Five Good Reasons to Visit Vietnam After COVID-19

04, June, 2022

Five Good Reasons to Visit Vietnam After COVID-19

Vietnam's response to COVID-19 has been exclusive. Their immediate actions and infrastructure controlled the massive outbreak in no time. However, one of the most critical aspects of the quarantines imposed during the COVID-19 epidemic was the complete suspension of foreign travel. While this has caused hardship for those who enjoy traveling, it has wreaked havoc on airlines, hotels, and Vietnam tour providers.

Business shows signs of recovery, and Vietnam is limping back to normalcy. From hill tribe mountain trekking to underground river rafting, surfing, Apocalypse Now's surfing, exploring 1,200-year-old villages, and learning traditional crafts, the Vietnam trip provides a diverse range of holiday experiences.

Due to the country's severe pandemic admission requirements, many activities have been off-limits to foreign visitors since 2020. Vietnam, on the other hand, finally opened on March 15th. Vietnam is now welcoming fully vaccinated visitors after a biennial absence of the COVID-19 pandemic, and there are five compelling reasons for tourists to plan for holidays in Vietnam.

1. Diverse Nature

One of the unique aspects of visiting Vietnam is that no two destinations are alike. The three big cities are incredibly distinct from one another. The mountains in the north have cold winters, whereas the islands in the south have warm weather all year. Even sites only an hour apart are distant in character and appearance. Having such many different places to explore and choose from could be a big part of the fun.
Perhaps you've heard of Ha Long Bay's beautiful, karst-studded seascapes and Sa Pa's misty, terraced valleys, but did you know Vietnam is home to far more stunning sights? You can camp, climb, and explore for several days within the world's largest cave, Son Doong. Vietnam also has breathtaking mountain beauty in Ha Giang, roaring waterfalls in Cao Bang, and beach dunes in Mui Ne.

2. Underground river

The cave system beneath the enormous karst mountain of Tam Coc-Bich Dong in Ninh Binh Province is an ideal destination for those who want to explore the underground world. The Ngo Dong River travels through every cave, adorned by farmlands and bounded by peaks. With tourists ready to finish this mesmeric boat journey during day trips to Hanoi, 100 kilometers to the north, your Vietnam holidaying is a wonderful experience.

3. Local cuisine

There's no point in being humble about it. You'll find the healthiest, freshest, and most delicious food on the planet. Prepare to roll and dip delectable bites with your hands and immerse yourself in swoon-worthy bowls of noodles. During the Vietnam trip, it's worth the trek to find your favorite dishes, whether the hot pho, smoky bun cha, or fresh banh mi. Spending your holidays in Vietnam is worth it.

4. Long War History

Saigon's historic war sites have been turned into memorials or museums depicting the Vietnamese nation's inevitable triumph. The Cu Chi Tunnels illustrate the undercover struggle of Communist guerrillas against the American forces. The War Remnants Museum focuses on the barbarism of the war, and the Reunification Palace marks the spot where the South Vietnamese government finally surrendered to Communist forces.
Further in north Hanoi, Ba Dinh Square has become a focal point for the exaltation of Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh. The Ho Chi Minh Museum, Ho Chi Minh Stilt House, and Ho Chi Minh Stilt House, on the grounds of the Presidential Palace, all depict different aspects of the Vietnamese George Washington's life.
An old French jail in the heart of the city has been reborn as a Museum for Vietnamese victims struggling against colonialism — the Hoa Lo jail or the Hanoi Hilton portrays the horrors that Vietnamese prisoners faced at the hands of their French jailers. One area is dedicated to the American POWs imprisoned here, but that image has been meticulously painted to give the Vietnamese the most humanistic light possible.

5. Step Into the Ancient World

The Vietnamese nation has existed for over 2,500 years. Vietnam has developed a modern culture that presents itself in various eye-catching ways over the ages. Hoi An respond with its Japanese Bridge and the venerable Tan Ky House, while Hanoi delivers with the temple at Hoan Kiem Lake. Include a Vietnamese Water Puppets show for entertainment in your Vietnam vacation packages. You can also visit Kim Bong Village and buy a sculpture or two.
Visit one of the Vietnam Festivals during your Vietnam tour to observe Vietnam's culture in action city-wide; the pleasure of celebrating Tet (the New Year) will make your day.

The Dai Viet civilization controlled the north before spreading throughout the country; we can observe vestiges of its Chinese-influenced culture in historic buildings such as the Temple of Literature, a centuries-old university that taught Vietnam's elite.

The Cham people lived south of the Dai Viet area, establishing an empire that encompassed what is now central Vietnam and sections of South Vietnam. Unlike the Buddhist Dai Viet, the Cham were Hindus, with a culture that set them apart from their northern fellow citizen.

The Dai Viets later conquered the Cham Kingdom, but its ancestors still live in Malaysia and Cambodia, and their culture can be evident in places like the Champa My Son Temple near Hoi An.

Visitors must have a Vietnam tourist visa, proof of double shot COVID-19 vaccination certificate, a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of arrival, and travel insurance covering $10,000 in COVID-19-related medical treatment. They must complete a one-night mandatory quarantine upon arrival in the country, after which they can enjoy their Vietnam vacations freely if they test negative for the virus.

Vietnam is the safes place to visit currently. Vietnam has demonstrated that it can respond to any health crisis with decisive action and a strong sense of community. During the COVID-19 epidemic, Vietnam handled each outbreak so well that the country experienced long stretches of no transmission, allowing everyone to connect, rest, and travel securely.

Whether it is relaxing with family, joining friends on an adventurous trip, or exploring the history or culture of the city, Vietnam is the best place to spot. Follow your country’s guidelines and go through the new COVID traveling guidelines for Vietnam. Book Vietnam vacation packages from a travel agent and enjoy your trip.