8 Up And Coming Destinations For Vietnam Tour 2023

10, October, 2022

8 Up And Coming Destinations For Vietnam Tour 2023

The up-and-coming destinations for a successful Vietnam Tour in 2023

Vietnam is a beautiful mix of natural highlights and cultural diversity. Sharp peaks are visible from twisting mountain routes and rice fields in every shade of green. Traveling to Vietnam is also a culturally rich experience due to the country's extensive history and diverse population and with a well to do Vietnam travel agency like Vivutravel, be sure to enjoy your vacation in Vietnam.

Among the many national parks in Vietnam, hiking, riding, and kayaking are all popular activities, but the stunning karst seascape of Halong Bay is the most popular natural tourist attraction. Many national parks offer opportunities for those who love nature to get out and explore the countryside.

The countryside is brimming with lush landscapes, while the cities are alive with everyday activity and provide many opportunities to sample some of Vietnam's most delicious culinary delights.

Due to its multitude of unexpected joys, this fascinating country is one of Southeast Asia's most underestimated tourist destinations. Vivutravel is an organization that is committed to giving you a great experience in the country. If you are planning a trip to Vietnam in 2023, Vivutravel is here to guide you.

Motorbikes in Hanoi, Vietnam's bustling capital, flow down the city's highways like rivers. One of the best things to do in the city, and one of the best things in the city period, is to venture out and sample the many delectable offerings of the street food scene.

Located on Hanoi's beautiful West Lake, the ancient Tran Quoc Pagoda is one of the city's most revered Buddhist temples. Visit this pagoda on your next trip to Hanoi.

The nearby Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and Presidential Palace are also worth seeing.

As you can see, Hanoi is a great spot to visit if you're interested in experiencing Vietnam's vibrant city life and youthful vitality. If you want to feel the youthful vitality of Vietnam's capital city and its people, Hanoi is the place to be.

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Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh City is a modern metropolis full of historic sites and tourist attractions, making it an ideal place to begin your travels in Vietnam. Your first stop in Vietnam should be Ho Chi Minh City.

The city is like any other major metropolis in Southeast Asia, with snarled traffic, a lively nightlife, and enough to see and do for locals and tourists alike. The Vietnam War Museum is also located there, making it a must-see destination.

With Vivutravel you get to learn about Vietnam's tragic past to comprehend the country and its people, but fair warning: the Vietnam War Museum in Ho Chi Minh City is a gloomy place to spend a few hours.

Beautiful examples of colonial architecture may be found across Ho Chi Minh City, such as the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Saigon Central Post Office. These structures should help you visualize how much people of different cultural backgrounds have influenced the city.

On Pham Ngu Lao, commonly called the "tourist strip," you may find a wide variety of inexpensive and delicious street foods. A wide variety of Vietnamese street foods, including the French-inspired Bahn Mi sandwich and my favorite Vietnamese coffee, will be available for your tasting pleasure.

Though it may be overwhelming for first-time visitors, Ho Chi Minh City has a lot to offer and Vivutravel is here to guide you. If you're considering a vacation to Vietnam, you should start in Ho Chi Minh City because the local culture and atmosphere are more tourist-friendly than in Hanoi.

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Northeast Loop ( Ha Giang and Ban Gioc Waterfalls)

Ha Giang: Famous for its majestic scenery along with terraced fields as far as the eye can see, the fields of buckwheat flowers covered with purple hills, mixed with the ethnic cultural identity of the highlands are the things that attract tourists everywhere.

Words will fail to describe the beauty of Ha Giang. So, Vivutravel highly recomends tourists to include Ha Giang if you are looking for an adventure trip of a life time!

Ban Gioc waterfall: Similar to how the Iguazu Falls are located in Argentina and Brazil, the Ban Gioc waterfall is split between the two countries of Vietnam and China.
Located on the Vietnamese side of the border, these waterfalls are sometimes referred to as Ban Gioc Detian Falls, after the Chinese name for the Chinese side.
Approximately 286 kilometers north of Hanoi, in the Trung Khanh district of Cao Bang Province, is where you'll find Ban Gioc on the Vietnamese side of the border. Most tourists stay at Cao Bang, a town located 25 kilometers from the falls, and travel there for the day.

As a result of the tense past between Vietnam and China, Chinese soldiers utilized Ban Gioc as a gateway into Vietnam during the Sino-Vietnamese war of 1979. A visit here does not require a special visa despite the current chill in relations. But you should still carry your passport with you.

The falls at Ban Gioc are some of the widest on the continent due to their tiered design. The Quay Son river cascades over multi-tiered terraced cliffs among lush vegetation and towering karst hills. Before heading to Ban Gioc waterfall, you should explore Ha Giang province.

Getting there involves crossing rice paddies and walking along a grassy bank, but the reward is the sight of the mighty Ban Gioc waterfall, which sprays its visitors with mist. At some points, the water rushes over the edge gently, spraying guests with a cool mist; at others, the downpour is enormous.

Several scenic lookouts dot the tree and boulder-lined slopes of the falls, providing shady vantage points from which to see one of Vietnam's most romantic destinations. You may get a fantastic view of the area from the top of the recently built pagoda opposite the falls. Get those cameras ready!

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Northwest Loop (Sapa and Mu Cang Chai)
The village of Sapa amid the mountains is a great home base for exploring the rest of northern Vietnam. Sapa has paths for every type of trekker, and you may plan multi-day walks to spend more time among this wonderful scenery, and you can also reach these incredible valleys by hiking or driving just a little distance from town. Sapa's distinctive culture and breathtaking environment are best experienced by staying in an ethnic village or homestay.

Unlike Sapa and Ha Giang, Mu Cang Chai's major industry is not tourism but rather the terraced rice paddies. However, its popularity skyrockets when harvest time rolls around; after all, who wouldn't want to see Vietnam's most picturesque rice paddies at their peak?

Some of the most breathtaking terraced rice paddies in Vietnam and possibly all of Asia can be found near Mu Guan Chai. Many people spent a lot of time and effort developing this technological marvel.

Due to its isolation, Mu Cang Chai earned the moniker "The Forgotten Land in Vietnam" many moons ago. Tourists from all over the world now flock there. This area has become increasingly popular with tourists, but its outstanding natural beauty and traditional way of life ensure its authenticity.
Beyond the stunning scenery, you can learn about the fascinating history and culture of the local hill tribes and observe their way of life up close. The Black Hmong, a branch of one of Vietnam's largest ethnic minorities, make up most of the region's population. The area is dotted with picturesque Hmong settlements. They both provide interesting insights into many cultures.

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Ninh Binh
A terrific destination to visit that you probably haven't heard of is Ninh Binh, a little village within an hour's drive from Hanoi. Nothing about Ninh Binh itself is particularly noteworthy, but the city's proximity to stunning natural scenery makes up for this.

For example, you may get a great view of the Ninh Binh area's natural beauty from the Hang Mua Cave Viewpoint. There are around 500 stone steps leading up to the viewpoint, where visitors will be rewarded with a panoramic vista of the rice paddies and limestone peaks through which the Tam Coc river winds.

As a bonus, you can also visit some of the most breathtaking mountain temples in the area, such as the Bich Dong Pagoda, an antique-tiered pagoda hidden in a mountainside, and explore the Tam Coc River up close by hiring a boat.

Those interested in nature should pay a visit to Ninh Binh. It's a pleasant day excursion from Hoi An due to its proximity. You may go away from the hustle and bustle of the city and into the midst of nature. Renting a motorbike and riding around the area's rice paddies is a great way to get a feel for Ninh Binh. You're going to think it's excellent!

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Mekong Delta
The Mekong River begins on the Tibetan Plateau and continues through China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam until finally emptying into the sea in the Mekong Delta.

The Mekong Delta is characterized by a beautiful and bountiful network of canals surrounded by mangrove forests and rice farms. The Mekong River's rich ecosystem supports the area's multiple urban centers and rural communities. Can Tho, one of the most populated cities in the area, is a great place to observe firsthand how locals have adapted their way of life to the low-lying flood plain.

Vivutravel tours from Ho Chi Minh City typically stop in Can Tho for the night so that visitors can spend the next day exploring the Mekong Delta by boat and take in the region's famous rivers, lush flora, and floating markets.
Spending a weekend near Ho Chi Minh City in Can Tho and the Mekong Delta is highly recommended. For an up-to-date estimate of how much money you'll need to visit the Mekong Delta, click the button below to see what tours are currently being offered.

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Hoi An
Hoi An is often regarded as one of Vietnam's most picturesque locations. A prominent trading post between Europe and Southeast Asia from the 15th to the 19th century CE.

Because of its remarkable blend of local and international styles, the historic city attracts many tourists worldwide. Despite the congestion that might occur along the riverfront at night, Hoi An's magnificent splendor cannot be overlooked.

Take a break from exploring the Japanese bridge to enjoy a portion of traditional Vietnamese food like Cao Lau, a Bahn Bao Vac, or a Bahn Mi, a French-style baguette sandwich, at one of the numerous eateries in the area (Vietnamese Baguette Sandwich).

Hoi An is a fantastic vacation destination with plenty of fun things to do and beautiful scenery. If you're looking for the ideal location to take photographs in Vietnam, go no further than Hoi An.

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Phong Nha
Phong Nha, home to the Son Doong Cave, the largest cave in the world, is a must-see for anyone visiting Vietnam. The cave region of the country is becoming increasingly popular among tourists looking for adventure.

Several convincing arguments suggest Phong Nha is still off the beaten road in Vietnam, making it one of the few places on this list to claim such a distinction. It's in a highly remote area, and all you can see from there are sandstone mountains and rice paddies.

Underneath these sandstone mountains are some of the most stunning natural tunnels in the world, completely hidden from sight. The Son Doong Cave in Ninh Binh is the largest cave in the world, and its sheer size has led some to speculate that the cave might even have its microclimate.

Phong Nha is home to several other caves that are equally well worth a visit, and the lucky tourist will find that there are many more to explore. The Paradise Cave is one of these caverns; its name comes from the spectacular stalactites and stalagmites that line its walls. However, getting there is a very pricey endeavor, as the reservation fee for an expedition is roughly USD 3,000.

If you have a thirst for adventure and want to do something unique in Vietnam, like cave exploring, you should visit Phong Nha. If you go on a tour of Paradise Cave, they will take you further inside than the permitted area, and you may explore the vast, pitch-black cavern that is at least the size of a football field.

To summarize, Vietnam is an excellent country to travel through, and you won't have to worry about where and how to spend your vacation if you book your vacation through Vivutravel. With Vivutravel, your safety and satisfaction are their utmost concern. They take care of everything, ensuring you have a wonderful time and don't have to worry about a thing during your excursion. If you are serious about going there in 2023, you should start preparations as soon as possible and be ready to have a wonderful experience.