Vietnam Tour from Singapore

08, September, 2022

Vietnam Tour from Singapore

Reasons For Singaporeans to Visit Vietnam

Singapore and Vietnam are the two most visited countries in the southeastern part of Asia. As a native of Singapore, you might be wondering where to spend a budget-friendly vacation or go far away from your homeland. If you think about a location rich in culture, incredible sceneries, a tourist-friendly community, and scintillating beaches, then Vietnam is the perfect answer to this question.

Why Should You Holiday in Vietnam?
Investing in a Vietnam tour plan without proper understanding will waste time and money. Plus, you will not be able to enjoy the tour if the tour package cannot meet your expectations. Keeping this in mind, we have listed some of the main reasons you should opt for a Vietnam tour package as a Singaporean.

Perfect For Short Holidays
The distance between Singapore and Vietnam is approximately 1,426 km (aerial distance). It takes about 1:55 hours to 2 hours to reach Vietnam via flight. Therefore, you do not have to exclude a day for travel from your entire itinerary. So, Vietnam is the best option if you are up for a short vacation.

Convenient Travel Options
There are multiple options to travel to Vietnam. Traveling from Singapore to Vietnam is comparatively easy. Flight journey from Singapore is always a preferred option over any other mode of transport to Vietnam. Flying from Singapore will be economical as most flight services offer special deals to Vietnam. Tourists can hop on non-stop flights and stop over flights to Vietnam. There are no ferry services from Singapore to Vietnam, but tourists can travel by bus and train to Vietnam, which will be a long journey crossing through Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos.

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Cheap Vacation
Vietnam is one of the cheapest countries in Southeast Asia. According to the latest currency rates, 1 Singapore dollar equals 16,729 Vietnamese dongs. The cost of the tour program will be much less if you compare it with Singapore standards. Therefore, you do not have to spend much on vacation, including ticket costs. Accommodation in a 5-star hotel is damn cheap than anywhere in the world. Apart from that, thousands of mid-range hotels and guest houses offer clean and comfortable accommodation, which will cost around $10 per night. You can also find homestay arrangements, where you will get an opportunity to mingle with local customs – a real-time experience to watch Vietnamese life from a close angle.

A Place of Beauty and Peace
It is no wonder that Vietnam is the epitome of beauty and peace. The country is bordered by a long coastline, which is washed by crystal blue water. Multiple bays, distant and isolated islands, mountains, forests, and unique urban settlements make your Vietnam visit a memorable experience. The Vietnamese culture is truly remarkable, so you should not let go of this opportunity, especially if you need the most of a vacation.

Multiple Places to Visit
Vietnam is full of surprises, and this small country offers so much to every visitor. Each tourist can find out something related to their interest. You can visit many places, from the famous and lively Hanoi to the peaceful and serene Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park.

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Luxury Resorts
The country is renowned for its beautiful coastline along the South China Sea, which stretches over 3,260 kilometers. Also, it has some of the best beach resorts, which are less expensive than in other countries. Tourists can engage in many leisure activities, including beach recreation, which makes holidaying a wonderful experience.

Nature’s Wonders - The Islands
Vietnam is full of islands, some of which have transformed into remarkable urban settlements while the rest have retained their untouched natural beauty, peace, and tranquillity. The country is spread over 331,688 square kilometers, including 3000 islands and islets and over 1000 reefs. You can spend a few days on these islands and explore uncharted waters. The beauty of Vietnam is further augmented by the turquoise blue water beaches, rich with dense forests, mountains, lime karsts, and other natural locations. Lagoons and backwaters are other attractions you should not miss to visit.

Lots Of Things to Shop
Are you looking for a shopping paradise? Visit Vietnam; it is full of markets, from the French colonial old town to the millennium shopping malls. While in Vietnam, you will not be able to resist buying unique craft items that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. Some of the most popular marketplaces are Street Night Market, Dong Xuan Market, Ben Thanh Market, Han Market, Saigon Square, Hoi An Central Market, and Phan Thiet Central Market.

Best For Adventure Lovers
It is the best place for adventurer lovers. From hiking along the mountain terrains to ziplining and skydiving, there are so many things you can do and experience the thrill and enthusiasm. In addition, you can also get engaged in water activities like canoeing, swimming in the blue water, scuba diving, and so on.

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Delicious Vietnamese cuisines
Vietnam is famous for its traditional cuisines. If you are a person who loves to taste traditional delicacies, there are plenty of options you can select, from street food to the modern dining experience. Of course, the dishes vary from region to region. In the capital, you can munch on bun cha with pork belly slices, a mouth-watering meal. While in the Saigon area, the crispy pancake rolled with greens dipped in the sweet and sour fish sauce will let you take to a different world of cuisine experience. Moving to the Hanoi area, bun bo Hue is the most preferred breakfast, and it will be the irresistible Cao Lau noodles in Hoi An. These dishes are not only known for their excellent taste but are different from the identical versions of foods you can find in Singapore.  

Availability Of Professional Tour Operators
You can find several professional tour operators in Vietnam with whom you can chart a complete tour package of the country or choose the sectional parts to cover more. The tour operators can offer you tailor-made packages or specific tour plans that meet your holiday plans with English-speaking guides.

A Vietnam tour will be inconceivable if you do not visit the ancient historical and cultural heritage sites. The colorful country is unique among other Asian countries, balancing ancient culture and modern life. So, chart out a tour program with the help of your tour operator to make your Vietnam tour a wonderful experience.