Interesting Vietnam travel experiences

22, August, 2022

Interesting Vietnam travel experiences

Things that are familiar to Vietnamese people but are great travel experiences for Western tourists.
Unlike the locals who feel about their country, foreign tourists find it interesting to familiar and simple things.

The journey to discover Vietnam brings many foreign tourists unique interesting things that are considered as an interesting experience that is hard to get anywhere. These foreign visitors experience things that seem so familiar and ordinary in our country for the first time, yet they find hidden beauty and exciting experiences in a unique way.

Take a cyclo

Cyclo is known as a famous vehicle of Southeast Asian countries in general and Vietnam in particular. Today, cyclo is no longer used by many people, but this car is still especially popular with foreign tourists when coming to Vietnam. Many people also jokingly say that this is a traditional means of transport for foreign tourists when visiting Vietnam.

Going to famous tourist cities such as Da Nang, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi..., it is easy to see Western tourists sitting on cyclos having fun and watching the bustling streets. Many tourists come to Vietnam just to experience the feeling of sitting on a swaying cyclo and then slowly feel the surrounding street atmosphere, and can stop anywhere to take pictures. Therefore, tourist cyclo is very interested by foreign tourists because of the experiences it brings.

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Drinking Vietnamese coffee

For those who are passionate about coffee, Vietnam will be the most suitable destination for high-quality coffee. The way coffee is made in Vietnam is also somewhat stronger, so many people will feel "stunned" when they taste the first sip. But after "getting used to" this taste, many people have fallen in love with this coffee.

The experience of sitting on the sidewalk watching the flow of people passing by and sipping a cup of coffee mixed with a little delicious condensed milk is truly the most unforgettable experience during your Vietnam holiday. Egg coffee in Hanoi initially made many visitors feel strange and somewhat shy, but when they tried it, they all especially loved this unique coffee. In addition, iced milk coffee, racquet coffee, silver slur... are also drinks that are highly appreciated by foreign tourists.

Boat trip and  fruit picking in Mekong Delta

Garden tourism has long been a favorite choice of many foreign tourists because of the unexpected excitement that this type of tourism brings. Sitting on a small boat weaving through the rivers will help visitors easily observe the river life of the locals. Not only floating in the middle of the vast river with delicious bowls of vermicelli and noodles, the boat also takes you through the luxuriant and cool fruit gardens.

Depending on the season, each garden will have a different type of fruit. Tourists often visit famous fruit garden places such as: An Binh Island, My Khanh, Cai Mon, Cai Be,etc. When visiting and resting in fruit-laden orchards, they will personally pick fresh fruits and enjoy, so this interesting experience has attracted more and more foreign tourists to visit.

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Eating at sidewalk restaurants

Street food is likened by international friends to 5-star cuisine right on the sidewalk. Most foreign guests like to walk to visit every street corner and alley, so the food alleys and street food areas are extremely popular because of the variety of delicious and affordable dishes. of these dishes are extremely cheap. The atmosphere around when enjoying the food makes visitors feel the warmth, strange familiarity with the sound of cars running, whispering voices.

The taste of street food also makes visitors "remember for a lifetime" so that when they return home, they will still remember the unforgettable memories of this experience. So there is no doubt that street food is a unique culture that tourists from all over the world love to explore.

Visiting historical sites and museums

Once you love history or simply want to express your love for history, monuments or picture museums are places that foreign tourists always "priority" to visit. These places are considered to be an interesting destination for not only history-loving tourists, but also for enthusiasts of retro-styled spaces.

The most favorite places of tourists is the Independence Palace - a work that preserves history and displays many sophisticated decorations in the style of the 70s. And the Museum of Fine Arts is the stop. Ideal foot for those who love culture and art. In particular, this place is also the building with the most windows in Saigon with 99 doorways and visitors can also see firsthand the first elevator installed in the city. Ho Chi Minh. Cham Museum is the place to store and display relics of the sculptural art of the Kingdom of Champa. Every weekend, there are a lot of foreign and domestic tourists to visit the Museums and most foreign tourists to Vietnam want to visit the War Remnants Museum because this is a way to learn about the history and people of Vietnam.