2023 Vietnam Tour: 10 preferred plans and experiences

07, December, 2022

2023 Vietnam Tour: 10 preferred plans and experiences

Vietnam has a lot of characteristics that makes it a nice place to travel to. In each part of Vietnam, you would experience different cultures and history, which makes touring through Vietnam confusing for tourists. Vivutravel makes this easy,  10 suggestions of the best Vietnam experiences you can try in 2023 are given here.

In Vietnam, you can try different dishes, visit the beach, learn history and new cultures, enter a cave, embark on hiking, and many more with Vivutravel.

Are you planning on embarking on the Vietnam 2023 tour? Here at Vivutravel, we would ensure you have the best travel experience.

1. Tour the street food in Hanoi
There are lots of street foods in Hanoi, it can be puzzling to get accustomed to them. You may need a food blogger to guide you through the market stalls. There are various foods you can select from such as spiced chicken or beef, culinary highlights like banana flowers, shrimp-fried pancakes (bang tom), banh mi (baguettes containing cut meat, cucumber, herbs, and chili), bun cha (grilled pork and noodles) and strong Vietnamese coffee made with coarsely ground beans.

2. Try The Dish Enjoyed in Vietnam
Your Vietnam trip would not be complete without trying Phở, a classic dish in Vietnam. It is a flat rice noodle served with medium-rare slivers of beef or boiled chicken in nourishing beef stock.

3. Learn a variety of history in Hoi An
When you get to Vietnam, don't forget to visit the historic Hoi An. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999 and it contains a lot of original architecture and charm. The houses are made of wood and the wooden quaint storefronts are painted a moody yellow, they have bougainvillea vines coming out of French balconies. However, on cobbled streets which wind together with canals, women wearing traditional Vietnamese attires (Áo dài) can be seen going around below dangling colored lanterns.

Every new year in Vietnamese (Tết), Hoi An is changed into a kaleidoscope of color and light during its Lantern Festival. This celebration is done for seven days, during this period, thousands of colorful lanterns are used to decorate the road from Hoi An Bridge to the Hoai River Square.

In Hoi An, you would also experience some nice wellness. Time spent by tourists in Hoi An is good for resting and learning the history and culture as time moves slower there. Workshops are also organized to teach traditional handicrafts such as lantern making and ceramics.

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4. Enjoy tailor fittings and cycling in Hoi An
In the UNESCO-protected Hoi An, there are more than 400 tailor shops, and a heritage of older trading port on silk roads, finding talented garment makers that would make a perfect suit or dress of good quality for you is easy. These dresses are cheap and fast, in less than 24 hours, you can collect them. You can also tour the city yourself, hire a bike and cycle round the town.

5. Enter the Largest Cave in The World Found in Phong Nha
Quant Binh province is a wild region in Vietnam with a jungle in the middle which is barely penetrable and located close to the Laos border. The area contains hundreds of deep caves including Hang Son Doong, one of the largest in the world. A very tall cavern is also present.

You can either go underground or trek, the jungle surrounding the area contains amazing waterfalls and a large population of monkeys and flying foxes. To explore the area, you can book a local Vietnam tour company like Vivutravel.

6. Travel to the fast-paced cities in Vietnam
The countryside in Vietnam is peaceful while the cities have a different appeal. Try visiting and spending some days in the Urban area so you would experience their culture. These areas are characterized by world-class dining and cheap street food, ancient pagodas and five-star hotels, shopping malls, and bustling markets.
Hanoi, a city with a large number of lakes, contains historical and cultural treasures which attract individuals who have an interest in the past. Ho Chi Minh, a City with attractive energy. The city contains uber-cool rooftop bars, popular coworking spaces, and colonial-chic cafes.

7. Experience the Island Life on Phu Quoc
The feeling of sand between your toes, sun on your skin, and saltwater in your hair brings joy. There are lots of beaches in Vietnam, some are popular and others unknown.

One large island is Phu Quick and 21 smaller islets. Use a boat or join a tour or go swimming off the An Thou archipelago in the south. Here, you would find brilliant white-sand beaches and underwater reefs. On the mainland, you would find many beaches according to your preference.

8. See the world's most amazing rice terraces in Vietnam
Every year from June to early October, visitors to Vietnam must definitely visit Mu Cang Chai Sapa, Y Ty, or Hoang Su Phi in the northern mountains of Vietnam, where there are beautiful terraced fields that fascinate people. . In the midst of majestic nature, the terraced fields sparkle in the morning light when the water pouring season falls (June), then gradually turn into silky green carpets in July and August, finally a brilliant golden light in September before harvest. Vivutravel highly recommends this tour to anyone who loves nature, especially photographers who want to take photos of a lifetime.

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9. Undertake a hiking adventure in Ha Giang
From rainforests, rocky peaks, pastoral scenes, surreal landscapes, to Vietnam's Ha Giang region and you will see interesting things at each turn. One very interesting attraction in Hà Giang’ is the Nho Quế River Viewpoint. The best view comes when you climb. A steep, tiny road that winds uphill through Flower H’mong villages before bending through the mountainside to the peak close by forms the sky path. To hike on the sky path, you need sturdy shoes. This allows you to go a total distance of 500 meters on a two-hour walk. The views on the road are unique.

10. Tee off at Vietnam
Vietnam is regarded as “Asia’s Best Golf Destination”. This name was given at the 2018 World Golf Awards (one of the golf tourism industry’s most prestigious events). This confirmed what was known by everyone, it has many layouts always ranking among the best courses in that area. Vietnam is an established golfing heavyweight as it has a lot of golf courses. These include tropical beauties, and some equivalent classic links play in the Far East.  When you travel to Vietnam, five gold-standard designer courses you can play are; the Bluffs Ho Tram Strip, Laguna Golf Lang Co, and KN Golf Links.

Vietnam is a nice place with a lot of enjoyable experiences. Only a few have been mentioned here. You don't have to worry about how you are going to tour the area when you book your vacation through Vivutravel. With Vivutravel, you are assured the best travel and stay experience.