Incredible Vietnam Tour – A Brief Introduction

17, October, 2022

Incredible Vietnam Tour – A Brief Introduction

Are you planning to visit an exotic location, an inevitable holiday to break away from the busy schedule of mechanical life? Do you want to enjoy a rejuvenating experience that can recharge your body with fond memories and blissful hospitality? Now think about a location full of dynamic sights and a cheerful and friendly community that greets you with love and respect. Yes, Vietnam is the most beautiful Southeast Asian country, with bustling day and night activities; you should not miss visiting.

Vietnam offers a wide range of tourism options, from family to private tours, everything within an economical budget, meeting all your tour expectations and excitements. A visit to Vietnam can be categorized as opening a bejeweled box with many surprises. Vietnam offers countless locations to feel, hear, taste, and enjoy. A tour of Vietnam is a treat for the senses in all formats.

History And Heritage
Dotting from North to South, from the imperial palaces of Hue to the architecturally intricate pagodas and historical buildings, let you experience the rich history of Vietnam. The cultural influence of the Hindu and Buddha faiths are evidently visible in their temple carving, especially the Buddha pagodas.

Rice farming is an incredible style of Vietnam's unique way of rice cultivation that originated from time immemorial. The northern province of Vietnam beholds its strong bond with Chinese culture. Yet another dazzling visual you can experience in the north of Vietnam is the Sa Pa terraces, the rice fields carved beautifully on hillsides. It is a delightful experience to watch these jade stairsteps to heaven.

Fantastic Tour Destinations
The fantastic landscape of Vietnam is incomparable, and it offers many natural attractions you cannot cover in a week or two. Vietnam's tourist locations are clutter-free compared to other southeast Asian countries. While visiting Phu Quoc, it may look like a replication of different areas close to Vietnam. Comparing the cleanliness and recreation activities, Nha Trang is a tourist paradise for beach activities. Nha Trang is a clean, fresh, and lush beach without many crowded activities.

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Taste of Vietnam
No travel will be complete without tasting the local cuisine. You can find the influence of Chinese and French flavors in Vietnamese food. The best example of French cuisine influence can experience in the famous meat sandwich, banh mi. It is an incredible delicacy you should not miss while in Vietnam. The sandwich is the epitome of delectable

Vietnam cuisine
Yet another dish is the imperial rolls, a royal delicacy, an unmatched food wrapped in transparent rice paper. These rolls are tasty and easy to digest. Among various unique Vietnamese foods, pho is an outstanding dish with irresistible soup in many flavors. The main ingredients for pho are broth and noodles. It can be garnished in different styles and can tune to your taste.

Vietnam's climate varies from north to south. While monsoons characterize southern Vietnam from May to November, the rest of the period will be warm throughout the year. The northern part of Vietnam will have a mixed climate of cold, humid winter and warm and wet summer. However, it is a tropical country and the temperature swing between 22-27 degrees Celsius.

Festivals And Celebrations
Vietnam has a myriad of religious beliefs, and spirituality from Confucianism to Buddhism influences the daily life of ordinary people. Along with the main religions, many other faiths and ethnic beliefs co-exist.

Feast of the First Morning, known as Tet Nguyen Dan in the local dialect, is one of the most famous festivals in Vietnam, celebrated in late January or early February. The festival lasts two weeks and is a welcome celebration of the Lunar New Year.

During the festivals, gifts are exchanged among the family members; especially children get a lot of presents. Tet holiday is a family reunion day, and families visit temples and pagodas as part of the religious festival. You can also find many other celebrations, and tourists are welcome to participate.

Unity In Diversity – The Language and Ethnic Groups
Vietnam has 54 ethnic groups, of which 86% account for the Kinh community and the remaining 14% spread over various ethnic groups. The majority community lives in Mekong Delta and the red river delta. Other ethnic communities are settled in the mountainous area. Although the ethnic communities have unique cultural identities and dialects, they are warm and tourist-friendly. The official language is Vietnamese, but each ethnic group has its dialect.

Best Tourist Locations
The extraordinary beauty and inexpensive tour options make Vietnam a favorite holiday destination. Apart from the historical locations, Vietnam has exotic places like Ho Chi Minh, Mekong Delta, Hoi An, Ha Long Bay, Cat Ba Island, Hanoi, Sapa, Ha Giang, Ban Gioc, and Ninh Binh, which attract tourists worldwide. Vietnam also offers fantastic beach recreation activities and vibrant nightlife. Out of the all-tourist locations in Vietnam, Hoi An is the most popular tourist location attracting more international tourists.

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Things To Do in Vietnam
The alluring beauty is the central piece of attraction that make globetrotters get seduced for a Vietnam tour. Many tour operators in Vietnam offer exciting tour packages and tailor-made holiday trips matching your tour objectives. Unlimited tourism excitement is inherent in every molecule and ensures not to have a dull moment during your Vietnam tour.

Vietnam tour packages offer many historical locations. Some famous historical sites are the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, Ba Dinh Square, Quang Tri, royal tombs, temples, pagodas, rice fields, tranquil villages, etc.

Things to do in Vietnam offer wide choices. Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are the best places to shop for trendy clothes and antique items. Shopping is indeed one of the best things and if you look for Vietnam handicrafts go for exquisite jewelry augmented with rich artistry.

Entertainment, especially nightlife, is a scintillating experience with live performances. Bars, pools, clubs, and discos are plenty here, and the entertainment activities are not restricted to the cities; you can also find karaoke bars and Sapa in remote mountainous locations.

Some of the exciting activities are:
•    Visiting historical locations
•    Boat trip to Mekong Delta
•    Cycling through the villages
•    Horse riding on Hmong Horse, a special Vietnam breed
•    Kayaking along the Halong Bay area
•    Swimming and beach activities
•    Enjoy the taste of Vietnam

In a nutshell, rich fond memories are the sum of the Vietnam tour. Vietnamese attractions offer many memorable sights without overemphasizing your wallet, but with unlimited options for enjoyment, including warm nightlife. It is always best to have a guided tour to get to know the culture and history of Vietnam. Your tour operator can take you to beautiful areas to enjoy the most pleasant experiences of a lifetime.