11 tips to explore Vietnam without stress in 2023

06, September, 2022

11 tips to explore Vietnam without stress in 2023

If you want to plan your trip to Vietnam in 2023, it’s quite a great experience to look forward to, but is it as straightforward as it seems?

You may not be familiar with the country, their culture, way and standard of living and the likes. How do you navigate it? How do you enjoy a tour in Vietnam without stress? This article is for you.

Vivutravel is an organization that is committed to giving you a great experience in the country, but what else do you need to know? Read on to learn.
Planning is an important part of any trip, and just like anywhere else,  there are some things you need to know before visiting Vietnam. Here are a few tips to know before you venture into your trip in 2023.

1.    Get a travel insurance

First thing is first. Before visiting any country, you have to get your travel insurance, let alone Vietnam. For this reason alone, it is arguably the most crucial thing to look out for when traveling to Vietnam in 2023.

Although Vietnam is actually a safe place to visit, it is important to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. That isn’t just about petty theft either.

Food poisoning, getting injured during an activity, or even missing a flight are things that CAN ruin your journey.

The real problem is that you can never really predict anything that happens, which you may regret if you don’t get travel insurance to give you some backup.

Choose traveling with Vivutravel today, as they will have answers to most questions you may have now, and in 2023.

2.    Know how to get around without hassles

Vietnam is one of the most affordable countries to visit in Asia, and getting around is easy and affordable.

As a result of that, it is the best destination for most budget travelers and backpackers included, even in 2023.

Vietnam is home to some of the best transportation networks, and those can connect you to almost all of its areas and corners.

Some of the best options for long-distance traveling are sleeper buses and overnight trains. This is especially a great idea for people who want to cover a long distance at cheap costs. Vivutravel steps in situations like this because they have always got you covered whenever you get confused.

They can help if you wait to book trains, buses and the likes. But if you don’t like those, then perhaps traveling by air is the best for you. Vivutravel also helps with that, as you can get tickets at nice and the most affordable prices, especially since they are going to be local flights within the country.

3.    Choose the best season to visit next year

Vietnam is a quite expansive country. It spans more than 1600km from the North to the South. Although the weather in Vietnam is not exactly at the top of your list of worries, choosing the right time to visit the country is much more better than not doing so.

Vietnam has a tropical monsoon climate with a high level of humidity throughout the year, leading to an unstable and unpredictable weather sometimes.  Also, the temperature can vary depending on your location at that point in time.

With all that being said, the best period to visit the country in 2023 is within the period of March to April which is spring, or between September and December which is autumn. It is during these periods that is best to visit, as it is usually the time when the weather is most favorable, enabling you to have a good and stress-free tour of the beautiful country.

4.    Get a local sim card

Either you are staying there for less than a week, or the much longer three months, getting a sim card or a local Wi-Fi is much more advisable than not. If you are a first time visitor or Vietnam, this is even the best option for you.

Yes, most hotels are likely to have free and super fast Wi-Fi, and they are great. But it is better to be able to have access to most of your other travel apps that you would not have access to without your sim or Wi-Fi.

There are apps like Google Maps, Grab taxi 24/7 and Google Translate that makes your life a whole lot easier while traveling. If you don’t have to a sim, you can’t enjoy them.

So, the easiest way you can deal with this is to get a sim card as fast as possible when getting into the country. You can book one online or contact any of the staff at Vivutravel. They have got you covered, and they will help you out if it you ever get stuck.

5.    Be aware and mindful of scams

One of the most important travel tips for Vietnam is to avoid scammers. Unfortunately, people like this are everywhere, and they con a lot of people daily. They are especially plentiful in Vietnam, and even more in tourists spots like Hanoi and the likes.

Personally, I hate being scammed or ripped off. I’m sure you do too. So if you really want to avoid feeling empty or salty at a point during your trip, then try your best to avoid it! It is hard, but not impossible.

The first tip you need regarding that is to make your bookings at reputable and trusted places. Yes, great guess! Vivutravel is your best option when looking for trustworthy sources. Being a company that is well-known, and has completed quite a number of tours with people, then this is the best option.

Of course, you will see many tour operators around in Vietnam who would even disturb you a little before you try to contact them. But Vivutravel is authentic, registered, tested and trusted. There are thousands of sites that assure you that you will get a great service, but stick with Vivutravel as they are your best bet.

6.    Find out how to get in and out

As you already know, Vietnam is a huge country filled with loads of beautiful places to go and great tourist centers. But choosing where to arrive, and depart is a pertinent thing to consider while you are in Vietnam.

There are three international airports that serve Vietnam, and they do quite well. There is the No Bai international airport in Hanoi, the Tan Son Nat international airport in Ho Chi Minh City, and the Da Nang International Airport.

If you truly plan to see everything, then arrive the country in the south, and then move on to the North. You could do it vice versa and get the same results, just be mindful of the point.

No matter how complicated it may seem, it is easy to get from any of these airports to the city center. Thankfully, the buses and taxis are readily available and affordable too. But you don’t have to worry too much about this because Vivutravel has you covered.

7.    Go with enough money

Although Vietnam is known as a cheap and quite affordable country, in 2023, you still have to be mindful of your pocket when going there. There are lots of great places to visit, and they don’t always come in cheap. Hence , it is usually a bad idea to not go with enough money especially when you know you can afford it.

If you are going for a luxury tour, family tour, or even a private one, money is always imperative. You can end up seeing something you have always wanted to experience in your life, and being short of cash doesn’t exactly back that up, does it?

8.    Never forget your Visa

Most countries around the world require a visa to enter Vietnam, except for some European Countries around, like France, Germany, and the UK, for passport holders though.

If you are from any of those countries, then you are lucky since you can stay 15 days in Vietnam Visa-free. But if you are not from there, you need a visa. And besides, you may not want to stay just 2 weeks in this beauty of a city.

You will have to apply for a visa beforehand, and although there are many ways of applying for a visa online, you will have to do it differently in some countries. One very good example is South Africa, where you will need to apply in person at the nearest Vietnam Embassy around.

Without any lies involved, this is more of a mission than it seems. You may have to struggle to get it, and stand a high risk of being turned down. But you have Vivutravel to help with that when it gets tough. The upside of it all is that you end up getting one of the best experiences in your life if you get the VISA. Vietnam is clearly one of the best places you can pick in Asia, and the experience is always worth the effort put in to get there.

Vivutravel makes it a lot easier. Bank on them.

9.    Learn how to haggle very fast

If you are visiting the country for the very first time,  you may well be in for a great treat! Everything is amazingly cheap, and haggling in stores and markets is the norm. It’s even fun too. You get to relate better with their people, and see what wonderful people they are.

But, you have to know something. As a foreigner, prices will be a lot higher for you. They deliberately inflate their prices, as they guess you have enough money, and aren’t aware of the going prices. If you don’t want to be cheated out of your money in Vietnam, haggle prices! You may feel it is a bit of work, but the few extra change you get to keep for yourself will be quite useful later on in your tour.

Decide on a price you are going to pay, and stick to it no matter what they say. Also, try to get friendly with a few good people. They will let you know the going prices, and then you can haggle properly. Also, if you are American, for example, you have to get used to exchanging currencies.

The sellers usually tell their prices in dollars, so make sure you are sure about the conversion rate before visiting the market. One more thing; do not wear your flashy wristwatches or flaunt your latest IPhone 13 pro max to show class. These little things play a huge part in determining the initial prices you get, and how much you end up paying for them.

10.     You have no need to tip anyone

Like anywhere else in the whole of the Southeast, Asia, tipping people off is not a very common thing. If you are visiting a top class restaurant, or a great bar, you don’t really have to tip the workers there. Even if you want to enjoy a fancy dinner or visit a flash restaurant, just know that a fancy service bill has airway been included in your overall bill.

However, for hotel porters and tour guides, you may get the occasional stare down if you give them nothing. But that is nothing to worry about, as you are only obliged to spend what you want, as it should be.

 Don’t worry, most people don’t tip them either, especially their citizens! But don’t be too bothered, as most of that is eradicated when you travel with the Vivutravel agency.

11.     Pack the most suitable clothes.

An often overlooked part of traveling, this is quite important when visiting Vietnam. Since the humidity in Vietnam is quite intense, you have to carry lightweight, simple clothes that keep you free and less sweaty.

Unless you decide to visit mid-winter, you don’t have much need for thick, wooly clothes. Instead, come with your shirts, skirts,  your favorite T-shirts or shorts. That being said, try to pick one of two jackets that will help you out when it gets a little cold. But, you may not have much use for them anyway.

In conclusion, Vietnam is a great place to tour, and these issues are not a thing when you travel with Vivutravel. They make sure you enjoy a great tour, and avoid a lot of stress while you are at it. So if you truly plan to visit there in 2023, make plans now, and be ready to have a great time.