Vietnam Tailor-Made Tour, The Best Choice for All

29, August, 2022

Vietnam Tailor-Made Tour, The Best Choice for All

Vietnam is one of the most culturally-rich countries in Far Eastern Asia, owing to its long-reigning history of monarchy, invasions, long liberation fights, beautiful architecture, etc. After a long chaotic political history, it has become one of the most sought-after tourist destinations, catering to all tourism and entertainment formats.

The beautiful landscape borders Laos and Cambodia, with rugged mountains west and the South China Sea east. It is one of the best tourist-friendly destinations catering to every tourist's requirements. From the modern Ho Chi Minh City to the Old Quarter of Hanoi and alluring central Vietnam, the historic Hoi An and many other stunning locations offer rich unforgettable experiences. Besides, it is one of the cheapest tourist destinations in Southeastern Asia.

Travelling with a group of strangers can be an uneasy experience. Many people cannot enjoy warm companionship with unknown people. To overcome this situation, you can go for a tailor-made Vietnam private tour package with your family, friends, or beloved partner. You can avail several tour packages for your escapade to a vibrant and fascinating place like Vietnam.

A private tour is the most preferred holiday option, where you can have your privacy with the support of a bilingual tour guide. The support service of a tour guide can save time, especially if you are on a tight schedule and want to include maximum exciting locations. Keeping this in mind, we will share details on Vietnam private tours, explaining what they are about, the prerequisites to be met, the advantages, and several other aspects.

What Is a Vietnam Private Tour, And How Is It Different from Group Tours?
With the rising demand for customized tour plans, many travel companies provide Vietnam private tours to take the travel experience by several notches. Here, you will get a full-time bilingual local guide for your group. You won't have to comply with enjoying the travel plan with people you don't recognize.

Private tours are offered to individuals, groups, families, and colleagues, where the package won’t entertain any outsiders without the charge of an experienced tour guide. Therefore, every person in the group will be your acquaintance, and the local guide will be your map and encyclopedia throughout the trip.

The Vietnam private tours are much different from the group tours in several aspects. In this section, we have shared the differences between private and group tours.

•    On a private tour, you will have a tour guide all to yourself. On the other hand, in the group tour, the guide needs to tend to everyone’s needs.
•    Private tours are a bit costlier, but group tours are cheaper because the total package is divided amongst all members.
•    A private tour can be for an individual, family, friends, office groups, etc. Therefore, you will know everyone in the group. On the other hand, if you opt for a group tour, you might not know everyone in that group.
•    You can easily customize the private tours if you choose a tailor-made tour package. On the other hand, no such options are available for group tours.

What is a tailor-made private tour? Is it available for Vietnam tour packages?
A tailor-made private tour can customize according to your submitted tour plan/options. It can be concerning the itinerary and the places you would like to see, the total time you want for the vacation, accommodation places, cuisines you would like to try, and so on. You will have more leverage to enjoy the holiday just how you want at your convenience and taste.

One of the best things about Vietnam private tours is that you can quickly tailor-made private tour packages, focusing on your priorities. All you need to ensure is that the travel company you have chosen for the tour is capable of customizing the tour proposal. If you are planning a tailor-made tour for the first time, here is a brief guide on how you can submit the requirements for your tour operator.

1.    You need to mention your email ID and name.
2.    Choose the tour option as Private.
3.    Select Vietnam as the place to visit.
4.   Next, you must select your interests like sightseeing, cruising, visiting ethnic locations, adventure and discovery, cultural and historical exploration, and so on.
5.    Ask for a quote for a tailor-made Vietnam private tour.
6.    You also need to select the number of members of the group and the days you want for the vacation.
7.    Lastly, write a custom message for the travel company, confirm if the provided information is sufficient for a quote, and wait for their reply.

What Will You Get in A Tailor-Made Vietnam Private Tour?
Are you concerned about what you will get in the bespoke Vietnam private tour? It is natural to be apprehensive about paying such a high price for a tour package for visiting unfamiliar locations. For this reason, we have explained the features of a bespoke Vietnam private tour.

Expert accommodation option
One of the main features of the Vietnam bespoke private tours is expert accommodation recommendations. As the guide is local, the guide will have better ideas about the places to live according to your budget and the preferred location. You can also explain the facilities you need in the hotel, like an indoor pool, spa, parlor, fully air-conditioned room, etc.

Custom tour plans for elderlies or disabled people
Most travel companies offer custom private tour packages for elderly and disabled people. They organize the transfer within the city, keeping the people involved in the tour packages in mind. For example, they rent cars that have supporting features to accommodate a physically challenging person.
Skilled and knowledgeable local guides

Since the private bespoke tours are made explicitly for experiencing an in-depth insight into Vietnamese culture, natural wonders, adventurous locations, activities, historical expeditions, etc., the guides will be competent enough to meet your tour requirements. Most guides are bilingual, experienced, and have excellent knowledge about Vietnam.

Help with passport and visa.
Most travel companies also help with visa services for visiting Vietnam. Since the number of days for the bespoke private tour can differ from person to person, your Vietnam travel company will help you apply for a visa matching the stay requirements. Since the visa process is online, they will guide you properly on how to apply for the visa.

Special attention to cuisines and food habits
You do not have to worry about the cuisines and the food you want to try during your private bespoke Vietnam tour. The tour guide will find the perfect spot where you can have your favorite food. The guides can take you to family-owned restaurants or even small cafes, which will be economical without compromising the food quality.

Medical care
One of the best things about tailor-made private tours is getting the required medical attention. Whatever be your medical condition, your tour agent will help you to get the best medical services, rather than struggling yourself without any worries.  

Combination of multiple tour purposes
You can customize the tailor-made travel plan for Vietnam by combining different activities and purposes. For example, you can include sightseeing and adventurous trips like trekking, island visit, and so on in the same travel package. Similarly, you can combine cultural and historical exploration with sightseeing to make the best of the bespoke tour.

Types Of Private Tailor-Made Vietnam Tours You Can Avail

Several types of private tailor-made Vietnam tour plans are available with which you can easily make the best out of the trip, and such tours will be worth the money you spend on the tour package.

Popular Tailor-Made Tour Packages:  

1.    Sapa trekking tour: In this tour package, you will visit the Sapa valley and meet the ethnic minorities, take a party by trekking to the rice terraces, get involved in several other adventurous activities, and bask in the refreshing and cold weather.

2.    Pu Luong nature reserve trekking tour: It is another excellent tour plan. Here, you can meet the ethnic minority communities, visit the natural forests and valleys, trek to the mountain tops, and so on.

3.    Northeastern and western loop tour: It is the best adventure and discovery tour plan, where you will visit the uncharted places of northeastern and northwestern locations. These areas are famous for villages, tea plantations, rich and dense forests, mysterious waterfalls, etc.

4.    Central and southern tour: From visiting the white sandy beaches to shopping from the Mekong's floating market, the central and south Vietnam private tour will take you through some of the most remarkable features of the country.

5.    Choose the best beaches: By the end of your Vietnam tour, Vivutravel have in mind some of the best beaches for you to relax and depending on your needs, we will select the perfect one.

Depending on the budget, you can customize the tailor-made Vietnam tour plan. If you are a repeat visitor and would like to add something more personal, that also can be accommodated by your tour operator. It doesn't matter whether you will be traveling alone, with your parents, or in a group, you can get a local guide and expert recommendations on places to eat and live. That makes the tailor-made Vietnam tour program more attractive than any other package tour program.