.

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