10 Reasons to plan a trip to Vietnam in 2023

01, September, 2022

10 Reasons to plan a trip to Vietnam in 2023

It is no secret that a trip to Vietnam would be an outstanding prospect in 2023. Vivutravel is a travel agency which can help you book travels to that location and more with ease and a touch of class.   They offer great tours of the state, including luxury tours, family tours and private tours.

Contrary to the past, the state has become one of the top tourist countries that thousands of foreigners want to visit. But let us talk about the reasons tourists would love to plan a trip to Vietnam in 2023. Whether it be a luxury tour, a family tour, or a private tour, these are the 10 reasons to plan a travel to the beautiful state, especially with the help of Vivutravel.

1.    Vietnam is a secure country to visit

Many surveys have been put together by a plethora of travel magazines in the world. The likes of Daily Star, Telegraph, and Roughguides all rated Vietnam as one of the safest locations around.

A few reasons they gave were:
-    No Terrorism: In countries where terrorism is a major problem in their dealings, it is usually hard for tourists to visit. It is impossible to organize a family tour when you know your family won’t be safe in the said country to be visited. Vivutravel is one of the best agencies around to trust, and they recommend Vietnam as a great option whether you are going there for a luxury tour, private tour, or even a family tour. They always have you covered, and you can bank on them.

-    Low Theft Rate: The low rate of pickpocketing and other forms of theft make Vietnam a more attractive prospect when you are considering a visit there. You can be sure that even on days when you want to go for a luxury tour, you will still feel rest assured that your properties are safe.

-    Proper COVID-19 control: Although COVID-19 is fast fading away in the world today, there is no denying that the deadly virus is still present in the world today. But in a place like Vietnam, Vivutravel assures you that you don’t have to worry about that because there are top-notch measures put in place to make sure even your family tour or private tour would be as safe as possible.

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2.    Vietnam is a country with an interesting history.

The best option for any tourist using Vivutravel is a city with an interesting history.  If you are looking for a city with the best history you can show your family on a family tour or a private tour for yourself, you are welcome to Vietnam. For a country that has been in existence for over 4000 years, there is a whole lot of history to look forward to learning about when visiting the country.

The country has had many ups and downs in its history, with each of the periods leaving its imprint on the country. There are museums, galleries, and historical works that make Vietnamese people very proud of their country, willing them to happily share it with foreigners.

There are many good places to visit like the Cu Chi tunnels, the War Remnants Museum, and the Temple of Literature. If you are going on a family tour or a rather private, these places are great places to visit, and even take pictures if you want

3.    A delicious variety of foods to try out

Vietnam has three major geographic locations, which consist of the North, Central, and South. Vivutravel makes sure that you have access to all parts of the country depending on where you want to have your tour. These locations have different types of food that can interest visiting tourists during a tour.  There are a variety of specialties on board to choose from, and since the price of food is quite cheap compared to other locations, it is very hard to be bored as a tourist in Vietnam.

4.    Diverse and colorful cultures

There are 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam, with each group representing a very unique persona which makes for a great combination of cultures which sums up together to create a vast Vietnamese culture. The beautiful diverseness in culture makes it all a beautiful sight when you take in the cultures one by one as you travel. A family tour provided by Vivutravel services is quite interesting in this regard as you can find out the specific cultures that appeal to each family member.

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5.    Relatively cheap to travel

According to top magazines around the world, Vietnam was listed as one of the cheapest tourist attractions in the world running from 2020 to now in 2022. You can be sure that you can travel the whole country and live in it for a reasonable amount of time because it is cheaper to travel around it. Even a luxury tour wouldn’t seem so when you consider the relative costs of doing the same things elsewhere. Vivutravel especially makes sure of that as you will be afforded great spots to eat while spending so little!

With good food for the cheap, low cost of transportation, and a variety of excellent hotels around, it makes your travel around in Vietnam all the more desirable. It only makes it better when you find out that Vietnam is one of the richest countries in the world, which makes it more attractive when you consider value for money.

6.    A peaceful and calming destination

There are people in the world who would do anything to experience a peaceful and serene environment to nourish their souls. It is one of the reasons that people take luxury tours. They just want some time to sit down either on the bench thinking and taking in life, or their hotel rooms looking over the beautiful city.

If you require a break from work, or stress makes you a little funny, then Vietnam is the best option for you. Apart from the affordable and great cities for tourist visits, there are a lot of quiet and less visited places in the peaceful temples, isolated beaches, and locations that allow you to relax and take a chill pill while you take in the endless waves of natural energy and a little dose of calming serenity. Vivutravel is tested and trusted for helping you achieve a beautiful experience while securing your inner peace.

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7.    The best resorts and best golf courses

For high-end services, Vietnam is one of the best places to be. It has received a lot of awards recently too when it comes to Golf and other attractive resorts to visit. If you are a person who would like to show your loved ones a good time playing golf in a suitable country while on a family tour, then you would be going to the right place by choosing Vivutravel. If you are one that would like to explore all of those options on your own on a private tour, Vivutravel has you covered every time.

A few awards Vietnam has won in that regard are:

-    World Best Golf Destination 2021
-    Asia’s Leading Green Resort 2021
-    Vietnam (Asia's leading sustainable Tourism Destination 2021)
-    Asia’s Leading Theme Park 2021

These are just a few amongst a host of other awards that Vietnam has won within the past couple of years.

8.    A variety of beautiful landscapes and scenic spots

Vietnam is blessed with so many famous landscapes. These landscapes include places like Ha Long bay, Sa Pa, Mu Cang Chai rice terraces, and Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark. These are great places to visit for luxury tours, and private tours too especially when you plan to visit these places alone and with different people, you may not know.

If you still want your family to enjoy these locations on a family tour, this is still possible and Vivutravel assures you that Vietnam won’t be a disappointing experience.

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9.    Climate and weather diversion

Being a tropical monsoon country, Vietnam always manages to attract a lot of tourists with its beauty in terms of weather and climate, especially the latter. For European Tourists who are very used to the dead and cold climates where they live, Vietnam is a sort of paradise for them. It has a sunny time all year round, while winter is not overly cold in any way. They don’t have snow either. The climate is extremely enjoyable and pleasant, and even the beaches are very nice with cool wind and beautiful Golden Sunshine.

If you were looking for a nice place where you do not have to worry about the weather, then Vietnam is perfect for you. As weird as it may seem, it has one of the best climates compared to other countries in the world. Vivutravel is sure to help you live a good experience there while taking in the beautiful atmosphere.

The Northern part of the country has a climate that was divided into 4 different seasons Spring, Autumn, Summer, and Winter.  Between January and April, you can witness a change in trees and the plans around them. This is suitable for festival tourism and spiritual tourism too, as most of the Northern festivals are held in the spring.

Vietnam is also home to one of the world's most stunning terraced rice fields in Mu Cang Chai, Sapa, and Y Ty, and these can be enjoyed and seen during the period of May to September.

If you want a relaxing stay in the high mountains, a beach break in the south or center of Vietnam is suitable for you. For nature lovers who may be on a family tour or private tour, then the period between October and December will be suitable. This is most true if you want to explore the wild, majestic beauty of northern mountainous regions. Places like Ha Gang is a great example of places you can visit for that very specific interest.

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10.    Friendly and genuinely kind people.

A major concern for tourists when visiting a new place is the type of people they can potentially meet there. A man who just sponsored a family tour or even a private tour for himself will be overly concerned about the people they are going there, and if they will all be treated well. Vivutravel assures us not to worry about that, as they have us covered too.

Following reports by Espresso Communications, Vietnam is recognized as one of the top 10 countries in the world for having the most receptive and kind hearted people on earth. They are also said to be warm, happily, and genuinely welcoming which only makes for a gold experience, either it be a luxury tour or even a private tour. Vivutravel assures us that Vietnam is a different experience when it comes to the people in it.

If you are a visitor, and you need a meaningful trip and authentic experience, then Vietnam is the place for you. You will feel safe, and comfortable when traveling with Vivutravel in Vietnam, while still having extra cash to save for yourself due to the favorable cost of mobilization and feeding in the country.

You can also ask for directions without having to worry about sad people with frowning and unnecessarily angry faces which is common among foreigners from a different country when they meet new people. They are also known to respect guests a lot and seem genuinely happy to accept them into their fold.

As a tourist traveling with Vivutravel in the country, you have to be calm and collected while dealing with people. If they are convinced that you are a good person, you will see the best parts of them. Regardless of your financial status, whether you are extremely rich or opposite, do not be surprised when one of the citizens invites you to tea, coffee, or just a bowl of soup.  It is usually a great experience and tourists always want to come back.

In conclusion, Vietnam is a great place to visit, and Vivutravel is a reliable travel operator that can guide you on your way to having a great time. The great food, beautiful city, and welcoming people make for a perfect place to be in the beautiful location called Vietnam. So, if you are going for a private tour, luxury tour, or a more interesting family tour, you can be sure that Vivutravel will be a great choice as your travel buddy, and they are here to make your tour an unforgettable experience.