5 Reasons to Book a Vietnam Tour in 2023

22, September, 2022

5 Reasons to Book a Vietnam Tour in 2023

With the Covid 19 pandemic easing out gradually, people are looking at 2023 as a year that will bring back normalcy in life without travel restrictions. Many are planning trips to international destinations to escape life's mundanity and confinement due to the pandemic. Southeast Asian countries have always been a major attraction for tourists worldwide. Among them, Vietnam has been on the list of most preferred global tourist destinations, and we can ascribe many reasons for its popularity. Here are the five most compelling reasons to consider Vietnam holiday destinations in 2023.

1.    Vietnam Is Offering the Best Safety Measures to Tourists

Vietnam is a stable country with no political unrest and threats from terrorism. Countries with instability scare tourists. People generally do not want to visit politically or socially unstable places. For example, if the crime rate of a country is high, it deters tourists from visiting the country. Similarly, countries dealing with threats from terrorist organizations are equally unpopular among travelers.

Fortunately, Vietnam is a peaceful and safe country. The crime rate is only 1.53 per 100K population. Furthermore, the law-and-order system of the country is quite robust. Therefore, you are assured of a safe, worry-free tour environment during a Vietnam tour.

As far as Covid-19 protection protocol is concerned, the country still has all the new standard rules and guidelines. For example, in hotels and restaurants, a stringent sanitization process is still in place, and using masks, and hand sanitizers are compulsory. With proper Covid 19 control measures, you can roam freely and happily in the country.

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2.    Vietnamese Food Is Unparalleled

With its distinct taste and texture, Vietnamese food has created a niche in the world of cuisine. Interestingly, the food recipes vary depending on the different parts of the country. Vietnam has three parts: North, Central, and South. Each region has its unique delicacies and variety.
Vietnam culinary will never disappoint you. Both the taste and texture of Vietnamese food will allure you. It will be a sumptuous experience if you try to taste some food items listed below. These dishes are full of colorful vegetables, poultry meats, sea foods, and a range of South Asian species that add distinctive tastes and aromas. Some of the most popular dishes include

•    Pho – Noodle soup
•    Cá Kho Tộ – Caramelized and Braised Catfish,
•    Bánh Xèo – Vietnamese Crepe,
•    Bánh Khọt – Mini Vietnamese Crispy Pancakes,
•    Gỏi Sứa – Jellyfish Salad,
•    Cao Lầu – Cao Lau Noodles,
•    Bánh Mì – Vietnamese Baguette,
•    Phở Cuốn – Vietnamese Rolled Noodles or Rolled Pho,
•    Bột Chiên – Fried Rice Flour Cake with Eggs,
•    Cơm Tấm – Vietnamese Broken Rice
•    Cà Phê Trứng – Vietnamese Egg Coffee

3.    Vietnam’s Landscape Is Marvelous

Vietnam’s landscape has a picture-perfect diversity. It can be divided into four categories: the mountainous northern region, the central highlands, the central coastline, and river deltas. It isn't easy to cover all the regions in one holiday trip to Vietnam. So, it is better to make a tour plan per your preference. If you like mountains, then visit Sapa and Da lat. These areas are mountainous, and their beauty is exquisite. You can visit Nha Thang, Phu Quoc Island, Mekong Delta, and Ha Long Bay if you prefer rivers and seas.

Each of these Vietnam holiday destinations is more beautiful than you can expect or have seen in the images online. Interestingly, Vietnam has massive dunes in Mui Ne, something similar we can see in the Sahara desserts. Of course, people least expect a desert-like landscape in a tropical country. But Vietnam is a bag of surprises. It offers you more than you can expect.

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4.    Vietnam is a historically rich country.

Vietnam’s history is quite fascinating. It has seen many ups and downs, and each historical phase has left its mark on the country’s surface, making it historically rich and complex. Knowing the past of a country is also a part of the travel. If you want to explore the historical significance of different parts of the country you can do so by visiting the following places

•    Hỏa Lò Prison Museum
•    The Tomb of Khải Định
•    Củ Chi Tunnels
•    My Son Cham Ruins
•    War Remnants Museum
•    Long Tan Cross Memorial
•    Hue Imperial Citadel
•    Cannon Fort
•    Vĩnh Mốc Tunnels Museum

Moreover, most Vietnam tour packages for 2023 include a food tour that will introduce you to various Vietnamese cuisine.

5.    Vietnam Has a Diverse Culture

People are the soul of Vietnam. Apart from being amiable, friendly, and pleasant, they are the bearers of the country's cultural diversity. Each of the 54 ethnic groups is different from the others, yet together they form a kaleidoscope of Vietnamese culture. Besides, due to its complex history, you can see the cultural influences of various other countries.

Homestay with a local family will be the best experience to understand Vietnam life from a close angle. For example, there are Chinese cultural influences in the form of ancient temples alongside the Hindu temples in the South. Moreover, you can witness the difference between the country’s urban and rural cultures if you prefer to travel outside the hassle and bustle of the cities. Rural Vietnam's beauty and cultural assets draw many backpackers again and again. Vietnamese people's welcoming nature and cordial behavior will make your trip the best Vietnam tour in 2023.

Besides, Vietnam holiday destinations are fully equipped to welcome guests and treat them to the best possible facilities and amenities. However, it is always a good idea to have Vietnam tour packages for 2023 while you plan a holiday. You can customize your plan in consultation with your tour planning agency. That is how you will know what to expect from your tour, and everything will be as per your plan.

In addition, planning a travel itinerary with a Vietnam tour agency will save you a lot of money. These agencies offer numerous packages and accommodate tailor-made tour plans, and you can choose any packages matching your preferences. These packages are made keeping in mind the budget constraint of the guests. Regardless of your choice, you must know that Vietnam is ready to welcome tourists openly and make your Vietnam tour 2023 as memorable as possible.