Shoulder season, best time to visit Vietnam

31, August, 2022

Shoulder season, best time to visit Vietnam

Fewer crowds, cheaper prices but still enjoying the nice weather, festive atmosphere are the benefits of traveling in the middle of the season like now.

Shoulder season is the transition period between high and low seasons. Depending on the country and geographical location, there are different high and low seasons, such as the intersection between spring and summer or summer and autumn. Here are the benefits that travel experts believe, this is the best season of the year to go on vacation.

Lower cost than peak season

An analysis from December 2021 by NerdWallet, an American financial company, shows that the average airfare when purchased in the connecting season is 23% cheaper than in the high season. This data is based on fares on more than 100 of the most popular routes in the US with 8 major airlines in the world. For example, flights during the major holidays of Christmas, New Year, and Easter often have the highest prices. Flights in the connecting season, usually two weeks before or after this holiday, will be much cheaper.

No jostling with the crowd

Prices of hotels, flights, meals and services in the peak season often increase sharply, because demand often exceeds supply. You will have to face long queues at the airport, crowded restaurants, poor service due to overload, and longer waiting times. This also means that the possibility of guests getting a free upgrade to the room and plane seats is almost zero, because the seats are full. This should be remedied, if you go into the intermediate season. At that time, it is easier to book tickets or rooms.

Enjoy the beautiful weather, the atmosphere is still lively

Although the prices during the intermediate season are only cheaper than the high season, they are still more expensive than the low season. In return, you still feel the atmosphere of the festival, the number of visitors is still crowded, not sparse, dull and boring like the low season. The best thing is that the weather in the intermediate season is still very beautiful, suitable for trips. While if you go on a low season, you can book cheap hotels and air tickets, but you may have to stay in the room all day or be late because of bad weather in the right season such as rain and storms.

Enjoy all services fully, and faster

Some hotels often take advantage of the low season to repair and upgrade swimming pools, rooms, and amusement parks. Therefore, if you come in this season, you may not be able to use all the facilities in the hotel. The same thing with airlines, when many flights are cut, few beautiful hours should affect your travel plans more or less. But if going in the intermediate season, flights have not been cut as thoroughly as the low season. So you still have many options. Hotels will not rush to repair or close any areas during this time. So you can still take advantage of all the amenities during your stay.