Ultimate travel bucket list for Vietnam tour 2023

29, September, 2022

Ultimate travel bucket list for Vietnam tour 2023

Vietnam should be on everyone's travel itinerary since it has thriving cities, beautiful beaches, and some of the best cuisines in the world. You might visit Southeast Asia's best gem a dozen times and still discover new things each time.

In Sapa, you may take in the beautiful scenery while hiking among the rice farms and Buddhist temples. North Vietnam's Hanoi and South Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh City are two of the most exciting places to study Vietnamese history and culture. Experience the unearthly splendor of Halong Bay on a cruise before relaxing on the beautiful beaches of Da Nang. Do you have Vietnam on your travel schedule?

If you're planning a vacation to Vietnam, here at Vivutravel, we have the ultimate travel bucket list for your 2023 Vietnam tour. Keep reading to learn all you need before your trip to Vietnam.

Flying into the country is the most convenient option if you're not already in Southeast Asia. The country's primary international gateways are Hanoi's Noi Bai Airport and Ho Chi Minh City's Tan Son Nhat Airport. Da Nang Airport is one of the few international airports in Vietnam, but domestic airports may be found all around the country.

Mandarin Cruises operates a fast ferry service from the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh. It follows the Mekong River to Chau Doc in Vietnam. You can take a bus from Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh City, which will take about six hours.

The months of December through February are generally considered to be the ideal time to visit Vietnam. It's the driest time of year in a country that gets more than its fair share of rain, and the weather is mild.

Understanding your region is also essential for a successful trip to Vietnam. Vietnam, a long and narrow country, is divided into the southern, central, and northern regions. While the south is always warm and tropical, the north can get much colder than you'd anticipate. It would be best to research the average weather conditions of each stop along your route as you plan your trip to Vietnam. So what are the best things to do in Vietnam in 2023? Vivutravel has the best bucket list for the best Vietnam tour in 2923.

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Discover Hanoi Old Quarter
As the name suggests, the Old Quarter in Hanoi is a historic district in the center of the city that has a wealth of information about the city's past and present. Ancient architecture, busy and small alleyways with distinct names, and many cultural spots still exist in the Old Quarter, which was Hanoi's busiest trading hub for decades. If Hanoi represents Vietnam's historical and cultural evolution, then the Old Quarter is the city's source of pride and an attractive and sophisticated symbol.

Tourists can choose from a wide variety of hotels, hostels, and even homestays in Hanoi's Old Quarter, which is also a prominent attraction in the city. Walking tours that slip into crowded streets with native guides are only one of the many ways to experience Hanoi Old Quarter. When tourists come to the Old Quarter, they see Hanoi's inner spirit through the city's customs, history, culinary essence, and many more old, modern, intriguing local delicacies coexist there.

Experience an overnight stay with Halong Bay Cruises.
Halong Bay is one of Vietnam's most popular tourist destinations because it features one of the world's largest concentrations of karst formations—a type of limestone—that rises dramatically out of the water. Even though day trips to Halong Bay are widespread, overnight cruise itineraries are more popular because of their unique experience. As a result, taking a cruise in Halong Bay has quickly become not only the most popular thing to do in Halong Bay but an absolute need.
The most convenient way to ensure that you don't miss out on any of Halong Bay's exciting sights and activities is to book an overnight cruise. Depending on the fleet and schedule, tours might last anywhere from two days up to three. Participants will have the opportunity to visit some of Halong Bay's most well-known attractions, such as Sung Sot Cave, Titop Island, the Pearl Farm, Luon Cave, Cua Van Floating Village, Soi Sim Island, and more.

Participate in fun activities like kayaking, swimming, a morning Tai Chi class, and a cooking demonstration; and bask in the beauty of Halong Bay from the comfort of their balcony, sundeck, or the deck of a traditional rowboat.

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Admire the stunning scenery of Trang An with a boat trip
Located in the province of Ninh Binh, the Trang An Eco-tourism Complex has been dubbed "Halong Bay on land" due to its stunning natural beauty. Trang An is a popular tourist destination due to its picturesque terrain, which consists of sweeping limestone mountains, meadows, rice farms, and tranquil rivers.

A trip to North Vietnam is not complete without a relaxing cruise around the Trang An canals. The best way to appreciate the breathtaking scenery in Trang An is on a tour of the area aboard a picturesque boat paddled by locals.

Tourists can relax on the boat for a couple of hours while gliding past towering peaks, winding caves, and a wild valley. They can breathe clean air and get lost in their thoughts as they take in the breathtaking scenery. When properly handled just like the way it is done in Vivutravel, Trang An may be a fantastic tourist destination.

Pamper your soul in enchanting Hoi An Ancient Town
Hoi An, a stunning ancient town in central Vietnam, is a must-visit for any couple or solo traveler looking to soak up the country's famously chill atmosphere. Despite its current status as a bustling tourist destination, Hoi An has managed to preserve many of the charming features that made it a prosperous trading port in the past.

The town's many historic buildings, architectural landmarks, and religious institutions provide vivid examples of the town's many different cultures. Hoi An's golden-hued streets and serene images of everyday life make it a popular tourist destination, particularly for newlyweds.

With the timeless beauty of cultural heritages kept in every corner of charming Hoi An Ancient Town, you can find a cozy sanctuary for your spirit away from the everyday bustling city life in most major Vietnamese cities.

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Visit the world-famous Golden Bridge.
Since its public debut in the summer of 2018, Golden Bridge in Danang has been a popular tourist attraction due to its status as a remarkable landmark within Ba Na Hills, a fantastic recreational complex in the city. The Cable car station and the gardens are connected by the Golden Bridge, which was constructed to provide a picturesque overlook towards the surrounding mountains and lower areas.

It can't be denied that the Golden Bridge has become a symbol of Vietnam's booming tourism industry. Ba Na Hills and Danang can now boast one of the city's most popular tourist destinations thanks to its unexpected success. People flock there to take breathtaking photographs of the extraordinary architecture and vast spaces, describing it as "a golden thread helped up by a god's hands."

Enjoy sun-sand-sea activities at amazing beaches in Vietnam.
With more than 3,000 kilometers of coastline, Vietnam is blessed with an abundance of stunning sand beaches all over the country. Many of these beaches are among the most popular beach destinations for tourists from all over the world.

They both had fantastic tropical weather, beautiful slopes, an abundance of fresh seafood, and a wide choice of outdoor activities accessible, which made them ideal sites for wonderful beach vacations.

It doesn't matter if you're looking for a peaceful getaway or a typical fun-filled beach vacation; the beaches of Vietnam can provide both! Amazing beaches such as My Khe beach in Danang, Nha Trang, Mui Ne, and the beaches on Cat Ba and Phu Quoc Island provide tourists with opportunities for relaxation and blissful experiences with the sun, sand, and sea delights.

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Embrace the lively atmosphere of Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon, is the largest city in Vietnam and is home to a vibrant mix of ancient and contemporary customs, famous landmarks and museums, and delicious street food. In addition to learning about its rich history, visitors visiting this bustling metropolis will taste what it's like to live in one of

Vietnam's most recognizable and dynamic urban centers.
The city center is a bustling picture of a Vietnamese metropolis that keeps your days out excellent with infinite travel pleasure, ranging from local to foreign delights, while tours in Cu Chi Tunnels and War Remnants Museum take you back in time to the wartime in Southern Vietnam in the last century. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, may provide a fantastic time full of exciting travel experiences, whether you're looking for traditional interests or the freewheeling fun of a large city.

Make An Authentic Cultural Journey To Mekong Delta
Travelers seeking genuine experiences of Southern Vietnam's attractive countryside should plan a trip to the fertile, expansive Mekong Delta region, which is home to many different groups with rich cultural traditions. Mekong Delta is a collection of provinces that invites visitors to immerse themselves in Vietnamese culture, from the unusual food to the warm hospitality of the locals. If the famous floating markets in the Mekong Delta provide visitors a glimpse into local life, then trips to the region's tranquil villages provide a welcome change of pace from the metropolis.

You can take a sampan ride through winding canals and creeks, ride a horse-drawn cart over rugged terrain, pedal through lush forests, stay in a welcoming homestay, and sample homemade treats like coconut candies, rice cakes, and more. Mekong Delta will give you slightly new and highly captivating impressions of Vietnam. A cultural and social explorer's paradise. One way to learn about the culture and history of the people who call the Mekong River home is to embark on a boat along the river.

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Witness Sunset On Phu Quoc Island
Phu Quoc is not only a great spot to go to the beach but also a great place to go if you want to see the sunset, as it is widely considered to be one of the best places in Vietnam to do so. Numerous cafes, nightclubs, and restaurants line the beachfront on the island's western shore, providing excellent opportunities to watch the sunset as you like.

With Vivutravel, an ideal ending to a fantastic day on Phu Quoc would involve relaxing with a cold beverage while listening to the lapping of waves on the shore and watching the giant red sun slip slowly below the glistening seawater of the distant horizon. If you have never seen a sunset, you will quickly learn why Phu Quoc is so popular among beachgoers.

Ride the Hai Van Pass
The Hai Van Pass, located roughly 90 kilometers north of Danang, is widely regarded as one of the world's most beautiful pieces of coastline. Renting or buying a motorcycle and navigating the hairpins that jut out over the calm East Sea has become a must-do for tourists. Hostels and bike stores up and down the coast promote the route made famous by Top Gear.

Safety in Vietnam is high. Robberies and assaults are relatively uncommon because police patrol the area well.
As a whole, Vietnam is a very secure destination. Regarding criminal activity, cons targeting tourists should be your primary concern. Keep an eye on your money while you're in Vietnam. Know precisely what you're getting for your money and ensure you're both on the same page before getting into a cab. Make sure you're not being taken advantage of by paying close attention.

In addition, please exercise extreme caution while driving. When riding a motorcycle, take extra precautions. You shouldn't be afraid to ask for a break if you feel uneasy with your driver.

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Vietnam Tour Bucket list: Last Minute Checklist
Don't cram too much into your suitcase for your vacation to Vietnam! A big bag might be a tremendous hindrance when attempting to see the country. Possessing necessities like a good pair of shoes and medicine to treat diarrhea will be helpful. Choose loose, airy garments that won't weigh you down, and remember to bring modest clothing (covering knees and shoulders) for excursions to religious sites. Apart from that, getting what you need while on the move is a breeze.
There isn't a single tourist destination in Vietnam that won't make you fall in love with this vibrant and exciting country. You can make the most of your time in Vietnam by booking your tour with Vivutravel. We have the perfect travel suggestions, which cover everything from the glitz and glamor of the metropolis to the beautiful dunes and turquoise waters of the coastline.

If you try any of the exciting things above, your holiday in Vietnam will be a dream, including nearly all of the best portions and most iconic Vietnamese sights & attractions from North to South.

Our choice of Vietnam tours here at Vivutravel, includes a wide variety of spectacular itineraries to suit a wide range of vacation preferences, so you can find something extraordinary even if you're not interested in the traditional highlights. Alternatively, tell us about your needs, and our Vivutravel Tours Expert Team will help you create a memorable trip to Vietnam that is uniquely yours.