Vietnam and Cambodia Tour, A Perfect Combination

19, August, 2022

Vietnam and Cambodia Tour, A Perfect Combination

The thought of exploring two countries in short seems exhausting, but not for Cambodia and Vietnam. This tour combination is something you would love to experience every year.

You will witness so many cultures through street food stalls, temple visits, and homestays. Although Cambodia and Vietnam are unique in terms of religion, culture, and history, the beauty of exploring both countries in one tour is amazing, and guess what? You don’t have to travel a long distance to do so.

When traveling during a short time frame, it makes sense to try and visit more than one destination. You will able to make up for a long vacation and view some of the most incredible sites in the world.

With this in mind, Vivutravel has designed several tour types with an average duration of 15 days and the most iconic destinations in the world.

The simplified destinations in our Indochina travel list won’t leave you stressed but relieved and filled with so many lovely memories you can’t forget.

In this post, you will discover the Cultural wonders and natural beauty that a 15-day journey through Vietnam and Cambodia has to offer.  The benefits of combining these trips, a brief and honest description of what a Vietnam and Cambodia tour looks like, and lastly, the interesting tour types that are available.

A Brief Vietnam and Cambodia Trip Description

This tour is tailored to take place in both of these extraordinary countries. You can spend the first few days in  Vietnam and the rest in Cambodia or vice versa. The amazing adventure usually starts in Hanoi, Vietnam's historical capital where you will embrace the sights and wonderful sounds of this incredible city. You will then move to the coast on a traditional junk boat in Halong Long Bay sailing through beautiful and rocky, karst limestone waterscapes.

After viewing beautiful Ha Long - the world's natural heritage, you will take your first internal flight down to Danang, which connects you to the lantern-filled streets of Hoi An. You will be astounded by the colonial architecture and spend some days in this beautiful atmosphere. Form Hoi An, you will take another internal flight to Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon, which is full of lively and endless cosmopolitan scenes. The best way to see this city is on the back of a Vespa scooter, during a night food tour.

However, your next couple of days will be all about rural sites in Vietnam. You will explore the floating markets and Mekong Delta villages, and cross the border into Cambodia via speedboat.

Your first stop is Phnom Penh, the capital city. This sight might stir mixed emotions, with visits to tragic points such as the Killing Fields and Tuol Sleng. But you can be sure to experience a restful moment with its excellent architecture and culture.

Last but not the least, you will end with a visit the to gorgeous temples of Angkor Wat and you will finally depart Siem Riep.

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Reasons why tourists love to explore Vietnam and Cambodia

Traveling on a multi-country tour allows you to discover the contrasts and similarities of these countries and the experience is usually very interesting. Exploring Cambodia and Vietnam is a beautiful decision to make because these countries have sites that are rich in culture, diversity, history, and adventure.

This type of combo is perfect for culturally inclined tourists as they get to educate their inquisitive selves in one trip. If you’re skeptical about trying this multi-country tour, these four reasons will change your mind.

-    They experience the similarities and contrast
Although Cambodia and Vietnam are close countries, there are still some differences that make each one stand out. From meals and culture to buildings and lifestyle, you will be able to understand their differences, similarities and also embrace them.

-    The proximity of these countries make the combination easy
One thing visiting the two countries in a single trip will be stressful. Well, not with Cambodia and Vietnam, you can cover several places in these countries on short trips, as the travel time between them is very quick. Making you explore the treasures bedded in them in a short period.

-    Relish the experience of Asians
The variety of stories you will be told during your multi-country tour will amaze you. The anecdotes, tales about growing up, and first-hand knowledge about local customs, and history. There also have mouth-watering delicacies that you would love to try.

-     Different Transportation styles
You will be provided with different movement options from overland trips, river cruises, and train adventures, etc.
For any tour you choose, there is a perfect transportation style for your movement.

The Interesting Tour Types

At Vivutravel, we have several fun-filled tour packages you can choose from, either you want to tour Cambodia and Vietnam individually or with your loved ones, there’s the perfect kind of tour that will suit your preference and smile on your credit card.

Below are six of our tour types with brief information about the highlights, destinations and duration of your stay in Vietnam and Cambodia.

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There are times that you don’t have the luxury of time for a long vacation and you also want to experience different tour activities. This is why need to try this first Vietnam and Cambodia tour. It is a ten day Indochina travel package with about six destinations from Hanoi city.
These then-days educate you about cultural attractions, food processing, fishing and  farming communities, and some beautiful historical sites. Some of the highlights of this tour include; interesting Cyclo rides, water puppet shows, a luxury Halong cruise, a visit to the Hoi An Ancient Town, Siem Reap Angkor temples and so much more.

You will create so many sweet memories in a short period.


This second tour displays Vietnam and Cambodia right before your eyes! With six different highlighted sites, you will get to see the best both countries have to offer.
You can start your trip from  Ho Chi Minh with a Vespa tour that will light up your mood till the end of your tour. Visitation to the Hoi An Ancient Town, Mekong delta, and Angkor temples will not only boost your excitement but also educate you about historic activities. Street food tours in Hanoi won’t be left out and you can be sure about having a good time in just 10 days.


This tour is packaged with six destinations from Siem Reap, you will get to see the Mekong Delta in Ho Chi Minh, tour Hoi An on a bike, try several street meals in Hanoi and partake in a Royal Dinner in Hue. An overnight cruise in Halong Bay will let you drop all your worries while sailing through the Red river Delta.


A 16 day tour that starts in Hanoi, the most busy Indochina city filled with old and new, delicious street food plus famous landmarks. This tour aims at taking you through 8 amazing destinations that will showcase the bustling life of Ho Chi Minh, the Royal Citadel in Hue, Cu Chi tunnels, the Phnom Penh and Siem Reap Angkor tour and so much more. This tour promises to be one of the most interesting 16 days of your life.


Can you have fun in 15 days? This tour says YES!
From the biking tour in Hoian and the Ninh Binh view of Halong Bay to the calming view of the Mai Chau valley, a fun filled tour is very possible. You will get to experience the lifestyle of nine different places in 15 days, create lasting memories and also come back for more.


This is by far the most educative tour package because it provides many insights into the history and rich cultural past of Angkor. Your trip will start with a great opening in Cambodia and end in the atmospheric city of Hanoi, Vietnam. Sightseeing, boat cruises, shopping, culture, and history are some of the many activities you will engage in while you’re on this tour. This package is the perfect example of the classic tour you have always dreamed of.

Further, you can discover how these two countries have been shaped by their past, delve into amazing sights, and taste the delicious cuisines on your Indochina trip.

Note: The above Cambodia and Vietnam tours are only suggested for you to have general ideas. To plan a perfect holiday, please do not hesitate to contact Vivutravel to get a tailor made itinerary for Cambodia and Vietnam that meets your personal needs and budget.

The journey to Vietnam and Cambodia will draw you away from your stressful activities and expose you to the heart and soul of many Captivating regions in the southeastern part of Asia.

Besides, you might not have the time or resources to visit other distant countries, but you will get to see two countries in a short period, which makes it one of the most amazing tour deal you would enjoy.  

The benefits are numerous and each trip promises to open you up to an exciting and rewarding experience that you would cherish for a long time.
Choose your Choose and Cambodia tour type here.