Vietnam Tour - What Makes It Incredible?

28, October, 2022

Vietnam Tour - What Makes It Incredible?

A Vietnam tour means more than just visiting historical sites and monuments. But a holiday tour can be a rich experience if it can satiate all your wild fantasies, including relaxation, adventure, and cultural activities. Moreover, the host country must have a friendly-tourist community to give you a warm welcome without any socio-cultural barriers.

Vietnam offers everything for a tourist, from cultural to adventure activities. Further, tourists can enjoy unlimited entertainment options, including vibrant nightlife. Vietnam is not just a land of paddy fields which is an intrinsic icon of identity. The country also has modern and pulsating cities with architectural skyscrapers. The country briskly embraces the contemporary way of life, and the ripples of modernity are visible everywhere in Vietnam. Meantime, they consciously keep their tradition as a treasure to showcase Vietnam’s diverse cultural hallmarks.

Pristine beaches, rainforests, highlands, lagoons, and limestone reefs are blended here to form a diverse topography spread from north to south. A Vietnam tour will never disappoint you. It gives you many choices, from adventure holidays, river cruises, cycling, trekking, hiking, maritime activities, fishing, cooking classes, craftwork training, etc. A well-choreographed tour program by a renowned Vietnam tour operator will let you realize that you need more entertainment activities.

Kayaking And Trekking

Do you want to check your kayaking skills? Don’t worry. Halong Bay offers the best kayaking facilities in Vietnam. Your tour operator will facilitate kayaking and also hiking activities. It would always be good to take the company of a reputed tour operator to make your journey enjoyable. While at Halong Bay, ride on the traditional junk ships and negotiate through the limestone karsts. Most tour operators offer a night stay during the ship ride, and you can also engage in night fishing.

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Fun-Filled Cycling

Saigon, named after the great leader Ho Chi Minh who led the liberation forces from the forefront of valiant Vietnam fighters, opened its door to tourists with folded hands. The city is the epitome of modern Vietnam. A cycling tour to the historical Ho Chi Minh City suburbs will be an incredible experience.

Traveling through the off-beaten track lets you explore the charming village with exciting natural scenery. Also, cycle to the lavish paddy fields of the Mekong Delta. Another beautiful cycling location is the imperial city of Hue and Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. The cycling tour will give you an exciting option to interact with the locals, and it will be an opportunity to watch the life of Vietnam closely.

Popular Vietnam tour

Mekong tour is an all-season tourist spot. You should take advantage of many popular Vietnam tour destinations to visit. Out of the many, the Mekong valley tour and a river cruise are among the best tourist locations that many visitors appreciate. The river cruise at Mekong will be a captivating experience, and you can cruise past the Mekong Delta rice paddy fields and fruit orchards on the banks. Watching the floating market and cheerful villagers are an exhilarating experience to enjoy. If you wish, you can go rafting, an experience you will cherish throughout your life.

Hoi An is a must for all tours to Vietnam. This lovely ancient town has everything from old streets, temples, rivers, colorful lanterns, beaches, rice fields and many interesting activivies to do.

Ninh Binh is about 100km from Hanoi, an great option for a day trip to take the boat trip through hidden caves, rice fields and it is possible to climb up the Mua mountain or cycle around the peaceful countryside.

Iconic Scenic Locations
Make sure to add Sapa to your tour program, one of Vietnam's most beautiful scenic locations. Sapa is also home to mixed ethnic communities, and the crosse cultural influence is evident in every nook and corner of Sapa. While at Sapa, you must visit the Bac Ha market. The market is the center stage of various Vietnam cultures you can watch in a single spot. Bright color dressed locals, fresh farm produce, etc., are a colorful experience that will open an opportunity to touch the soul of Vietnam.

To discover the "off the beaten track", Vivutravel recommends a trip to Mu Cang Chai in the northwest and Ha Giang and Cao Bang in the northeast of Vietnam where tourists will enjoy spectacular landscapes as well as explore an authentic Vietnam.

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The ultimate tour destination

Vietnam offers unlimited tour options, and the availability is spread over various tour packages. The package tours are suitable for tourists visiting in groups. Similarly, tourists can opt for a honeymoon, family, historical expedition, or southern or northern tours. These tours will have the support of experienced bilingual tour guides, proper accommodations, food, and airport picking and dropping facilities. The package tours will be managed and operated by reputed Vietnam tour operators.  

Further to the above, the package tour will also have various budget ranges. The budget options will give the freedom for every vacationer to select the best packages suitable for their budget and interest.

A typical Southern Vietnam tour will include an overnight stay for extended days, depending on the budget, and it will cover locations like Mekong Delta, Cu Chi, etc. The highlights of these tours include a homestay with a local family, a ride through the Mekong Delta Rivers, a Cu Chi ride, etc.

Busy Tourist Spots

Hanoi, Saigon, Halong, and Hue are some of the busy tourist spots in Vietnam. Similarly, if you want to experience the rich cultural marvel of Vietnam, make it a point to visit Hue. The ancient city was the imperial capital of Vietnam. Here you can find ancient temples, pagodas, palaces, and tombs built in traditional Vietnam style depicting Chinese and Indian architecture.

Many tourists opt for the Danang Central Vietnam tour, which includes visiting Non Nuoc Village, Hoi An, a boat trip on the Huong River, Cham museum, China beach in Danang town, etc.

Vietnam is a vast country, and covering the important location in one short trip will be challenging. With the support of a Vietnam tour operator, you can overcome these challenges. The tour operator can arrange maximum tour coverage without wasting time and money, and such tour facilities will be stress-free.

Vietnamese cuisine

Vietnamese cuisine is famous throughout the world. The delicious spin on traditional Asian cuisine and enjoying the rich food while in Vietnam is something no visitor can forget. From the street food to the star hotel, it is worth exploring the unique palatable menu, which will be a delightful experience.


Vietnam had a turbulent past, but after leaving all behind, the country moved forward fast and became one of the rising economies in Southeast Asian countries. With rich ancient culture, a friendly community, and enthralling natural beauty, Vietnam is one of the top tourist destinations in the world.