How much money do you need for a Vietnam Tour

09, September, 2022

How much money do you need for a Vietnam Tour

How much money would you need in Vietnam? The answer to that question depends on the kind of food you plan to eat, the standard of accommodation you plan to stay in, and how you plan to transport yourself around the country.

Vivutravel provides a great guide and program for enjoying your tour in Vietnam. You will have the best accommodation, the best meals, and the best experience depending on what you can afford.

Vietnam is one of the fastest growing countries in Asia, but it is still possible to travel on a reasonable budget of 50$ and below per day. Although if you want a more comfortable tour, you would be looking at spending around 60$ - 100$ and maybe above. That is why your budget is very important in this instance.

Vietnam is one of the greatest countries in the world, and you can live different types of life there depending on your budget. There are stories of people who said they were able to spend even 40$ in a day as backpackers. But when asked how it was when they spent something a near the 100$ range, they said it was a different experience entirely.

Europe has several great places, ranging from London to Paris which are great countries, but if you want to hang out somewhere you won’t spend a lot but still get value for your money, then you should choose Vietnam which is in Southeast Asia.

However, you have to note that you don’t spend dollars in Vietnam. You spend the Vietnamese Dong, which makes for a funny name if you think about it , but that all makes for a great experience full of laughter doesn’t it?

At this time, 1$ can get you around 24,000 VND. Normally, when you go to an ATM to withdraw money, you usually, get over 500,000 VND. But don’t get carried away by the figure as they are not usually worth more than 25$ or so. Also, you have to be careful when using the currencies, as the 500, 000 VND notes look a lot like the 20,000 VND notes. You’re welcome for the heads up!

Now let’s begin to talk about the breakdown of the money you will spend in Vietnam, and how you can go about it to tailor your needs. Both ways, I recommend contacting Vivutravel to make inquiries on how you can enjoy your experience in Vietnam.

Houses and places to stay in Vietnam go for excellent value. In general, after a few considerations, we found that 30-50$ per night is enough to find a good, spacy room in a reasonable part of Vietnam that comes with good amenities you may love to visit too. There are even places that go for cheaper in the central part of town. Below is a short list of places you can visit in Vietnam for very reasonable prices.

1)    Hanoi: This is a great and comfortable place to stay. Their rooms cost roughly 20$ per night, and there are not enough words to speak of this gem of a place. Located not far away from Hoan Kiem lake and a host of other excellent restaurants, the superior double is spacious and modern, with a wooden floor, splashes of color up and about, and a feature wall. Their staff is also a great bunch, working tirelessly 24/7 to help their guests with bookings to give them a great experience.

But if you want to upgrade your budget a little so you can get a better experience, they have executive or holiday rooms which cost up to 25$ per night. That’s amazing considering the superb service you will get there.

2)    Sapa: This is also a great location, having been there once. I recommend a place called Mao's home. It is a mountainous house where it costs around 55$ per person for a one-night stay. But that is a little on the high side, because that money can control a two days excursion. But it makes for a great place even as a family home, as it is nestled on a mountainous area, making for a great view.

It was just a basic home, but it was comfortable; mattress style beds and a floor enclosed by mosquito nets and shared bathrooms. It may not be your favorite pick when picking a house in Vietnam, but I will wholeheartedly recommend you there because I had a great time there, and you would too.

3)    Bai Tu Long Bay: This involves boats! Bai Tu Long Bay is located just eastwards of the famous Halong Bay, but it hardly attracts the crowds of Halong. It is just as beautiful as it gets , and if you are looking for a place where you can see Limestone Karts without a battalion of boats surrounding you, this is the best bet for you.

As expected, this place is a tad more expensive. You have the opportunity to chose a two days/one night trip like I did when I was there with a few friends. Our boat was beautiful yet it was very comfortable.

Luckily for us, the boat was not full, so we were afforded with the opportunity to bag an upgrade to the Honeymoon suite with a large Balcony to accommodate us to enjoy the beautiful scenery we were presented with.  It all came at a price of 144$ per person, but it was worth it as it included food, transfers and separate excursions that were off the boat.

Now there are places like Ninh Binh which costs 26$, Phong Nha which costs over 60$ per person, and Danang which costs a very similar price too. Whatever place you choose in Vietnam, Vivutravel has got you covered as they always know how to get great places so you can have a great experience in the beautiful country of Vietnam. If you get friends earlier on in there — Vietnamese people— it makes your tour even more enjoyable.

If you want, you can take most of your travels around the country in a bus. It is a good option as it is clean, efficient and affordable. In my experience with buses, they even occasionally had reclining seats that were bedlike, although these were for longer journeys.
You would have had to shop for prices around so that you can get the best deal for money. But with Vivutravel involved, it gets easier. They help you find the best options, whether it be by bus or by trains which are good options too.

Here is a breakdown of the few journeys I took around, and how much it costs:

1.    Train from Hanoi to Sapa: This typically costs around 35$ per person for the most affordable budget, but this cabin will be shared with another person too. A snoring person perhaps. But if you want something more comfortable, I would recommend paying for a private cabin if you can afford it. It costs just over 60$ per person, but it is good value for money if I’m being honest.

2.    Bus from Sapa to Hanoi: This costs roughly around 12$ per person. It is significantly cheaper, but with the help of Vivutravel, you can get buses with comfortable seats, a lovely view, and wonderful friendly staff members who would make your experience a memorable one.

Water was provided, and snacks too. Even if you are nearly late for your bus, you are sure that they have got your covered.

Below is a list of possible bus travels and their prices.

-    Bus from Phong Nha to Danang costs 12$ per person.

-    Bus from Hoi an to Dalat costs 16$ per person.

-    Bus from Dalat to Saigon costs 17$ per person.

-    Bus from Saigon to Can Tho costs 6$ per person.

Shuttle bus from Can Tho to Ha Tien costs 6$ per person, but here is a tip; it is better to pay at the shuttle by meeting the driver director instead of paying the company in charge. It is usually better because you end up paying less as you would probably prefer.
If you are not the bus kind of person, there are several other modes of transportation you can use within the country. However, note that it costs much less when you take the simple modes like the bus and trains.
The total cost of transportation for our group was later summed up to be 250$ or a little more, which boils down to an average of 9$ per day, or 5$ per person.

Food is a very essential part of any trip, and being an individual that loves food a lot, it is something that matters to me. Vivutravel has you covered when it comes to this too, but I will still help you list out a few kinds of foods that may interest you in Vietnam, and their prices.

-    Banh Mi: This is a very delicious snack that I ate every day while I was in Vietnam. This is very good for lunch, and was one of my favorite delicacies while in the country. It comes in at a reasonable price too, and costa less than 2$ too. You would love this treat, I guarantee it. In some cases, you can get it for as low as 1.5$ depending on how things are when you reach that place.

-    Pho: This is a fragrant noodle soup that you would love so much. It doesn’t cost so much either. It cost 3$, and it has the right blend of being fresh yet filling too. If you want a portion of it, and some beer, it costs a total of 4$ roughly, depending on the restaurant you get it from.

-    Bahn Xeo: These are super cheap crispy pancakes that comes filled with veggies, pork belly and prawns too. It comes cheap and affordable too, as you don’t usually spend more than 1$ on it too.

-    Com Ga: This is a nice meal which is chicken and rice in English. If you are a foreigner that doesn’t like Vietnamese food like that, you can go for this as it is more or less a universal food. It is simple, delicious, and cheap, going for just 2$ per portion. You can get this at pretty much most restaurants around, and it is reasonably affordable. If you still need more directions to where you can get something like this, you can ask the staff at Vivutravel as they always got you covered every time.

After doing some calculations, and making a proper survey, we arrived at the average cost of a meal per day which runs into around 5$ per person every day. Now let’s talk about the drinks below and their prices.

In Saigon, there is a place called Pasteur Street Brewing, where a bottle there goes for 70,000 VND, approximately 3$. Although it is dearer than local brands like Bia Saigon, it is a craft beer that goes very good.

Apart from that, there are Happy Hour cocktail at Mango Rooms in Hoi An. They cost about 4$ per bottle, and you may have to look out, as you can get a 2-in-1 deal which is cheaper than normal. If you have more questions regarding this, Vivutravel has got you covered every other day of the week.

We finally arrived at an average cost of 3$ per day for a drink. So, if you want to enjoy a great drink while experiencing a tour in the great country of Vietnam, you can rest assured that you can get drinks at a great price with the help of Vivutravel which always has you covered.

After enough traveling and touring around Vietnam, we arrived at an average cost which is roughly less than 50$ for a person per day. In my opinion, this is great value for the great experience you will have in the great country of Vietnam. Do not forget, Vivutravel is the best bet for enjoying a great tour in the beautiful country.

By Tasha Cage