How to plan the best Vietnam family vacation

06, July, 2022

How to plan the best Vietnam family vacation

A family trip is always the most special and meaningful time in every person's life. Imagine the whole family participating in activities, watching the peace together in a faraway land, having dinner together, laughing together, and taking pictures to preserve unforgettable memories. So when the children are not old enough to leave the family home, make an annual plan to go on a trip together.

After the Covid-19 epidemic, a family trip is even more meaningful for each member. Vivutravel is a reliable travel agency in Vietnam with many years of experience and would like to give you some information on how to perfectly plan your family trip in Vietnam if you choose Vietnam as your destination for the time coming time.

Choose a reputable travel agency in Vietnam

Many families plan their trip in great detail for months, such as arranging their children's work, home or school, searching for tickets or flight itineraries, but forget that the first thing is to find a Reputable travel agency in Vietnam who will save you a lot of effort and time. So how to find such a company, especially after the Covid-19 period, many companies went bankrupt, disappeared from the map or there were many new companies established. The answer is that you should call to check, send email to see if they respond quickly or slowly, and check their website, read information about their company, review on tripadvisor...

The first reason when planning with a travel agency in Vietnam is because they understand the actual situation in Vietnam and will have the correct information to provide you and support you through the entire construction process. Create the right tour program, help with visa application or take care of you during the tour to make sure everything goes perfectly, safely and happily.

The second reason is that the cost of the tour will be much cheaper than a Vietnam family tour booked through a travel agent in your country and things are often not as flexible or adjusted to meet your family's wishes as when you book through a travel company. in Vietnam.

Destinations for family tour in Vietnam
Everyone says that Vietnam is beautiful and really beautiful, but which destination is suitable for which family is something that needs to be considered to suit the preferences of each family or the age of your children?

Vivutravel is a travel expert for family tours in Vietnam, we know what it takes to build a perfect vacation for your family. So the question posed below is;

How to plan the best family vacation in Vietnam?

There are many sample Vietnam family tour packages on Vivutravel's website as well as many other travel agencies, but we think that these family tours are for reference only. The best family tour in Vietnam is a tour designed according to the requirements of each family, the tour must be custmomized to meet the preferences as well as budget and time of each family. Next is the experience and knowledge of a travel consutant who knows how to build the perfect program as well as give you advice.

To plan a family tour in Vietnam, a travel agency like Vivutravel will need as much of your information as possible such as your child's age, your family's interests in the mountains, culture, and history. History, food, the beach or favorite activities like climbing, cycling...? Only then can we design a perfect tour for you.

The best time for a family to visit Vietnam

Summer from May to August in Vietnam is very hot and this is the school's holiday time so Vietnamese families often travel which makes the beaches packed with other attractions. Ticket prices are very high, hotels in some destinations such as Sapa, Da Nang, Quy Nhon, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc are full and also increase in price.

So the best time for family vacation to Vietnam is from September to April, when the weather is more pleasant and you will also save money. If your family can only travel to Vietnam from May to August, you will need to contact Vivutravel to design a suitable tour, both avoiding the heat of Summer and visiting beautiful places that are less visited by tourists and also saving money.