Top Tours for 2023 Vietnam Holiday

05, December, 2022

Top Tours for 2023 Vietnam Holiday

The colonial legacy is still looming in Vietnam everywhere. You can experience it in the refined form of social life, from baguette sandwiches to European architecture. It has a definitive French flavor and is one of the best tourist destinations in the world for spending your 2023 Vietnam holiday in a grand gala style.

Vietnam holiday is famous for its rich cultural history, scintillating rice terraces, pristine beaches, vibrant nightlife, and enthralling Ha Long Bay. You will get confused about how to systematically plan a visit by covering the most important tourist destinations. So, how do you start your Vietnam tour program?

Too much to see and enjoy in Vietnam, and it will only be possible to enjoy the cream of Vietnam tour if you have a professional tour operator’s support. A befitting solution to all your Vietnam vacation worries can smoothly handle by Vivutravel – a local tour operator with 16 years of impeccable experience in Vietnam holiday planning. Vivutravel also offers Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand tour packages, which plan for an extended tour program.

At Vivutravel, you can go for package tours or tailor-made vacations matching your budget and expectations. Generally, Vivutravel offers short and extended packages ranging from 4-21 days, and tourists can customize them. You can even ask for a private tour plan, which will not have any third-party presence in the group except the tour guide. Typically, the tour packages cover the entire Vietnam from north-central-south or selected spots from the regions per your choice and budget.

Let Us Check the Top 10 Tour Plans By Vivutravel

Hanoi Street Food Tour
Food is the route to touch the soul of any country. Streets foods can give the best insight into any place's culture, which is true with Vietnam. You may be apprehensive about trying street foods, but Vietnam street foods are a class by themselves and renowned for their quality and delicacy. Naturally, you can find two types of eating places; up-market street food with many Vietnamese food outlets and small food outlets selling famous Vietnamese delicacies like Bun Ga, Bun Cha, pho noodle soup, Bun Bo, etc.

Vivutravel offers a Hanoi street food tour package as part of the package, supported by an experienced English-speaking tour guide who will explain the traditional food practices and etiquette. Hanoi's Old Quarter is very popular for street food activities, and you can have hands-on experience watching the cooking style. The Hanoi food tour includes visiting a hidden café inside the Old Quarter.

hanoi street food tour

Ha Long Overnight Cruise For 2 Days - 1 Night
Ha Long Bay tour is an inevitable part of the Vietnam tour. The bay has enough scope for touring for more than two days. In a standard tour package, Vivutravel offers 2 days cruise with a one-night halt. The cruise will slowly glide you over the bay and take you to the mystical view of limestone karst formations. Many tourists prefer a night halt on the boat's deck, watching the night sky.

Tourists can select the cruise plan, and the rate will vary according to the class of the cruise plan. You can select 3-star, 4-star, or 5-star cruise plans with facilities that vary according to the type. The rates will be US$100 per person for a 3-star cruise, $150 for a 4-star cruise, and $200 for a 5-star cruise.

The tour includes exploring grottoes, hidden caves, beach activities, onboard cooking classes, kayaking, swimming, visiting Cat Ba Island, and an overnight stay on board.

kayaking halong cruise

Sapa Trekking And Fansipan Peak By Cable Car
Sapa is one of the naturally beautiful and lush green locations in North Vietnam. It is the best way to get closer to the mountains and friendly ethnic communities. Vivutravel organizes a night trip to Sapa from Hanoi or a train trip as per your preference so that you can reach there early morning to watch the sunrise. The program includes visiting the rice terraces and trekking mountains and valleys. The most popular location in Sapa is the Hoang Lien Mountains towards the northern end of Sapa, an old French hill station.

Sapa trekking and Fansipan Peak tour can be a combination trip after visiting Sapa. The distance from Sapa to Fansipan Peak is only 8 kilometers, and usually, tourists prefer taking a cable car from Sapa to Fansipan Legend station. Fansipan is 3,143 meters from sea level, and tourists can take a cable car service from Muong Hoa station to Sun World Fansipan Legend. The cable car ride will glide over Hoang Lien Son National Park to Fansipan Mountain Peak.

fansipan peak

A Day Trip To Ninh Binh
The one-day trip to Ninh Binh organized by Vivutravel can also be customized per your requirement and a day trip will be more convenient. The tour includes visiting Hoa Lu, the ancient capital, a boat trip to Tam Coc, and visiting Mua Cave. Of the many attractions, Mua Cave is the most incredible, with 500 steep steps to take you to the top of the cave, and from the top vantage point, you can see the panoramic view of Tam Coc and surrounding valleys.

ninh ninh mua cave mount

The Northeast Loop Tour To Explore Ha Giang And Cao Bang
Vivutravel offers 6-day and 5-night package tours to explore Ha Giang and Cao Bang, located in the northeast mountainous region, with bilingual guide service. The tour lets you enjoy a plethora of natural wonders and rugged landscapes. Ha Giang is the best location for hiking and motorcycle adventures.

Cao Bang is a UNESCO Global Geopark famous for endangered bi-diversities, making it an exciting location for adventure tourism in north Vietnam. With 47 lakes and five rivers, Can Bang offers many recreational activities. One of the main attractions here is the Ban Gio Waterfall, the 4th largest waterfall in the world, with a width of 300 meters. Besides visiting the waterfall, tourists can enjoy homestays with ethnic minorities and visit the Thank Hen Lake system, Nguom Ngao Cave, etc.

ha giang loop

Discover The Caves In Phong Nha
A tour of the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage location Phong Nha – Ke Bang is another exciting tour plan by Vivutravel. It is a lovely location for adventure lovers, with hundreds of spectacular caves and underground rivers. You can find the oldest karst formation, dating back to 400 million years. Mountainous trekking, biking, and war reminiscences are worth enough to plan for a 3 days tour program.

Learn About Vietnam By Visiting the Complex Of Hue's Monuments
The complex of Hue's monument, located in Hue City on the banks of the Perfume River, has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1993. It has played an important role in Vietnam’s political and cultural history. Constructed in three layers, the imperial palace in the central, extreme exterior with a citadel wall and a middle portion comprising of the imperial citadel reflects the great architectural and masonry works of ancient Vietnam and is a historical landmark. Hue is famous for its palaces, temples, and tombs and is a great tourist center for ancient architecture.

monuments of hue vietnam

Hoi An Cycling And Cooking Class
The ancient southeast Asian trading port still maintains the legacy of Euro-Japan-Chinese architectural brilliance. While exploring the charm of Hoi An, tourists will have the opportunity to meet the local farmers, collect the cooking ingredients and participate in a cooking class. The cooking class will give you a rare chance to learn the Hoi An style of traditional cooking. Apart from the sightseeing, Vivutravel offers an intriguing one-day tour program of cycling and cooking classes.

 hoi an cooking class tour

Ba Na Hills
Ba Na Hills is in Da Nang, notable for ancient, beautiful architectural works, and is nicknamed the mini-Europe in Vietnam. Vivutravel offers a one-day escape tour to this enthralling location, including a cable car trip over the Golden Bridge and taking you to the world-famous resort Sun World Ba Na Hills. The golden bridge was built to look like holding on two hands and exploring the panoramic vista of Sun World Ba Na Hill, an amusement park. Watching the lush green Da Nang is a mesmerizing experience you should not miss while visiting Hoi An.

bana hills tour

Saigon Vespa Tour  
One of the best fun-filled entertainment of Vivutravel is the Saigon Vespa tour. A tour becomes a cherishing memory when you can experience something unique you cannot imagine in your wild dreams. Such a fantastic fun-filled tour activity is the grand finale of your Vietnam tour before you take an exit from Saigon.

Vespa tour-it is a novel way of enjoying nightlife riding on your Vespa scooter by checking your driving skills in a busy unknown terrain and enjoying the irresistible street food delicacies. You can opt for a pillow ride or drive your own Vespa with a pillow rider guide, riding to a café or any nearest street food stall. Vivutravel will arrange smart guides to take you to unknown areas, where you can enjoy nightlife with live performances. The tour includes both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to make the most out of the picnic.

saigon vespa tour

Final Thoughts:
Vivutravel is a local tour operator with more than 16 years of experience organizing Vietnam tour programs. Their services are not limited to Vietnam, but they cater tour operations to Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos. The tour packages include family, honeymoon, adventure, private, and tailor-made plans. Vivutravel, holder of a Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor consecutively for 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 is the best Vietnam tour operator offering hassle-free Vietnam tour packages and customized tour packages meeting your budget and tour objectives.