Planning a trip to Vietnam from Canada

26, July, 2022

Planning a trip to Vietnam from Canada

Vietnam tourism updates

After reopening, Vietnam's tourism "lights up" with a encouraging growth in the number of visitors. In 2022, the tourism industry aims to welcome 65 million visitors, including about 60 million domestic tourists. However, after 6 months of operation, the tourism industry has exceeded the whole year plan to welcome domestic tourists, reaching 60.8 million visitors.

The number of international visitors to Vietnam reached 602,000. This number is still too "modest" compared to the goal of welcoming 5 million visitors in 2022.

However, things are changing...

'Wait and see" mode has been turned off because Covid-19 has been well-controlled and Vietnam is a safe country to visit. Tourists start planning their long-haul holiday to Vietnam.

How to plan your trip from Canada to Vietnam?

Don't waste your time searching and fishing online as it will make you confused and things become complicated. The best way is to contact a reliable Vietnam tour operator like us - Vivutravel with real experience, local knowledge will help you plan the best Vietnam tour from Canada. What you need is to send your travel inquiry at then wait for few minutes to get response and guide.

Reasons for Canadian to take a trip to Vietnam right away

Vietnam is a country that is diverse in beauty and offers visitors different experiences in each region. To encourage you to plan your trip to Vietnam, here are some reasons for you to consider;

1. Affordable holiday

Unlike many other exciting destinations, Vietnam is a place where prices are affordable and there are many ways to save money when traveling through Vietnam such as: hunting tickets of low-cost airlines, using public transport such as buses or trains, finding budget accommodation. But, if you are looking for luxury holiday in Vietnam, please do not hesitate to go ahead because Vietnam has many world's class hotels and resorts along the beautiful coast and in big cities like Hanoi, Hue, Danang, Nha Trang, Mui Ne, Ho Chi Minh city or Phu Quoc island.

2. Peaceful and relaxing

Vietnam is an ideal destination if you are in need of a break from your busy life. If stress is keeping you busy, a trip to Vietnam could be just what you need as it is full of attractions. Brings peace and relaxation, allowing you to let off steam.

From dramatic landscapes that allow you to immerse yourself in nature to ancient temples that bring a sense of serenity. Vietnam has some places that are super crowded, but there are also places that are extremely quiet. What you need is to contact Vivutravel to get a tailor made Vietnam tour that meets your needs and budget.

3. Interesting history

History is the past but lessons for today. If you love history and want to learn, then Vietnam's history will be an interesting book to read about the stories of the French war, American war, China - Vietnam wars by the visit to war sites like Cu Chi Tunnels, Vinh Moc Tunnels, War Museums, Vietnam Military History Museum. However, the most interesting page is to learn from the local like war veterans.

4. Rich culture

With 54 ethnic groups, Vietnam has a diverse culture. Each ethnic group has its own identity, language, costumes, and festivals. When traveling to Vietnam, visitors will experience different cultural spaces that are very unique and interesting and a Vietnam travel company like Vivutravel knows how to combine cultural values in a Vietnam tour package to help you immerse yourself in Vietnamese culture.

5. Majestic nature

The scenery in Vietnam is breathtaking. On any journey through this country, you have to stop and ask yourself if the surrounding scenery is real or not. Vietnam is blessed with beautiful national parks, natural caves among the world's largest, vast green forests, rivers and waterfalls, majestic mountains and amazing rice terraces... A great Vietnam vacation from Canada should be created to combine the best of Vietnam in a unique tour itinerary.

6. Outdoor activities are waiting for you
Vietnamese landscapes are not only outstanding, but they are also a great backdrop for some thrilling outdoor activities. Water sports are at the top of the list of favorites because of the clear blue waters outside the beaches. Vietnam's coastline makes it hard for tourists to resist. If you are fan of motorbike, Vietnam is the country of million motobikes and it will be unforgettable to rent one and ride to the mountains such as Ha Giang, Sapa or from North to South.

7. Shopping paradise

Shopping is a must for most tourists when visiting a country and Vietnam is also an ideal place where you'll find a variety of traditional costumes, trinkets and accessories in markets. In the big cities like Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh city..., you can order clothes in less than 24 hours at an affordable price.

8. Vietnamese cuisine

Vietnam's addictive dishes have taken the world by storm, but there's nothing like eating these dishes right here in Vietnam and street food is highly recommended. Vivutrravel offers walking street food tour around Hanoi Old Quarter, Cooking classes in Hoi An, Street Food Tour by motorbike in Ho Chi Minh city which are fantastic experiences and chances to taste the best bowl of Pho, Bun, Nem..., and real coffee.

Vietnamese keeps the balance of Yin and Yang in each cooking recipe so it can be said that Vietnamese cuisine is fresh and healthy to eat.

9. Fresh tropical fruit

Vietnam is a tropical country blessed with fertile Red and Mekong delta and diverse weather and climate in each region.Vietnamese farmers are hard working and every family in the countryside grows fruits for their own use and sales. So, if you are fan of fruits, Vietnam is the destination to try the best fruits and some of them are new to you.

10. Happy drinks

Vietnamese people are funny, friendly and make great drinks for meetings or receptions. If you travel to Vietnam from north to south, don't forget to try corn wine in Sapa, rice wine in any village, Hanoi draught beer, egg cafe, black coffee, tea..., these can be considered the flavors of life which help you understand more about Vietnamese culture and people.