Vietnam Vacation Trends For 2023

07, November, 2022

Vietnam Vacation Trends For 2023

A vacation to alluring Vietnam will be entertaining, enlightening, and mysterious with its burgeoning tourist attraction, rich culture, and unfolding a sizzling medley of holidays and endless tour activities. It is the most affordable global travel destination, and its vacation trends for 2023 remain politically, economically, and socially unchanged.  
Since the reopening of tourist locations after the COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnam has bounced back to the foray into the tourism industry with unique opportunities, vigor, and enthusiasm. The newfound confidence is visible in all walks of life across Vietnam.

According to the recent projections and outlook forecasts by various independent tourism analyzers, Vietnam is expected to mark a 50% growth in the tourist industry year-on-year by the end of 2023. The projected growth is mainly attributed to the innovative approach and focused operational excellence of tour operators like Vivutravel and many other key players in the tourism industry. Vivutravel is a committed, professionally managed tour operator, serving in the Vietnam and South East Asian tourism industry for more than 16 years.

Strong 2023 trends:

Vietnam is a low-budget, eco-friendly tourist destination with favorable conditions, deltas, bays, and rivers. The foremost bothering consideration of a tour will be the expenses related to travel, accommodation, etc. Therefore, tourists always look for inexpensive tour locations. The fantastic view of terrace rice fields in Sapa, Mu Cang Chai or Hoang Su Phi naturally sculptured lime karsts, the bemusing Pu Luong Mai Chau villages, the floating Mekong River markets, etc., are wonderful experiences you can enjoy in Vietnam. It must be interesting to know that Vietnam has 7 UNESCO World Heritage sites, indeed something exciting to spice up a tour program.

The following are some exciting vacation trends for 2023 and why tourists prefer Vietnam over other destinations.

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Family Trips: 

Holidays with family are an exciting experience that will stay with us throughout life. Vietnam family tours infuse unforgettable memories in life, and it is time for the family to spend quality time together. With ravishing coastlines to emerald green mountains, it has everything a family can enjoy.

A Vietnam family tour can be more exciting if you can plan it properly with an experienced tour operator. The tour operator can help you to grab maximum discounts and offers to make your trip cost-effective.

You can focus much on adventure, fun, learning, and entertainment while planning the trip. It has something for everyone in your family. Children and your family can enjoy the beach activities and the green countryside.

Accommodation and food are inexpensive in Vietnam. You can find 2 to 7 stars hotels at an unbelievably low price with banquet halls, breathtaking sunset points, luxurious rooms, and more. Many hotels are located very close to the airports and close to the cities making commutation easy. A family tour lets you enjoy the maximum with all the comforts. You can explore the bewitching backwaters, pristine beaches of the central coastline, reefs of the Cham and Con Dao Islands, adventurous caves, and hundreds of limestone karsts.

If you want to focus on luxury, peace, and an inexpensive family tour, then there is no other place other than Vietnam. Tour operators like Vivutravel and many others offer their best services for arranging package tours or tailor-made tours, hotel booking, ticket booking, arranging guides, etc., to make your family tour a memorable experience.

Private Tour:

Are you planning a Vietnam private tour and still confused about where to go and what to see? Don’t worry; many experienced tour operators can help you plan your private tour to be memorable to the core of your expectations. A private tour is an ideal option for individuals, groups, or families who want to enjoy a tour only with a known group of members that will help to enjoy the most out of the tour.

Over the years, Vietnam has transformed from a French colony to a popular economic tourist destination worldwide. The transition from a French colony to modern Vietnam had a turbulent war period. While seeing the contemporary face of Vietnam and the pace of transformation is a commendable experience to be written in golden memories.
A private tour lets you enjoy the fascinating destinations from the Mekong Delta in the south to the limestone islands of Ha Long Bay. You can also find many UNESCO World Heritage sites preserved meticulously without diluting their heritage value.

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Small Group Tours:

Small is always beautiful. Touring a holiday trip to Vietnam would be a more exciting and fun-filled experience if you could plan the journey with a small group of known members. It will be a comfortable vacation because it will help you to spend quality time with your friends. Tour operators like Vivutravel encourage small group tours, which are easy to manage and plan the trip, meeting the group's interests. Small group tours avoid conflict of interest and let members enjoy the maximum out of a vacation.

Back To Nature:

If you are bored visiting stereo-type locations, then go for a green journey and less-visited places like the Con Dao, Ha Giang, Cao Bang, Mu Cang Chai, beach resorts, and mountain retreats. Your Vietnam green tour operator can help you chart a tour program visiting those less frequently visited locations.

Con Dao Islands:

An archipelago of 14 islands is a low-visited location along the coastline of Vietnam. The largest island, Con Son, was known as Vietnam’s Robben Island, used as French American prison. Tourists can find the dilapidated remains of the prison, including the notorious Tiger Cages, as a stark, brutal reminder of the colonial rulers.

Ha Giang:

Located in North Vietnam, the spiral road carved out of the canyons will take you to Ha Giang. It will be a thrilling experience for adventure lovers. The best options are bike rides or bus services. Your tour operator can arrange a motorbike for rent if you prefer an adventurous ride. The area has limited resources, so make sure to travel with fully charged batteries and enough cash for local expenses.

Cao Bang:

It is an exciting location in North Vietnam, 300 kilometers from Hanoi. It will take about 10 hours to get there by bus. The best way to reach there is by minivan, bike, or taxi. Tourists can also depend on overnight bus rides. Cao Bang has many famous tourist spots, including the Nam Tra Waterfall and Ban Gioc Falls, which are surrounded by natural beauty. It is a less visited location, unlike Sapa or Halong Bay, but the surrealist beauty with offbeat charm offers a jaw-dropping experience.


Vietnam has many isolated locations, less frequented by tourists. But shouldering with an experienced tour operator like Vivutravel can open a door of unimaginable travel bliss, letting you plan and visit the kind of natural hidden jewels you could ever dream. Apart from famous beach resorts, Vivutravel can plan your trip to isolated mountain retreats, short holiday trips that can save money, and offer enough touring options.

It will always be best to plan everything in advance for short or extended holidays to take advantage of the travel costs. A well-choreographed tour program with the help of a Vietnam tour operator will have its advantage always.